Optimizing a Mobile Device for Casino Game Playing

Optimizing a Mobile Device for Casino Game Playing

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June 29, 2014

Optimizing a Mobile Device for Casino Game Playing

We have noticed that many more online casino game players are choosing to use mobile devices as the way they play their favorite casino games, and having done away with their home computers and laptop devices such as tablets and mobile phones can be used to access just as many different types of games as those older and often obsolete computers and laptops.

However, mobile devices do not usually have the same amount of power or storage on offer as a PC and as such there are a few hints and tips that we can pass onto you in regards to how to optimize your mobile device to ensure you have a smooth and hassle free online casino game playing experience.

Have a look through this article for if you are new to the world of mobile gaming and have the urge to play casino games on any type of mobile phone it will enlighten you how to do that without having to make any type of compromises!

Close Any Unused Applications

Many mobile devices will update any Apps you have loaded onto them automatically as and when a new updates becomes available, this will have an effect of slowing down considerably the games you are playing when logged into a mobile casino site whilst your device updates those Apps.

With this in mind if you do intend to play mobile casino games then close down and shut any Apps you have running in the back ground but are not actually being used, and select to have the updates installed manually by you as opposed to automatically.

By doing this you will get a smooth gaming experience and will not suddenly find the games start playing slowly or in a way which makes then unplayable such as slots spins taking ages to play out or cards taking ages to be dealt out to you.

Use WiFi and Not Your Mobile Connection

You will not want to play casino games on your mobile phone with the thought in the back of your head that in addition to the sakes you are playing those games for you will also be running up a large phone bill due to data usage charges imposed on your by your mobile network supplier!

With this in mind if you do intend to play casino games on any type of mobile device always try and log onto a wifi signal as opposed to using your mobile web connection, as this will ensure you are not going to be running up any unexpected bills on that mobile device as your download and play your chosen mobile casino games!

Clear the RAM before You Play

Many mobile devices can become overwhelmed when you are using them for all manner of different things. This will mean that from time to time you should always clear the RAM on your mobile device to remove anything stored in it that is no longer required.

Before you start to play or even  log onto a mobile casino site always clear the RAM on the device you are using as this will free up a lot of space on that mobile device and will ensure you have a smooth and hassle free casino game playing session.

If you are unsure how to clear the RAM on your mobile device then you are always able to refer to your owner’s manual or by selecting the options setting on your phone and following the onscreen instructions.

Download the App or Playing in a Web Browser?

You will find many mobile casino sites will let you either download an App of the casino or will give you the option of playing via the mobile web browser attached to your mobile device. With this in mind it will be worth you opting to select the mobile web browser version of an online casino if you only have limited storage space on your mobile device.

However if you have plenty of storage space available and you want the convenience of playing any type of casino game instantly with just one or two taps of your mobile devices screen then opt for the downloadable App instead!

One final thing to be aware of is that some casinos offer different games on their web browser compatible mobile gaming platforms than those found on their downloadable Apps.

Do some research for you may often find some low house edge games are available on one platform and not the other, and any savvy mobile casino game player is going to want to play the lowest house edge games to give them the best winning chances!

If you want to find a first class mobile casino site at which to play at then keep in mind many of our top rated casinos reviewed and listed throughout our website have their own stand alone mobile casinos on offer. With new player sign up bonuses up for grabs you will certainly get some extended mobile casino game playing sessions if you choose which site to play at carefully!


Whilst is it highly unlikely that you purchased your mobile phone or tablet device with the sole intention of playing casino games on it, if you are due to renew or get a new mobile, then always aim to get the very latest model.

For by doing so you will find those later released handsets come with much more storage space capabilities and will have enhanced graphics options and should ensure that when you do choose to gamble at a mobile casino site you will have an enjoyable time!

Also the best way to play casino games on any mobile phone is to access a mobile casino using a device which has a touch screen, as this will save you having to scroll around the games screens selecting the game playing controls using a keyboard as found on some older models of phones!



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