Which Online Blackjack Game has the Best Rules and Payouts?

Which Online Blackjack Game has the Best Rules and Payouts?

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December 11, 2013

Which Online Blackjack Game has the Best Rules and Payouts

One aspect of playing Blackjack at any online casino site is that you are going to find lots of different Blackjack variants on offer, and if you are trying to concentrate your playing efforts on playing only those Blackjack games boasting the best payouts and most liberal Blackjack rules then you we think the following guide is going to be very handy and informative to you.

All Blackjack games will offer a different house edge this is an industry wide term for the actual amount of money that a Blackjack game should on average retain during the long term operation of that particular variant.

There are several factors that will make any Blackjack game variant either highly playable to players or conversely a game that offers poor value. You are advised to locate and only ever play the Blackjack games which offer the lowest house edge, for when playing these games you will have the best chances of winning.

The different factors that affect the house edge include the number of decks used in the card shoe, the actual winning payouts when you are dealt certain winning hand combinations plus the dealer rules and the player’s rules.

Lowest House Edge Online Blackjack Games

Below you will find the top paying online Blackjack game variants. We have listed not only the house edge offered on each of these games but also the main player and dealer rules. Be aware that mastering any Blackjack game will require you to put into play a perfect playing strategy and as such you should never make any incorrect playing moves to ensure over your long term playing action on that game you get the listed house edge!

All of the software platforms and their respective Blackjack games listed below have rules in place which stipulate that before a new hand of Blackjack is dealt out the entire shoe of cards is shuffled, which means card counting is not possible when playing any of these games!

Single Deck Blackjack Game

Many players now opt to play at BetSoft Casino Sites, for the graphics offered on their entire suite of online casino games are stunning in their design and offer a 3D high definition playing experience.

You will find a Single Deck Blackjack game offered at these casinos and the house edge is 0.35%, this is due in no small part to it being a single deck game and one where the Dealer will hit a soft 17 hand. Players may if they so desire double down on any hand worth a 10 or an 11.

Classic Blackjack Game

A massive range of Blackjack games are offered at any of our top rated Microgaming casino sites, and this means you will have to look long and hard at the playing rules and payouts attached to their many different games if you are to pick the one offering the very lowest house edge.

To save you a lot of time and effect we suggest the online Blackjack game variant you should play at Microgaming casinos is the single hand Classic Blackjack game, it is extremely simple to play and with the dealer being forced to stand his hand on a soft 17, coupled with other playing rules such as players being able to double down when dealt a hard nine, ten or eleven valued hand the house edge of this game is a very low 0.13%, the single hand version uses one single deck of cards in its shoe.

Blackjack Switch

Mastering any particular online Blackjack game you are playing is going to make the difference between you winning or losing over the long term, and one game that is going to take some getting used to, due to its very unique playing format and structure is Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game.

This is the one online Blackjack game variant that requires you to play two hands per game you play, however what makes it a very strategic game is the fact that you can swap cards from one of your hands to the other one and vice versa, to hopefully assist in you forming winning hands.

You will be up against a very low house edge when playing the Blackjack Switch game at any of the fast paying Playtech casinos, and this works out at a house edge of just 0.16%, there are a total of six decks in play on this game and a player may double down on any two cards with the dealer being forced to hit any soft 17 valued hand.

Real Time Gaming Blackjack

We need to issue you with a little word of warning should you decide to play at any online casinos using Real Time Gaming software. Due to the operators of these casinos having an ability of changing the number of decks in play on all of their available Blackjack games then the house edge offered on such games will vary depending on just which casino you opt to play at.

Should you wish to play at any RTG powered casino then simply choose those sites offering the minimum number of decks in the shoe, for the lower the number of decks in play the lower the house edge will become!

 Standard Blackjack Game

One final Blackjack game that may appeal to some players is the one which is found in Rival powered casino sites. There are in fact two different Blackjack games on offer at Rival casinos the first is this Standard Blackjack game and the other is a Multi Hand Blackjack game.

However in regards to the Rival Blackjack game which offers you the best winning chances and therefore the one with the very lowest house edge then stick to playing the single hand Standard Blackjack game.

This variant has a house edge of 0.62% and uses a total of six decks in the shoe, players can double down on any two initial cards irrespective of their combined total and whenever the dealer is dealt a soft 17 then the rules of this game require him to hit those hands.



It is the Classic Blackjack game from Microgaming that has the best rules, payouts and of course the lowest house edge, and is ideally the one you should be looking to play online!



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