A New Range of Mahjong Casino Games Now Available

A New Range of Mahjong Casino Games Now Available

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February 17, 2014

New range of Mahjong Casino Games now available

Casino table games are always a popular choice for many online casino players, and with quite a selection of them offered at all online casinos, then it will always pay dividends for all you savvy players out there to have a good look through the current range of these games, for when you do you will occasionally come across games offering very low house edges.

Not only that but when you play many table games, you can often put into play a perfect playing strategy that will ensure those house edges are achievable, and by doing so this you will ensure you get the maximum winning opportunities, which should see you cashing in a profit!

Today we are going to take a look at a new breed of online casino table games which you may never have heard of or have come across before, and these are the new Mahjong games which have recently gone live at Playtech software powered casinos.

Mahjong is a very popular game in parts of Asia, and thanks to the very unique way they play and operate, you will find them a low variance type of game, that with a little practise under your belt can offer you some very enjoyable playing sessions, and often winning sessions too!

The Original Mahjong Game

You have been able to play Mahjong online for quite  number of years now at several online casino sites, however if you are completely new to this game and have never experienced the finer points of how it plays and pays, let us first start by letting you know how the game works.

The game of Mahjong is a game which uses a set of tiles, if you have ever played games such as Dominoes before then these tiles are quite similar to those used in that game.

You are first faced with picking one stake level at which to play Mahjong for, it should be noted that this is a very low stake game so even when playing with a tiny bankroll you should quite easily be able to play quite a number of games with just a few Pounds, Euros or Dollars in your casino account.

Once your wager has been placed then simply set the game in motion by tapping or clicking on the New Game button which is easy to spot on the screen at is has New Game written in large letter on it! Once clicked a set of Tiles will be dealt out automatically for you, and this combination of Tile is just one Tile away from being a winning combination.

With this in mind you are now faced with picking off up to three different Tiles, which are all face down and are located on the Tile Wall, each time you pick one it is first added to the combination, and if it does not form a winning combination it is discarded, however should it complete a winning combination then you are instantly warded the winning payout and the game will end.

New Online Mahjong Games

There are two brand new online Mahjong games currently available, and both of these games are going to be accessible only at online casinos that utilize the Playtech gaming platforms, so if you have an account at such a site then finding these new games will be straight forward enough, just log in and click on the Asian Games listing in the game menu.

The way in which these two new Mahjong games are structured is different to the standard and original games. The new Mahjong games are the Japanese Solo Mahjong Pro game and the WMF Solo Mahjong Pro game, the latter named one is played to the World Mahjong federations game play rules.

The main difference between these brand new Pro versions of Mahjong as the original games is that when you set the games into motion you will be dealt out a complete set of Tiles, and you need to use some strategy when playing these two new games, for you have to select one of the Tiles that have been dealt out to discard.

The aim is for you to discard one of those tiles then select any of the twenty four faces down tiles in the hope the one you have selected completes a winning combination of Tiles, and if you do then you will receive the winning payout displayed on the games pay table.

Diverse Selection

It is worth noting that when you are playing the new Japanese Solo Mahjong Pro game the payouts are based on a score basis, and the aim is to get as high a score as possible with your final set of Tiles to be awarded one of the six different sized winning payouts.

If you opt to play the new WMF Solo Mahjong Pro game then the listed payouts on this game pay table are awarded in much the same way, however the scores you can achieve are much lower valued ones, however the payouts are similar to the Japanese Solo Mahjong Pro version of the game.

Give either of both of these games a little play time for free for once you get the hang of them you may just enjoy playing them, and once you master the unique strategies and playing structure the winning payouts are always there for the taking, and they are low stake games which shouldn’t break your bank!


It will take you a little time to get used to the very unique playing structure of games such as Mahjong, but if you have the time and patience to master the way they work and pay then the rewards really are there for the taking.

Due to the way the payouts are designed along with the game structure this is a very low variance type of casino game, and that ensures you will get some lengthy playing sessions which are not as volatile as when you opt to play some other types of casino card and table games!



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