New Free Falls Bonus Game

New Free Falls Bonus Game

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May 27, 2016

cosmic-fortune-slot-free-fallsWe have something of a never ending task, for we like to ensure that our website is always up to date with a range of online slot playing guides that will enlighten you on how every single bonus game and bonus feature attached to every single online slot game works and operates!

With there being so many new slot games launched each month that does of course mean we are constantly checking out those new games and compiling our playing guides which will give you an overview and insight into what new bonus games an bonus features are available and what will happen when those bonus games are awarded to you.

You may have already guessed from the title of this slot playing guide it is going to be giving you an insight into just which slot games have a Free Falls bonus game on offer and how that bonus game is played off once awarded.

For reference this bonus game is only on offer on selected slot games available at our NetEnt casino sites and as such if after reading through this slot playing guide you like the sound of that bonus feature then it will be at those casinos sites you will find the games which have it on offer available!

How Free Falls Bonus Games Work

The first thing you will need to know about slot games offering free falls bonus feature rounds is that the base games of those slots work ever so differently than when you are playing some of the more standard types of video slot games.

Whenever you click or tap onto the spin buttons you will find the reel symbols drop onto the screen instead of spinning in and as they drop down onto the screen in turn they will then fill up all of the reel symbol positions on the screen.

By you getting a matching set of reel symbols on the screen those symbols award their respective winning payouts as displayed on the pay table but then those symbols get cleared off the screen which allows reel symbols above the missing ones to then fill in the gaps.

As long as you get a new set of winning combinations forming when the reel symbols have dropped down then the feature will keep on removing symbol and adding new ones to the screen from above.

A set of free falls is much like a slot game free spins bonus games, for you get to play off a set number of spins on which the symbols that form a winning combination get removed and replaced so multiple winning payouts can be achieved repeatedly off every single free fall you get to play off with some luck in playing those slot games hat is!

Slots Which Have Free Falls Bonus Games

We have taken a look at just which of the handful of slot games offer a free falls bonus feature round and having put every single one of them to the test we have found one of the very best playing and highest paying slot games which does boast such a bonus feature is the Cosmic Fortune slot game.

What makes that slot game unique is that when you are awarded with the free falls bonus feature round your winning payouts are not awarded in the form of cash and coin payouts, instead you are awarded with a set number of marble based on the value of the winning payouts that have been formed via that bonus game!

Those marbles can then be used on a pinball type of additional second stage bonus game on which you could then win one of the many differently sized progressive jackpots attached to the slot and on displayed on its screen!


There are some free falls awarding slot games that come with a fixed payline playing structure and there are of course some slots offering such a bonus game which have an optional payline playing structure and format.

The one thing to keep in mind when playing a slot on which you could trigger a free falls bonus game is that the more paylines you do decide to put into play the much more likely you are to achieve multiple winning payouts when those bonus games have been triggered and are playing off.

So if you do get stuck into playing such a slot make sure that you configure each base game spin in such a way that you try and have every single payline activated, which will entail you playing around and lowering the coin value settings to the lower valued ones.

Then as soon as the free falls bonus game does get triggered and it is playing off, you will always have the maximum number of ways of forming a winning combinations when you have put into play every single optional paylines attached to the slot you are playing, so keep that playing tip in mind!



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