Never Play 6/5 Paying Blackjack Games

Never Play 6/5 Paying Blackjack Games

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April 14, 2016

vegas-downtown-blackjackBlackjack games are available in very high numbers of every single online casino site and as such whenever you sign up to any casino site you are then going to find a very large and very diverse range of different variants you can play, however each game will always have a different set of rules in play.

In fact, some online blackjack games have a different number of decks of cards in the shoe and that is something you should keep in mind as often the number of decks in the shoe will have an effect on the house edge of those games coupled with a few other things.

Also you need to know whether you can double own your hand or surrender a hand when playing any blackjack game as those two playing rules will also have an effect on the house edge of any blackjack game.

The aim of any real money blackjack game is to get the house edge down to the absolute minimum by playing the blackjack games they have chosen to play in the most strategic and optimal way, however knowing what the payouts are for each hand is also important too!

Why are 65 Paying Blackjack Games so Bad?

When you play blackjack the two types of cards you will want dealing out in any one single hand is an Ace card and a Ten valued card, for when those two cards are dealt out to you then you have formed a Blackjack hand, which if not matched by the dealer will see you being awarded the highest valued payout odds on the base game.

The industry standard winning payout for forming such a hand is 3 to 2 and as such you get paid out 3 chips for every two you have wagered on that hand. However, many casinos are looking to increase the amount of profit they make from their Blackjack games and will instead of offering a winning payout of 3 to 2 will instead give you a winning payout of 6 to 5 on those types of winning players hands.

That means in basic terms you will get paid out 6 chips for every 4 you have wagered instead of you getting 6 chips for every 4 wagered on the standard paying games, which means over time the amount you will win will be diminished!

Even Money Paying Blackjack Games

In fact, when you do decide to play blackjack online you are going to find that there are quite a number of other variants which offer an even lower payout when a player is dealt our a winning blackjack hand, take for example the double exposure blackjack game which is quite popular with players.

When you are playing that particular variant and you are dealt out any winning blackjack hand containing any Ace and any 10 valued card you will only receive a standard winning payout at odds of even money!

The reason however why that payout is so very low is that when the dealer is dealing out his initial two cards, instead of dealing one face down and one facing up he always deals his card up facing, and as such a player will always know what cards are in his hand.

The house edge on double exposure blackjack is however very high and as such you should always avoid playing it, even if you have been offered any high valued casino bonuses to do so as that higher than average house edge is going to eat away at your bankroll over time!


As a player you should always be playing at online casino sites or mobile casinos for that matter that are going to be offering you lots of different blackjack games, however you will always need to have the ability of choosing just which of those game you can play and should play based on the house edge of each game.

One of the many different and quite large number of benefits of your choosing to play at any of our featured Casinos using Playtech software is that you will find that all of the blackjack games available at those casino sites have been listed on their website and alongside each of them you will find the expected house edge of each of those games.

So when playing at any of those site you can quickly and very easily look up the house edges on all of their blackjack games and then play the game offering the very lowest one, and that will then see you naturally having the very best winning chances possible when you give those games any amount of play time online, so always look up that information is playing at one of those casino sites!



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