Multi Hand Casino Poker Card Games Launched

Multi Hand Casino Poker Card Games Launched

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January 19, 2014

Multi Hand Casino Poker Card Games Launched

With the popularity of different types of casino card games being at an all time high there has been many different types of poker card games released recently onto the online gaming environments, and many of these games you may have never have come across before.

In fact you are now going to find a large number of multi hand casino poker card games and today we shall take a look at some of these games in detail.

As we are fairly confident that if you enjoy playing card games based around poker games but would prefer playing them heads up against a casino instead of against lots of other players as you will have to do when playing at an online poker site you will find lots of these games appealing, and may wish to give some of them a try!

New Multi Hand Casino Poker Games Worth Playing

We shall now highlight several multi hand casino poker games which are worth your time and effort checking out and playing, be aware that although some of the following games may sound the same they do in fact have unique playing features and payouts!

One of the most popular casino poker card games is the game of three card poker, this game has actually really taken off in land based casinos over the last few years and as such you will have plenty of both land based and online casinos offering you a multi hand version of this game.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is in fact two games in one, and you are able to play either of the two games separately or play them together on each single game you play. The first game is the standard game on which you and the dealer are dealt out three cards and the hand which has the best ranked poker hand in it wins.

The second game is going to award you with a set of bonus payouts once your hand is valued at a pair or higher on the games poker hand pay table. As the maximum cash award you can win on this game is for the straight flush hand, you are going to find some casinos offering different pay tables, however, the one worth playing is any 3 card poker game which pays 40 to 1 for the royal flush hand, so do check you are not playing a game with a lower payout than that as the house edge on that game will be high!

High Speed Poker

Another relatively new multi hand casino poker game is the game of High Speed Poker, this is going to take you a little getting used to but once you master it you will find it a potentially very high paying game and one that offers a low house edge, and that is the key to playing a casino card game offering you the very real potential of winning big!

The multi hand high speed poker game is a multi stake game so you can play it for low or high stakes and you are able to play up to five separate hands per game. This game will see you being dealt out three cards on each hand you have chosen to play and the aim of the game is quite simple, you will be hoping that as many of your hands beats the dealers hand, but be aware the dealers hand needs to have a Queen or higher in it to qualify!

To make this game a little more exciting you are also able to additionally place a bonus type bet alongside each of your base hands that you have chosen to play, the bonus payouts you will get include a 27 to 1 payout for three matching cards, also if you get three cards in the same suit or three cards of the same colour then this bonus bet will award you with a payout of 6 to 1 and 2 to 1 respectively for those two hands.

Hold'em High Poker

One final band new multi hand casino poker game which is worth checking out is the Hold’em High Poker game, and this in another multi hand game on which you are able to play for multiple stake levels and also you can play from one to five hands per game. You are also going to find it available in a free play mode if you wish to play it and get used to it in a no risk playing environment!

You need to place an Ante bet on each hand you wish to play before you can set this game into live play, and then once you have placed the required ante bets the dealer will then deal out to each of the hands you are playing two cards and will also deal three community cards into the centre of the table.

The object of this game is for each hand you are playing to be a higher valued one than the dealers hand, the dealer also has two pocket cards and will also have to use three community cards to form his hand.

There is an additional side bet option also available on this multi hand Hold’em High poker game and when you place this wager you are going to be hoping that your two initial cards are either two cards of the same suit and if so you get a  5 to 2 bonus bet winning payout or that you are dealt an Ace with a King as your two initial poker cards, a mixed suit King and Ace pays 25 to 1 and an Ace and King of Spades will earn you a bonus bet payout of 50 to 1.


As with any new casino game you may never have played before you should give any casino poker game that is of interest to you some play time at no risk, and you are able to do this thanks to many of our featured online casino sites offering free play log in options, and as such you can play any casino poker game for free until you are happy you understand the way they work, play and pay!



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