Most Popular Christmas Themed Games

Most Popular Christmas Themed Games

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Updated November 15, 2022

Most Popular Christmas Themed Games

Christmas time will soon be upon us and we have several articles and casino game playing guides that you are going to find useful at any time of the year! However, if you do fancy getting into the festive spirit and are seeking out some Christmas themed slot games then read on for we are going to be introducing you to several of them!

It is of course going to be the slot games which you will find come with a Christmas theme, however do be aware that in the run up to Christmas and on Christmas Day itself many casinos always have some form of bonus available to their players.

So if you do fancy getting stuck into playing any of the following slot games then make sure you first check out whether you are entitled to claim any bonuses on the day you wish to play them, as by claiming for example a deposit match bonus you can often lock in lots of value and get a much longer slot playing session with those bonus credits!

Scrooge Slot

If you are looking for a slot which offers you the chance of playing off what could turn out to be a set of high paying free spins by that slot games bonus feature round, then one slot you really ought to play is the Scrooge slot.

This slot is found in the gaming suite of all Microgaming powered casino sites, and when you launch it you will find a range of different staking options available, so you can adjust the coin values, the number of paylines and the number of coins you wager per payline.

However, what is unusual about this slot is that there are two special reel symbols which can be spun in, and those symbols will either knock a day off the Calendar displayed at the top of the screen or the other bonus symbol when it spins in will add another free spin to your free spin meter.

The aim of playing this slot in regards to its bonus feature round is to amass as many free spins a you can do by spinning in the bonus symbols before you have spun in enough of the other bonus symbol and the countdown calendar reaches the 25th of December.

When it does all of the free spins you have managed to save up will then be awarded to you via the free spins bonus round.

Jingle Bells Slot

Another hugely popular slot game which you may be interested in playing is the jingle Bells slot game, this is another slot game which you will find available in Microgaming's downloadable gaming platform and as such it is not available as an instant play or mobile slot!

This slot is in fact quite different than the above slot in regards to its playing structure, for it comes with three paylines and when playing it you will have the ability of putting into live play from one to five different pay lines.

You can of course pick and choose the coin values you have in play on the paylines you choose to activate and by doing so and altering the coin value you will find it can turn out to be a low or high state slot which will suit all slot players bankrolls.

There is a set of Bell symbols on each of this slot games reels and those symbols are the jackpot symbols. However it will be dependent on just which payline they spin in on as to just how many free spins you will then get to play off.

If you play just one single payline then y spinning in all of those three Bell symbols on payline number one you will be awarded with a jackpot payout worth 1000 times your stake amount. The jackpots grow in value on each additional payline.

If you get the three Bell symbols on reels number two, three four or five you will win 2000 coins, 3000 coins, 4000 coins and 6000 coins respectively. Therefore by playing all five payline on this particular Christmas themed slot you could in a jackpot worth 6000 coins which has been enhanced by an additional 1000 coins when compared to the payout associated with each of the other pay lines!


It will of course depend on just which online or mobile casino site you play at in regards to just how many different Christmas themed slot game you will have access to. With that in mind spend some time initially reading through several of our featured casino reviews and then check out those casinos website to find out what slot games are available at each site.

You do so sooner rather than later you are also going to be able to take advantage of some high valued new player sign up bonuses too!



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