Most Played Summer Time Slots

Most Played Summer Time Slots

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March 23, 2014

Summertime slot machines online

You may be sat at home right now looking out of the window, wishing the rain, wind or even snow would go away, and if so then you are probably in a country where summer seems quite a long way away!

However, in an attempt to lift your spirits we have compiled a small listing of some of the most played summer time themed slot games you will be able to play online, and if you do find yourself sitting there wishing the sun would shine, then give some of the following slots a try for they may just brighten up your day!

Microgaming’s Colorful Summertime Slot

Should you enjoy playing the simply enormous suite of slot games available at Microgaming software powered sites then the aptly named Summertime Slot game is certain going to bring a little sunshine into your life today!

In fact there are two versions of this slot offered by Microgaming the first is a fairly standard 9 payline slot on which you could be awarded with a set of free spins when three of the Beach Scene Scatter symbols drop onto the screen as you are playing the slot.

The second Summertime Slot is the Mega Moolah variant of this game, and whilst the number of paylines remains the same and also the free spins bonus feature round can still be triggered, when playing this particular slot, and playing it for absolutely any stake level you may randomly be awarded the Mega Moolah feature game, and when you do you will be guaranteed of winning one of four progressive jackpots after you have spun the jackpot wheel!

Both versions of this summer time themed slot game come with a double or nothing type of game, this is an optional bonus feature and when you choose to take it you need to correctly guess the color of a playing card which will be revealed on the bonus game screen once you have made your prediction.

Real Time Gaming’s Fruit Frenzy Slot

One slot game worth a little play time in summer, winter autumn or spring is Real Time Gaming’s must play slot that goes by the name of the Fruit Frenzy slot. This game is of course themed around a cast of summer fruits who are all represented as reel symbols and there are several unique features which make it a highly sought after and played online slot.

There is a random progressive jackpot that can be won at the end of any base game spin set into motion. However the bonus game is one that you will not likely have ever come across before, unless you have of course given this fruit Frenzy some playtime is the past!

To trigger the bonus game when playing this Fruit Frenzy slot you have to get a five symbol winning combination forming on any of the paylines you have set into live play, so the savvy slot players out there will realize that by playing all of this slots available 25 paylines you will stand a much greater chance of actually triggering the bonus game by playing maximum line spins!

As all of this slots coin values can be adjusted then playing maximum line spins will not prove too expensive if you opt for one of the lower valued coin option settings. When any five matching symbol winning combination is formed then you are awarded with the winning payout and a bonus game screen loads.

You are then faced with having to fire a Strawberry through a Water Melon target! Each time the Strawberry manages to pass through the target then a set of points are awarded to you and based on how many times you do this at the end of this bonus game those points are then turned into free spins!

Playtech’s Progressive Beach Life Slot

When the weather is cold, wet and/or windy you may start to day dream about being on a hot beach in the middle of summer, and whilst that may seem like a long distance memory, or if you have a summer holiday planned it may seem like a long time away.

However one slot game that is going to transport you, in a cyber sense, to a hot summer beach is Playtech’s great looking and great playing Beach Life slot. This is one of Playtech’s progressive slot games, so when playing it in a certain way you will have the chance of winning a massive and potentially life changing jackpot win, which may just pay for your next holiday in the sun!

You do have to play all of the 20 paylines on this slot if you want the chance of winning the progressive jackpot, for by lining up 5 of the Sun Wild symbols on the 20th payline you will instantly be credited with the progressive jackpot displayed at the top of the slot games screen.

Even if for whatever reason you do not play all 20 paylines should you get five of those symbols lining up on paylines one to nineteen then you will still win a huge amount of cash, and the payout associated with that winning combination forming on those listed paylines is a massive 100,000 coins, which may be enough for a holiday in the sun!


Never forget that when you are playing any type of online slot game you will have lots of different option settings available, and by activating the settings in a way preferable to yourself you really can tailor your own special and unique slot playing sessions.

When playing themed slots in particular, such as the Summer Time slot games named above then by activating the sound effects and opting for the maximum screen size option you will often find these slots very immersive and highly enjoyable to play!

Have a look around our website for there are a huge number of slot games to suit your mood, playing style and also the current season!



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