Masse Égale Roulette Betting: A Rule-Free Betting System

Masse Égale Roulette Betting: A Rule-Free Betting System

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May 24, 2024

betting system Masse Égale

What is Masse Égale? How does it work? Our guide is here to help you understand one of the simplest betting systems used in roulette.

Translated from French, Masse Égale stands for ‘equal mass’, or ‘equal amounts’. It’s a form of flat betting, meaning you neither increase nor decrease wagers as you go through rounds. It’s so simple that there have been many punters disregarding it as a system altogether; but there are many perks to flat betting with Masse Égale in roulette.

What Is Masse Égale?

Masse Égale is a flat betting system used for inside bets in roulette. It is perhaps the easiest, simplest strategy you can use whilst gambling.

Essentially, the ‘flat’ part of Masse Égale means the wagering amount does not change regardless of the dynamics at the table. Unlike progressive and negative progression systems, players using Masse Égale do not change the betting amount.

Negative progression means you increase wagers after a loss, positive progression dictates you increase it after a win. With this system, or with flat betting in general, the betting amount stays the same no matter the outcome.

In most cases, players opt for Masse Égale when they are betting on inside bets. As you know, inside bets in roulette are:

  • Straight-up bets
  • Split bets
  • Street bets
  • Corner bets
  • Basket bets
  • Line bets

If you are familiar with roulette rules, you already know how these bets work. If not, check out our comprehensive roulette terms and definitions guide.

How Masse Égale Works

Given how simple this system is, we’ve already explained how it works. There’s not much to tell you, except this:

Masse Égale bets are the same bets for every round in the session. There is no increase/decrease of the betting amount after losses and wins.

That is why players are advised to stick to a small sum, so as to not risk too much while betting. A general rule of thumb is to leave the table once you win a profit of 10x of what you’ve wagered, but that is neither here nor there.

An Example of Masse Égale Roulette Betting

Even though it’s pretty self-explanatory, here is an example of a 10-round roulette session.

For our example, we’ve chosen $2 as our betting unit that we would bet on the positions on the table. For the sake of this article, we are playing at a European Roulette table with a single zero.

Round Bet Outcome Profit
1 $2 on Straight-up Lose -$2
2 $2 on Street Lose -$4
3 $2 on Basket Win $8
4 $2 on Straight-up Lose $6
5 $2 on Straight-up Lose $4
6 $2 on Straight-up Lose $2
7 $2 on Straight-up Lose $0
8 $2 on Straight-up Lose -$2
9 $2 on Straight-up Lose -$4
10 $2 on Straight-up Win $66

One thing you should remember when playing the game is payouts. Knowing that Masse Égale is used for inside bets, you should be familiar with bets and payouts for each bet you use. That is why we’ve listed which betting position we’ve chosen for each round, and the profit/net balance reflects the losses and wins according to the paytable. European and American Roulette have different odds, but the payouts remain the same.

Is It Worth It?

Essentially, every roulette betting system is worth it if you understand its ins and outs, exceptions to the rule, and when to apply it.

When it comes to flat betting, or more precisely, Masse Égale, the rules are simple: bet small, bet on inside bets only, and know when it’s time to stop.

Progressive betting systems, regardless of their positive or negative nature, are dynamic and offer players a chance to affect their balance more than flat bets. However, losses are imminent with all systems, and that is not something you can avoid in gambling.

But what you do to prevent it and bounce back is what matters.

Hence, our main piece of advice for players looking to start betting on roulette using flat bets is to pick a smaller unit as their betting amount. For instance, a $1 bet or $5 is small and going anything over than can lead to risky situations that you might not recuperate from in time.

Of course, adjust the unit to your possibilities, and never bet outside of your scope.

Another piece of advice we can offer you is to leave the table while you are still having fun. Sure, winning is great, but no one can guarantee your winning streak will last. More importantly, no one can guarantee your luck will return once you’ve lost it and staying at the table/inside the game during a losing streak is quite harmful.

So, have fun – but gamble responsibly.

Finally, if you see that this system is not working for you, change it! Switch to other systems, pick another strategy, or ask fellow players for advice. Roulette is a rigid game with monotonous rules but a very diverse strategy ecosystem giving you dozens of ways to elevate gameplay.


The only person that can give the final verdict on the effectiveness of Masse Égale is the player. Does the system work for you? If yes, great; if not, then it would be good to check out other systems. There’s more than enough of those either way.

One thing is certain, though. Masse Égale is the ultimate flat betting system, the simplest form of betting online/in person, and is the easiest one to use. But if you want results, stick to inside bets!

Ultimately, it’s all up to the players and their ability to leave the table when it’s time. Play responsibly, have fun, but know when to walk away.

Further Reading

If Masse Égale is your foray into roulette betting, you might want to first check out our comprehensive guide covering the most essential betting systems in roulette. We cover Martingale, Romanosky, Labouchere, Oscar’s Grind, and Paroli, which are the five most used strategies in gambling.

Of course, there are many other systems that you can explore further if you want something more niche.

Our recommendations are:

Stay tuned for more roulette betting systems that can help you navigate the tables with more confidence and enjoyment.



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