Making Use of the Play Check and Cash Check Features

Making Use of the Play Check and Cash Check Features

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October 26, 2014

Making Use of the Play Check and Cash Check Features

You should always stay in control fully when you are gambling online, and with online casinos being so readily available you have lots of choice in regards to getting the best playing value no matter how much you have set aside as your affordable gambling budget.

Taking advantage of bonuses, promotional offers and even slot tournaments and free slot spins offered by most in not all online casinos will also enable you to lock in lots of extra playing value and make your gambling budget stretch as far as it possibly can do.

In this slot and casino game playing guide we are going to take a look at the player audit features offered at Microgaming Software powered online casino sites, and these two features are the Play Check and Cash Check features, and by making use of them you will always know where you stand in regards to your spending, your winnings and just how high or low the payout percentages have been on any real money playing sessions you have had.

Play Check – Self Audit Your Gaming Sessions

You will have discovered if you have spent some time reading through all of our very informative casino playing guides, each casino game offered by Microgaming will boast its own unique house edge or its own preset long term payout percentage.

Whilst the very nature of playing casino games means that on any single session played your house edge and actual payout percentages are going to be up one minute and down the next as you experience winning and losing outcomes on the games you have chosen to play, once you have completed any single game playing session, Microgaming’s Play Check feature allows you to review each of those sessions.

By simply clicking on the Play Check button when logged into absolutely any Microgaming powered site you will then be presented with a list of each session you played one each of their games, and then you can look into each of those sessions and review each roll of the dice, each spin of the reels or each hand of cards dealt out to you.

This will allow players who like to know their exact session payout percentages or the house edges casino games awarded them to be able to work those figures out. You will often be amazed at just how high some of the games at Microgaming casinos can pay out, however you will of course experience losing sessions as well as winning ones!

The art of playing any casino game whether online or in a land based casino is for you to locate the games offering you the best winning opportunities due solely to the way the games have been designed to payout, so make sure you have a look through our playing guides which will show you which games have the lowest house edges and which games boast the very highest and most appealing long term payout percentages.

Cash Check – Monitoring Your Spending Online

Another feature that you should be prepared to make use of is Microgaming’s Cash Check feature if you have experience of using an online bank account then you will have no problems understanding how this feature works.

At any time when logged into a Microgaming casino via the real money log in, you will be able to click on the Cash Check button and then review all deposits made into your casino account, this will list the times of your deposits, the amounts and of course the banking method you choose to make that deposit with.

You are also going to find full information on all winning cash outs and withdrawals you have made from your real money account, each transaction will have its own unique code number alongside it and also listed will be the amount of your withdrawal, when it was processed and the method on which you were paid that withdrawal.

Whilst you may not think this Cash Check feature is of any use, if you are waiting on a withdrawal it will allow you to keep track of it and see when and how it was paid back to you instead of having to keep on contacting a casinos customer support team and asking them to review your account!

Any Online Casino Bonuses that have also been awarded to your account can be viewed and inspected via the Cash Check feature and as such you will also be able to keep track as to how many bonuses you have claimed and whether you are in an overall winning position at any Microgaming powered casino site you regularly play at!


We would advise everyone who plays at any online casino site to ensure that you make use of features such as Microgaming’s Cash Check, whilst also keeping your own private notes on all deposits and withdrawals that you make to and from any online casino site you play at.

There can be very isolated cases whereby a player may deposit at some online casinos and their debit or credit card will be charged twice but only one deposit is credited to your account. By keeping details and fully up to date records you will then be able to spot any discrepancies that may occur in regards to deposits made and winnings received.

It can be often way too easy for players to gamble too much when logged into an online casino site and with that in mind we would suggest you set yourself some limits in regards to how much you intend to gamble and spend on each session you play, and always stick to those limits to avoid spending too much of your hard earned cash!



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