Low Return High Risk Blackjack Bets

Low Return High Risk Blackjack Bets

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August 10, 2015

Low Return High Risk Blackjack Bets

Playing blackjack online is going to mean one thing, and that is you will be spoilt for choice! There are dozens of different blackjack game variants that you can access and play online and each of them will offer you a different set of playing rules and often a completely different set of winning payouts.

The one main type of blackjack game you should be looking to play is the one with the lowest house edge which is often the games with the lowest number of decks of cards in the shoe and the standard winning payouts, as such avoid online or even land based blackjack games offering a payout of 6 to 5 instead of 3 to 2 for a winning players blackjack hand!

In this blackjack game playing guide we are going to be letting you know which are the low return blackjack bets and wagers and also those which carry the most risk and as such these are the types of bets and wagers attached to several different blackjack game variants you should always avoid placing!

Progressive Jackpot Side Bet Options

There is one type of blackjack game variant you will find at many online casino sites and that is progressive blackjack. Now whilst the potential returns on those types of blackjack games can be huge and often quite life changing the odds on your actually winning a progressives jackpot are sadly tiny!

With that in mind unless you are prepared to through caution to the win and are not worried about the fact that by placing a progressive jackpot side bet wager your bankroll is going to be eaten away by placing that bet then this is a type of blackjack game you should avoid playing.

Whilst you can strike lucky at any time and win a progressive jackpot attached to any blackjack game the odds on doing so are enormous and it is by chance and chance alone you will win which does go against the fact that blackjack is a semi skill based game!

So no matter how tempting a progressive jackpot may appear on any blackjack game you come across online, you are going to have much more chance of playing a standard non progressive jackpot awarding variant instead, so keep that in mind!

The Insurance Wager

Playing blackjack will see you being offered from time to time the Insurance wager, and on first glance at the blackjack table you may be under the impression that the 2 to 1 winning payout is generous and a bet worth taking.

However, 2 to 1 is not the true odds of that winning payout which will be awarded to you when the dealers hand is a blackjack hand, and as such the house edge on that bet alone with  be many times higher than the house edge of the actual blackjack game you are playing.

As such that is one bet you should never be tempted to place when playing any type of blackjack game variant, as if you do take it you will be increasing the expected house edge of the game you are playing quite significantly the more times you place it, so available the Insurance bet at all costs.

European Blackjack Bonus Bet Variants

When you are logged into some online casinos that use Microgaming’s different gaming platforms you will find several different European Blackjack based variants on which a range of different side bet wagers can be placed.

Those games include but are not limited to the High Streak Blackjack game, the Perfect pairs Blackjack game and also the Hi Low 13 Blackjack game variant. The base game of each of those additional variants is of course the European Blackjack game however a series of bonus bets can be placed by players.

Those bonus bets are completely optional but will offer you the chance of winning bonus pays in addition to anything that you may win off the base game. However, sadly the bonus bets all come with huge house edges and as such the returns you will get over your long term play when placing those side bet wagers are low and as such you should stick to playing only the standard European Blackjack game variants and never be tempted to play the other bonus bet variants!


The moral of this slot playing guide is that you should always avoid playing and type of blackjack game that offers a bonus bet for by placing those bets over and over the house edge you are up against will rise and rise and rise!

Also the only way you are likely to have repeated winning online real money blackjack playing session is by you playing perfect strategy and as such you do need to learn how to play the lowest house edge blackjack games perfectly, so make sure that is something that you do!



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