Locating the Highest Paying Video Poker Pay Tables

Locating the Highest Paying Video Poker Pay Tables

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June 22, 2014

Locating the Highest Paying Video Poker Pay Tables

Video Poker game variants do of course come with many different structures, pay tables and occasionally optional bonus games, the most common one being the gamble game. However, when it comes to picking and then playing any type of Video Poker games, you should only opt to play those variants which offer you the more generous paybacks.

This is going to mean that you will have to become something of an expert in being able to locate the Video Poker games which come with a better set of payouts listed upon its respective pay table, as a game with an identical name could offer a completely different set of payouts for being dealt out certain winning hand combinations!

Below we have highlighted the main differences in regards to the pay tables found in place at online casinos using different software companies. Please study this guide for by doing so you will instantly be able to find a Video Poker game which boasts the best payouts, which will ultimately enable you to have a much greater chance of winning!

Be Wary of Some Jacks or Better Video Poker Games

When you choose to play the world’s most popular video poker game variant, that being the Jacks or Better game you are not going to find it difficult to locate this variant as all online casinos will have at least one variant of this game on offer.

However, whilst the winning hand combinations listed on each Jacks or Better games pay table will be the same, starting with the Royal Flush hand and then working down to the lowest paying hand combination that can be formed, that of course being the payout for a pair of Jacks or any high valued pair, the actual payout amounts will vary depending on just which casinos you are playing this variant at.

Casinos using Playtech Software and Microgaming Powered Online Casinos will offer you a standard type of Jacks or Better game and their respective variants all play out with a payout percentage of the industry standard 99.54% attached to their games.

Casinos using Real Time Gaming Software can put one of several different pay tables in play on their Jacks or Better Video Poker games, and this calls for players to be extra vigilant when playing at such sites for there are some differences in regards to the RTP of each pay table offered, which could see you playing a variant offering a low 97.30% when playing at certain RTG sites!

Should you wish to play a Jacks or Better video poker game which offer you the best chances of winning due in no small part to a much more generous pay table, then you need to play at one of the many NetEnt software powered casinos, for when you do you will find their variant of this game gives you an expected payout percentage of an industry high 99.56%!

Locating Video Poker Pay Tables Offering RTP’s of Over 99%

Never play any online or for that matter land based Video Poker games which boast long term expected payouts of less than 99%. It should be noted that there can be some subtle differences in regards to the payout attached to certain multi hand video poker games which will result in you playing a variant with either a low or higher payout percentage than is on offer on the single hand variant of that particular game!

Take for example Microgaming’s great playing Deuces Wild video poker game, if you play the single hand variant a generous but not record braking payout percentage of 96.76% is on offer to anyone playing this variant with optimal playing strategy. However playing Microgaming’s multi hand variant of this game will see you up against a much more generous RTP of some 99.37%, so opt to play the multi hand variant of this game for the best paybacks!

But for the very best paying Video Poker game we would suggest, if you are playing at a Microgaming powered casino then you head on straight over to their All Aces variant, for you are not going to find a game offering the massive payout percentage that this games pay table awards, which works out at a record breaking 99.92%!

When playing progressive video poker games you need to be aware that the stake levels available on many of these games are fixed and whilst you cannot adjust the actual coin sizes you will be permitted to play from one to five coins per hand you choose to play.

However, the long term RTP of any such game offering you the chance of winning a life changing jackpot are going to vary depending on whether you play maximum coins per hand or not and whether you do finally win one of the progressive jackpots on offer.

Your gaming budget can get eaten away very quickly when playing any Video Poker game variant on which a progressive jackpot is on offer, for maximum bet hands need to be played and the expected RTP is much lower if you play for anything less than maximum stakes and if you never win the progressive jackpot then your stakes will have been feeding the progressive jackpot that ends up being won by another player!


Never be in a hurry to play the first Video Poker game that you come across being offered at the online casino site at which you are playing at! There are several variants of this popular card game that you are best off staying well away from, due to the payout percentages you will be achieving when playing those variants optimally.

The only way to reach or get to as close to the expected RTP of any video poker game is to always play maximum coins per hand dealt out to you, so make sure you can comfortably afford to do so, if not then consider lowing the actual coin values to permit you to play max bet hands!



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