Evolution Breaks the Live Casino Ice with First Ever Live Craps

Evolution Breaks the Live Casino Ice with First Ever Live Craps

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Updated October 30, 2023

How to Win Live Craps

Live Craps is the first-ever live dealer craps dice game by Evolution which launched in live casinos in October 2020.

From now on, you can play Live Craps online in an authentic, 1920s studio with a speakeasy vibe. Playable on desktop, mobile and tablets, the new live game allows hordes of players to play simultaneously.

Delivering the true, lifelike ambience of collective play, Live Craps is a players’ game streamed from Evolution's studio in Riga, Latvia.

So, get ready to crawl into your virtual mancave to play Evolution’s new game.

What Is Live Craps about?

Evolution is the first to introduce live craps online.

The Latvian company has always been a trailblazer. With Live Craps, Evolution remains in the pole position among live casino suppliers and iGaming developers in general.

As a frontiersman of the industry, Evolution is bringing a genuine vibe of a real-life craps table. The back wall of the table is upholstered with alligator skin, minimizing bounces or jumping off.

The casino environment lauds lavish decorations such as wooden details, glass doors and stats boards. Pictures of gorgeous women are hanging on the wall, reinforcing that man cave vibe.

The firm’s primary goal was to preserve the greatness of craps, as Evolution CPO Todd Haushalter put it. And if you ask us, they did it justice. Evolution preserved the community feel one gets at a craps table. So, if you ever wanted a craps construction for your mancave, you don’t have to move farther from your home.

Speaking of crowds at craps tables, Evolution integrated an exclusive “Applause” button that lets you clap after a winning round. Cheering on in a digital environment is another step towards iGaming evolution.

In craps, everyone either wins or loses. That’s how Evolution maintains that sense of belonging. However, if you’re a lone rider, you’ll soon be able to play Craps First Person, too. This variant gives you that Casino Hold’em charm with an option to go live at any point via the “GO LIVE” button.

Mr. Haushalter spoke about the new live dice game exclusively for CasinosOnline.com:

“We have really been agonizing over every fine detail of the game so it will satisfy both the grizzled, old veterans of the game and the newcomers, of which we will have many. I think everyone likes the idea of playing Craps but few know how to actually play.”

First Person Live Craps

All in all, this Evolution game feels like live craps in Vegas and we’re so down for it.

How to Play

Can you play Live Craps online? Yes, you can; we’ll show you how.

Live Craps is a tremendously dynamic and thrilling game to play. Enthusiastic bettors gather around to see what each round will bring.

In Evolution’s version of it, you have around 17 seconds to bet. Then the dealer, so-called Mr. Lucky, activates the mechanical arm to roll the dice. The company considered it unfitting to make the croupier roll the dice. That way, he or she would get blamed for a bad roll.

The betting range is generous – €0.50-€2,500 per game.

Once the dealer places the dice in the mechanical hand, you have 14 seconds to place your next bet. The time Evolution gives you is more than enough to make a decision in Live Craps.

The house edge in Live Craps is standard – 1.40%. Accordingly, Live Craps RTP is 98.60%.

Basic Rules

If you’ve played a similar game, you’ll know that you as the player initiate rounds. However, as we’re talking about a live casino game, the dealer has to do the rolling. Hence the mechanical arm rolls the pair of dice and its outcome decides whether you win or lose. In plain English, the croupier takes up the role of the shooter.

The high-quality video stream will zoom in on the dice, showing you the result. If it’s a winner, hit that Applause switch.

Click the chips you want to wager and watch the Come-Out Roll occur. Between rounds, you’ll have enough time to collect your chips and change your bet. The dealer (Stickman) calls the bets closed and triggers the digital stick.

The bet wins if the come-out (initial) roll is 7 or 11. Hitting an 11 in the first roll is called a natural. Having the pair of dice roll at 2, 3 or 12 is “crapping out” – the counterpart of busting in blackjack.

Another basic craps rule concerns numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. If the outcome of the dice is any of these combinations, the Stickman or Shooter rolls the dice again.

Ever been to a taproom? That’s what Live Craps feels like.

How to Beat Live Craps

Bet Types

Craps is both volatile and profitable. It comes with a variety of bet types. The two most popular bets are Pass Line and Don’t Pass. Both of these are placed before the come-out roll.

Players wagering on Pass Line will win if the roll is 7 and lose if the dice offer 2, 3 or 12. On the other hand, as a Don’t Pass bettor, you win on 2 and 3, and lose at 7 or 11. Rolling a 12 is called a push.

The next pair of bets are Come and Don’t Come. To an extent, they are similar to the types above. The only difference is that you can place these two craps bet after the come-out roll.

Other relevant bets in craps include:

  • Place Win
  • Place Lose
  • Buy
  • Big 6/Big 8
  • Hardways
  • Proposition Bets (Any 7, Any 11, Any Craps, Any Deuce, Aces, Boxcar)

Proposition bets give the biggest payouts but the odds of winning are lower.

Mastering the first two types will already make you feel comfortable at the table. The CasinosOnline team recommends starting there. Seasoned punters, however, should have a go with more advanced stakes.


Live Craps casino goers apply various betting systems to boost their bankroll or minimize their losses. We singled out a few of the best betting systems for craps.

  1. Martingale – Popular in roulette and other casino games, the martingale is suitable for those looking to retrieve all losses with a win. Martingale dictates that you should double your stake after losing and go back to the original bet after winning. Although still a theory, martingale can work for Live Craps.
  2. Gambler’s Fallacy – Some casino devotees believe in the principle of causation. In our niche, cause and effect are referred to as the gambler’s fallacy. Craps is a game of chance. In turn, the outcome of one round will not affect the rolling in the next one. We do not recommend relying on predicting the outcome in this game.
  3. No Seven System – Also famous as the Iron Cross strategy, the No Seven is perfect for the game of luck. Unlike martingale, it’s not progressive. Iron cross punters bet on all numbers but 7. They keep the same bet for each round and profit from the field bets.

Different Modes for Different Levels

Evolution is all about optimizing their games to fit as many players as possible. Therefore, the developer integrated the Easy Mode to play Live Craps Evolution.

Ideal for beginners, the Easy Mode enables novices to play a limited number of bets. As soon as you activate the Easy Mode, the betting grid shrinks to offer fewer bet spots. In layman terms, the simplified regime eases your way into Live Craps.

The Easy Mode does not feature the Come Out roll and the Point roll. However, these show up in the regular variant of Live Craps Evolution.

As you progress with your craps strategy, you can move on to the standard gameplay.

Moreover, in the user interface, you can peruse the Live Craps tutorial. The guide is interactive and clarifies all the rules and bets. Simply click on a bet spot for more info about it. What's more, you can enjoy a dice simulation through Evolution's craps tutorial.

Where to Play Live Craps

Where to Play Live Craps

Now with all the rules in mind, check out where you can play Live Craps online. Here are the best live craps casinos on the market.


LeoVegas needs no introduction. The brand is the absolute leader in the industry and it will likely stay so. Everyone and their grandma know about the Swedish gambling behemoth. LeoVegas’s expertise? Live dealer games!

Mr Green

When you need lucrative, opulent live casino bonuses and promotions, you should call Mr Green. The shamrock lucky man offers all Evolution’s titles to its clients around the clock. If you need a professional, reliable live craps casino to register with, join Mr Green today.

Bonus Tips

With all that said, the game might appear intimidating. Live Craps is not as difficult as it seems. Like every similar variant, it takes time to learn and comprehend it. But once you do, you’ll be the absolute master of it.

So, gather all the confidence you have in yourself as a gambler and use it on Live Craps. There’s no reason to be afraid.

Nevertheless, if you have no experience with craps, we’d suggest revising the rules multiple times before playing for real money.

If you have extra questions, ask away!

Our Impressions

Live Craps is one of the most innovative live dealer releases ever. Coming in hot in the summer of 2020, craps places a modern take on classic gambling. We don’t know why no one created a live version of craps before. We guess that’s why Evolution keeps earning all those best supplier awards. All in all, Live Craps is a fun game to play due to both its simplicity and saloon-like atmosphere. You’ll feel at home and comfortable to say or do whatever you please. We loved this live casino game; tell us your opinion in the comment box below!

Now, take a look at Mr Lucky in action with Evolution's amazing Live Craps promo video!

Please gamble responsibly.



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