Head of All41 Studios Julia Saburova Presents Kings of Crystals and Gold Collector: Diamond Edition Slots

Head of All41 Studios Julia Saburova Presents Kings of Crystals and Gold Collector: Diamond Edition Slots

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Updated December 7, 2022

Julia Saburova All41 Studios Interview

With the aim of delivering authentic content to our readers the CasinosOnline.com team is in direct contact with the iGaming leaders. In this regard, we are the first to know about the latest releases by the biggest software developers.

This time, we are talking to Head of All41 Studios, Julia Saburova about their two upcoming games.

Stick around for the secret plans this gaming studio has for 2022, and more!

  • Hello, and welcome to CasinosOnline! Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Hi there, my name is Julia Saburova, Head of All41 Studios. I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you today and tell your readers all about All41 Studios.

  • Now, we’d like to talk about the two upcoming slots by All41, the first one being Kings of Crystals. What inspired the theme of this high-variance slot? What can players expect from it?

Kings of Crystals Slot

With this game we wanted to try something new, so took on a fantasy theme; a clash between three kings who are ready to sharpen their swords and battle for great treasures. It’s a high volatility slot with variable reels and paylines. The game features three different scatters, with each scatter representing its own feature: nudging wilds, jackpot collection, and line win multiplier. The players can expect a lot of action – when free spins have been triggered and more scatters land, there’s opportunity for a game upgrade to free spins with combined features. A very lucky player could potentially get free spins with all three features!

  • We cannot wait to play Kings of Crystals! What bonus features should we be on the lookout for?

We are also very excited about this title. The game has three main features, with the number of active features dependant on the triggering scatters combination. The jackpot collection feature is a very exciting one as during this feature there is a special coin symbol, which reveals a cash prize or a letter. Once all letters for a jackpot name are collected, the jackpot is awarded in addition to other wins. The highest prize here is the grand jackpot of 10,000x.

  • Furthermore, could you describe the process of making an All41 slot? What are the most important bits that your team considers when manufacturing a new game?

Whilst game mechanics and graphics are crucial parts, the most important factor is how these elements come together at the end of the game development cycle. It’s hugely important to create a synergy between game features, and ultimately produce a cohesive game experience for the player.

  • The other game you have prepared for Q1 2022 is Gold Collector: Diamond Edition. The mining themed slot will feature the Link&Win™ mechanic. What are you looking to achieve with this bonus tool? Is it going to impact the maximum exposure?

Gold Collector: Diamond Edition Slot

It’s great that you mention it! We’ve made the Link&Win™ feature more desirable by adding diamond symbols to the game. The player will still aim to fill all reels with coins to trigger the reel jackpots, but when a diamond lands on each reel, then the diamond jackpot with the value of 5000x is given out. Compared to our previous popular miner game, Gold Collector, we’ve raised the maximum win from 1000x to 5000x.

  • We’d also like to compliment the visuals in both of these games; they are stunning. How much effort goes into designing new All41 slots?

Great to hear that you find our visuals stunning – this is a credit to our incredibly talented team. The answer is simple: lots and lots of effort! The road to great games might be bumpy from time to time, and no day is boring for us, but the results are worth it especially when we hear great feedback.

  • What is the decisive factor when choosing the number of reels and paylines?

All41Studios is a data-led studio. We like to provide a diversity of games in our portfolio as well as, most importantly, satisfying the appetites of our players.

  • What is your opinion on high vs low RTP online slots? Do you think that players stick around for high-payout slots only?

I believe it’s one of the myths about online slots. It really is a matter of player preferences and what each player is seeking in a game – and that’s not necessarily always a high payout. For us the slot game is the entertainment in the first place, and we focus on always providing the finest player experiences.

Yes, 11 Enchanting Relics was very well received by our players. So much so, we’re already looking at how to take what we learnt from that game and incorporate it into future games.

  • Back to you. What are your favorite games in the portfolio, and why?

Gold Collector was my favorite release in 2021. Besides great visuals and game mechanics, for me it’s a wonderful example of the cohesive gameplay. I’m looking forward to seeing how its successor, Gold Collector: Diamond Edition, will perform when it’s released.

  • Do you have a message for our readers? Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you for having me. It’s always a pleasure to talk about our studio and our games. We’re expecting it to be an exciting year, so please watch this space and we welcome you and your readers to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

  • Thank you for your time. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you again sometime soon.

Thank you! We love talking to you! Don’t forget to follow All41 Studios on LinkedIn and Instagram and keep up to date with our latest game releases!



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