Is Sicbo a Casino Game Worth Playing?

Is Sicbo a Casino Game Worth Playing?

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Updated October 26, 2021

Is Sicbo a Casino Game Worth Playing

As you are going to be able to pick and choose from dozens of different casino games when you decide to play at one of the many Microgaming software powered casino sites, you may be looking for a slightly different game to play instead of your usual game of choice, and one game you will come across that offers a plethora of different wagering opportunities is the game of Sicbo.

Sicbo is a dice based casino table game and has been on offer at Microgaming powered casinos for many years now and is sadly a game many players will overlook when logged into such a site. However, in this game playing guide we shall take a look at whether it is a game worthy of your time and gaming action.

The basic aim of playing Sicbo online is for you to correctly predict the outcome of a roll of three dice, you can place a large number of different bets for various different stake options onto the Sicbo betting layout and once placed you simply roll the three dice and the up facing sides of those three dice are what will determine whether you have placed a winning wager or a losing wager!

What Bets Can I Place on a Sicbo Game?

The types of bets you are permitted to place on a Sicbo game will be dependent on the level of risk you wish to put into play, for there are dozens of different ones on offer. The lowest paying bets you can play and therefore the ones which offer you the lowest level of risk are the Small Number Bet and the Large Number Bet,

Small Number Bet

When you place the Small Number Bet you will be hoping that the total value of the three dice after being rolled as up to a number between and including 4 to 10 however if you choose to place the Large Number Bet then you will be hoping the three dice add up to a number between and including the numbers 11 to 17. Those two bets will return a winning payout of even money but will be deemed to be losing one’s should you throw a Triple Number which is one made up of three matching numbers on the three rolled dice.

One the other end of the scale there are some very high risk bets you can place onto the Sicbo table and those are the Triple number bets, when placing one of those you can place a wager in the hope the three dice after being thrown all have the same number showing on the face up side of the dice.

Triple Number Bet

There are of course six Triple number betting opportunities offered on a Sicbo game and when placing such a bet if your chosen Triple number is rolled in them you receive a winning payout worth 180 chips for each chip placed on their respective betting position!

Double Number Bet

You will also be able to place a range of medium risk wagers onto the betting layout including picking just one number in the hope it will be rolled in on at least one dice, or for a slightly higher risk wager you can choose to pick a Double Number Bet, and this will be a wager on which you pick one single number in the hope that any two dice after being rolled will be displayed your numbers on the face up side of those dice.

With so many betting opportunities offered on the Sicbo game we think it is something of an exciting game to play and can be compared to the game of Roulette in some ways. However with that huge winning payout awarded for a winning Triple number bet the chance to win big is of course always on offer. But if you want some longer low risk gaming sessions then simply opt to place those even money paying wagers as those betting opportunities are more likely to be winning ones than the higher paying bets. That said, anything is of course possible when playing his game online which is why it is so very exciting to play!


It is often going to be beneficial for you to hunt out some of the more unusual casino games that you have never played before when you fancy a change from playing those online casino games you tend to head straight to when you log into any online casino and the game of Sicbo is certainly going to offer you a fully rounded and entertaining type of gaming session online.

As this game is one of many that you can sample completely free of charge then why not set aside a small amount of play time today and give it a try, you will have nothing to lose when playing it for free but once you have fully mastered the very easy to understand playing structure and format it is a game you may end up adding to the list of game you always spend some time playing online at your favourite casino site!

If you are thinking of playing Sicbo at any casino site after claiming a bonus from that site then it is important that you double check before stating to play that you are allowed to play Sicbo with a bonus in your account, as many online casino sites will not allow you to use a bonus of many table games including the game of Sicbo, so always check being playing his game with a bonus!



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