Is it Possible to Play Craps for a Living?

Is it Possible to Play Craps for a Living?

Staff Writer
August 30, 2011

Play Craps for a living

Playing craps for a living sounds fun and exciting. Just imagine a fast paced life of shooting craps with the big shots every night, making bank and living the high life. Sounds perfect, right?

It’s easy to imagine, but reality is a bit less glamorous. Being a professional craps player is work. It takes dedication, research and the right attitude. The reward is obvious; the night life is by far a more enjoyable work environment than an office.

Research and Learn

The term “number-cruncher” is usually reserved for the suckers back in the office, but it’s applicable for the professional gambler as well. Someone learning to play craps for a living must learn about statistics and odds. For instance, statistics show that the most commonly rolled number combination is seven. So betting on either side is safest. To make money playing craps, a professional needs to have learned when to push ahead and when to pull back. Take a lot of time to learn exactly how the game works.

Controlled Shooting

Dice control is like bowling. It takes a certain stance and technique to pull it off. This is not about numbers; it’s about dexterity and aim. There are several popular grips for holding the dice and several popular numbers to set the dice on. The goal is to toss the dice in a controlled manner to get them to land on specific numbers. Professional craps players have often spent a great deal of time practicing these throws to get the best results as often as possible, thereby shifting the odds just enough to take some of the regular edge away from the casino.

Follow the Master

Most people aren’t willing to spend years practicing stance, dice setting and grip techniques, but learning the basics is important to identify a professional player to follow. Find a player who is taking the time to set the dice and then toss them the same way every time so that they land in about the same spot every time. This is the player who spent those years practicing and can be considered a professional. This player will bet low on every one else’s toss, but high on his own. Follow his or her lead and place your bets where they do.

Practice Craps with Online Casino Gambling

Although practicing the controlled shoot is impossible in a casino online, playing craps online has some definite advantages, especially in the beginning, before taking the risk to play craps for a career. Playing online makes it easier to practice betting techniques, like step betting, which is when the player bets the lowest bid and steps it up slowly until a win, then steps it back one bid. It also makes it possible to review the betting history and hone the number skills necessary to successfully make playing craps a realistic career choice.

Quitting Time

Perhaps the hardest part of playing craps professionally is learning when to quit. The successful, professional gambler has developed a hard and fast attitude towards quitting time. Quitting time at the craps casinos is when the professional gambler has lost his quota for the day; or when he or she has won his or her predetermined dollar amount. A professional player does not rely on luck and certainly doesn’t push it. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and press on if a careful plan isn’t in place and followed carefully.


So is it possible to make a living at the craps table? Yes it is, but it’s possible to do just about any hobby as a career. The key is to take the time to learn the game thoroughly and mimic those who are professionals until you learn the ropes fully. In the end, it is gambling – so have fun but play responsibly.



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