Is 3 Card Poker a Game Worth Playing?

Is 3 Card Poker a Game Worth Playing?

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Updated December 1, 2021

Is 3 Card Poker a Game Worth Playing

We always enjoy introducing our website visitors to some of the many different and varied casino games that they may never have played before, and one such game is the 3 Card Poker game which you should have no difficulties locating at any of our highly rated online casino sites.

The main attraction for players regarding the way in which this card game is structured is that it offers you the chance to win some large amounts of cash on consecutive hands played, which are way higher in value that the payouts attached to many online blackjack games.

In fact when you play 3 Card Poker online you will have the chance of choosing whether to play it as one of two individually structured games or you can play both games together via one single hand, so you could win twice when playing it as two games in one!

Should you be on the lookout for a range of slightly different games to play other than those you always seem to make a beeline for when logged into an online casino site, then please keep on reading for we will now enlighten you on the two different games available to you and the different types of 3 Card Poker bets.

Ante Bet Playing Structure

One of the two different ways that you are able to play 3 Card Poker is by opting to play the Ante Bet game. This will see you first having to place an initial bet, which could be as low as 0.50 onto the betting layout and you need to place that bet directly onto the Ante betting box!

As soon as you have placed that bet then you simply have to click on the Deal button and then the Dealer is going to deal you out just one set of three playing cards, those cards are dealt out to you face up so you can of course see what the hands value is!

The aim of this Ante Bet part of the game is for you to study the value of your three card hand and then making a decision on whether that hand could just be strong enough to beat the Dealers 3 card hand which has obviously not yet been fully revealed.

If you think there is very little chance of your three card poker hand beating the Dealers yet unseen hand you can “fold” your hand and when you do you end the game there and then and will lose your Ante Bet, but if you think it may just beat the dealers hand then you have to place a Call Bet, once that bet has been placed the Dealers hand will then be fully revealed, compared to your hand and whichever hand is stronger wins.

Be aware if the Dealers hand is not valued at a Queen High or higher valued hand you only get paid out at odds of even money on your ante bet with the call bet being classed as a push, so you get only your stake returned on the call bet!

If the Dealers hand qualifies and your hand then beats his hand you are paid out according to the pay table displayed on the screen, the winning payout could be as high as 5 to 1 if your hand ins a 3 card Straight Flush and the Dealers hand qualifies! If your hand does not beat the Dealers hand then you lose both the Ante Bet and the Call Bet instantly.

Pairs Plus Bet

When you choose to place the Pairs Plus bet on the 3 Card Poker table either individually or alongside the Ante Bet mentioned above you need to place your chips onto the Pairs Plus betting box before you click on the deal button.

This game is possibly the easiest one of the two available bets you can place, for it does not matter what had the Dealer has been dealt your hand will either be classed as a winning or losing one based on what three cards have been dealt out to you.

There are a range of different poker hand rankings listed on the Pairs Plus pay table which you will be rewarded with as soon as you have formed any hand listed don that pay table, and the winning payouts can be as high as 40 to 1 when you are dealt out a 3 card Straight Flush hand in any order!


Whether you will find the 3 Card Poker games to your liking will of course be up to you, but if you do fancy giving it a try then have a dabble via the free play options offered at all of our listed casino sites, as by playing any casino game at no risk you will soon get a good idea as to whether you will enjoy playing it for real money.

Remember that when playing with bonus credits in your casino account it is often the case that casino card games cannot be played with such online casino bonuses, so always check the bonus rules before you consider playing games such as 3 Card Poker with bonus funds in your account as the game may be a non permitted game or there could be a higher level of play through attached to the bonus if you play it with bonus funds in your casino account!



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