RubyPlay Interview: COO Ittai Zur – “Spinning is Just the Beginning”

RubyPlay Interview: COO Ittai Zur – “Spinning is Just the Beginning”

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November 23, 2020

RubyPlay Interview with Casinos Online

CasinosOnline had the pleasure of talking to Ittai Zur, Chief Operating Officer at RubyPlay. In the following RubyPlay interview, Mr. Zur discloses classified and up-to-date details about the company’s mission and upcoming releases.

During our engaging conversation, we got to know the RubyPlay COO and his outlook on the competitive iGaming industry.

If you’re just hearing about RubyPlay now, this is your unique chance to get vicarious info on this fascinating company.

  • Hello, and welcome to! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We are excited to welcome Rubyplay into our software provider database. Could you tell us about RubyPlay’s mission?

Thank you for having me, it’s a pleasure to talk to you. At RubyPlay we believe that Spinning is just the Beginning! Our mission is to build content rich, highly entertaining games for slot players of all types to enjoy. In terms of our games style, we believe that by combining a Vegas/Macau style experience with diverse themes, ideas and features from other industries, we can really set ourselves apart.

  • As for RubyPlay’s vision – what are the company’s overarching goals?

In such a competitive market, with so many great game developers, you have to find new ways to entertain players. Things move very fast in the online slots industry and we believe that by rethinking axioms and evolving with the changes we can effectively delivery a great player experience. At RubyPlay we are also very focused on delivering real results and value to our customers, which combined with knowledgeable, effective account management should get us to the right place. Ultimately, we want to keep producing great games, always strive to improve, and continue to grow the business.

  • The experts from your team have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Do you think that that’s your secret recipe for success?

Absolutely! Our team is certainly one of the keys to our success. To make sure we are well balanced, effective business, we make sure that we employ talent with diverse backgrounds from social, online, and land-based. It is also important that our team works with intelligence, has industry knowledge, creativity, and a great work ethos.

A huge win scored on Medusa Money slot from RubyPlay
  • As RubyPlay was founded in 2017, it is still considered a newer developer. However, your reputation on the market is enviable. How do you explain this fact?

Well, that’s very kind of you to say so! 😊 I hope that we are developing a reputation for high quality Vegas style games that players really enjoy playing, as well as being regarded by operators as a great company to work in partnership with.

I like to think this is due to the fact that we have really tried to concentrate on creating a business that is setup for success, with our team, our ethos, and our technology. Hopefully we can continue to enhance our reputation further as we head into 2021.

  • What singles RubyPlay out in such a competitive industry?

Aside from our fantastic team, I think the other main reasons for our success are down to our technology stack, which enables us to quickly build and assemble new games in a short period of time, to a high standard, and also the balance of mathematics and game mechanics to create a richer game experience.

But we still have lots to learn and improve and we’re just starting… there is so much more we can do however the competitive nature of the business creates lots of “disturbance” and challenges and the key is to be able to keep our focus.

  • Your company takes special pride in offering cross-platform compatibility through HTML5 as well as low battery usage. Do you think mobile gaming is the future of online gambling?

It depends on the market but broadly speaking mobile gaming represents ~70% of our business at the moment.
It looks like COVID-19 had a small impact on this trend but in the longer view and especially considering gen Z and later gen Alpha, it’s evident that mobile is becoming more prominent.

  • In just a couple of years, RubyPlay produced over 30 slots and even created a franchise of sorts – Book of Riches and Book of Riches Deluxe. Can we expect more installments to the adventurous Egypt-themed slot saga?
Book of Riches Pokie
Big wins are frequent in Book of Riches Slot by RubyPlay

I can’t give too much away, where’s the fun in that! Although I will say that there may be an Egyptian-themed slot due for release in Q1 2021. Whether or not that is a continuation of our Book of Riches series or not, you’ll have to wait and see.

But I do think the industry is embracing “suite” of games and we’re looking for ways to always create higher engagement and this is one of the ways….

  • Even though RubyPlay is a fresh name in the industry, the slots you’ve launched feature the most diverse themes. What other themes can we look forward to?

Thanks, I think many providers now focus on diversity and its of course much needed with the influx of providers and more and more markets taking online presence, we try to look for interesting themes and twists on themes to create fun, interesting games, with great graphics. With the festive season looming I can reveal we will have a Christmas themed game this year, Chinese New Year game coming out in early 2021 as well as some twists on classic themes like African wildlife and fruit machines, among other interesting new ideas. We look forward to revealing more…

  • Let’s talk about the latest releases in 2020 – Dr. Frankenstein and He He Yang. Dr. Frankenstein landed just in time for Halloween, but how about He He Yang? What was the inspiration behind the Asia-themed slot? Mesmerized by it, we featured He He Yang as our game of the month.
He He Yang RubyPlay
Win up to 2,700x your stake with RubyPlay Slot He He Yang

We’re delighted that you like He He Yang, and thanks for making it your game of the month! The inspiration for the game comes from the Far East and Cai Shen, the ‘god of wealth’. As a new-ish game developer we want to make sure that we cover a diverse range of themes that cater for lots of different players, and lots of different markets.

  • On your website, you claim that “Spinning is just the beginning.” What comes next?

You’ll have to wait and see! 😊 ……

That would be all, folks – for now. We hope you enjoyed our casual chat with Mr. Ittai Zur, RubyPlay Chief Operating Officer.

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