Faster than a Speeding Bullet – Instant Roulette Live – You’ll Never Play Another Roulette again! [VIDEO]

Faster than a Speeding Bullet – Instant Roulette Live – You’ll Never Play Another Roulette again! [VIDEO]

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May 19, 2020

How to Win at Instant Roulette Live from Evolution

Evolution Gaming has always been about stirring up live gaming. With the latest release, they continue the mission.

Instant Roulette Live from Evolution is going live on July 30th 2020.

If Speed Roulette was super-fast, Instant Roulette Live is as quick as lightning.

In 2017, Evolution said that Speed Roulette was “twice as fast as any other Roulette game” they offered. In that case, Instant Roulette Live is as fast as a bullet.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the mechanics and visuals of the new live game. Then, we’ll tell you how to beat this roulette giant.

What’s Instant Roulette Live?

World's Fastest Live Roulette from Evolution Gaming

For as long as we’ve known Evolution, the Latvian live casino solutions and games developer opted for breaking down barriers. Setting up new limits, the firm has built a live dealer empire around its brand name.

With each new addition to the lavish lobby, the Riga-based supplier added something never seen before.

Instant Roulette Live is a flagship product that’ll mark the year 2020.

Sculpted with the players’ demands in mind, Instant Roulette is the world’s fastest roulette game.

In its core, Instant Roulette Live is a simple European Roulette game but furnished with an unlimited betting time. That means pockets 1 through 36, plus the green zero pocket. The single zero will make the variation compliant with most strategies, more of which you’ll find out later.

Instant Roulette Live offers fast game rounds – faster than Speed Roulette’s 25 seconds.

Fully automated, the 12 slingshot roulette wheels spin in their dedicated studio in Riga, Latvia. A decorative still-life painting furnishes the casino studio as all the action occurs on the TCSJOHNHUXLEY wheels.

With an RTP of 97.30%, Instant Live offers a decent return to player value and regular payouts. How you play can grandly impact the odds and payout, so keep reading to find your perfect strategy.

How to Beat Evolution’s Instant Roulette Live

Instant Roulette Live is bona fide the finest roulette variant you’ve seen so far. Polished to a T, the refined Devil’s Game will spare you time and offer big payouts. Just in time to celebrate the summer, Instant Roulette will wait for you in every Evolution-powered online casino starting in July 2020.

Regarding the user interface, we’re chuffed with the layout.

Before the game begins, you’ll be able to see all the 12 wheel structures from UK-based manufacturer TCSJOHNHUXLEY. You’ll also have a glimpse at the emerald upholstered walls and glamorous, massive wooden doors.

Having seen the environment, the action may begin.

Instant Roulette Live Tips & Tricks

If you’ve played any roulette from Evolution before, you’ll be cognizant with the surrounding. The table layout pops up from the lower rim of the screen or display and you may place your bet(s).

Playable on mobile, tablet and desktop, Instant Roulette Live is also compatible and convenient as can be. Optimized for performance on both smaller and huge screens, Instant Roulette provides a top-notch broadcast from the sublime studio.

As a payer, you’re given complete control over your gambling. Decide on your bet amount and place the chips where you want them. When you’re ready, click the ‘Play Now’ button and the bets for that round will close.

Leave the rest to non-rigged, automated mahogany wheels. Keep your fingers crossed and sit confidently in your armchair. Magic is about to happen.

Best Strategy for Instant Roulette Live

Investigating Instant Roulette Live, we considered a few roulette strategies. Here are our top picks.

  • Red & Black – The simplest and most hassle-free pick on this list. The payout is 50/50 and the simplicity balances out the intense, rapid momentum of the game. Just choose a number that’s either red or black and click Play.
  • Hot & Cold – The statistics of the previous rounds will be available to players. Thus you can follow the progress and wager on some of the hot numbers. Those are the ones that hit most frequently. If you’re the type of player to follow the statistics rather than their gut feeling, go for it.
  • Romanosky – Romanosky betting system guarantees an 86% chance of winning. The percentage certainly sounds alluring. And it is, as long as you follow the rules. Romanovsky (Romanofski) gambling strategy consists of 6 different bets. You need to learn them by heart to implement them in your gameplay. But know that with Romanovsky, you’ll need to load up your bankroll and be prepared to spend a few hours at the virtual table.
  • Kavouras – Kavouras betting tactic is one of those simple yet effective ones. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned punters, it offers the maximum profit of up to 10 units. Essentially, you bet 8 units on the same 20 numbers over again.
  • Labouchere – Labouchere will go hand-in-hand with veteran bettors, as it requires some math knowledge. If you’re into calculation and elimination, have a go with Labouchere.

As we’ve said, your choice of strategy can play a significant role in how much you’re able to take away from the table. The goal should be to take down the house advantage. Do so by following some of the tactics, but never chase your losses.

Closing Thoughts

Evolution’s Instant Roulette Live is worthy of your time. The world’s fastest Live Roulette to here to stay.

If you want some sped-up roulette action with unbiased wheels and optimal conditions, you’ll love this variant. Moreover, if you have an acute aesthetic sense and the environment matters to you, you’ll feel at home in this studio.

From what we’ve seen, Evolution took care of every possible detail – from mechanics to the visuals. The 12 individual and synchronized auto Roulette wheels and near-instant results will appeal to those who have no time to waste.

Finally, the easy-to-use interface will further facilitate your gaming experience. In just a couple of clicks or taps, you’ll have what you came for.

Why You Have to Try This Game

The 97.30% return to player and ultra-speedy rounds with unlimited betting times are more than enough to draw us to this game. We at CasinosOnline are sure that many players will share our opinion.

Keep your eyes peeled and head to Mr Green or log in to Casumo to be the first to enjoy this fantastic live game.

We’ve shown you how to beat his live casino gem, so we see no reason for you not to try it. The blazing-fast casino game oozes with vibrant vibes from real-life, brick-and-mortar establishments. If you want that, register with LeoVegas as soon as possible!

Coming out in early summer 2020, Instant Roulette Live from Evolution is set to become your new favorite live game. You’ll remember it by its name – instant.



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