Increasing the Player Appeal of Video Slots

Increasing the Player Appeal of Video Slots

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December 21, 2013


Why Are Video Slots So Popular

It cannot be an easy job being an online slot game designer, for with there being thousands of slot games on offer online then it is certainly a case of those designers with the best imaginations that are going to be able to design a slot that is going to stand out in this very crowded marketplace!

We have seen quite a number of major casino software companies and online casino game designers opting to take the Licensing route in regards to the slot games they offer, and as such you will find a whole array of slot games that have been themed around pop groups, famous actors and actresses, films and even television game shows.arctic-fortune-slot-free-spins

In fact it is often the case that these fully licensed slot games offer the most excitement to play, for having paid a small fortune for the rights to produce slot games themed around famous people or television shows and films, then the slot designers have given these games never seen before bonus games, bonus features and often higher than average payout percentages, to ensure players return to playing these slots more and more.

One advantage of playing slots which have been themed around a television game show in particular is that you are going to find the main bonus game of that slot is instantly recognizable, and as such on slots such as the Deal or no Deal games you will end up playing an open the box type bonus round when the main bonus game is triggered.

Plus on the Wheel of Fortune themed online slots then it will of course be the famous spin the wheel to reveal your prize type of bonus game you will play when the bonus round is awarded to you.

Changes to Payline Structures


You are also going to come across a brand new way of playing online video slot games, and this is by accessing a range of the new All Ways and All Pays structured slots. When you are playing these newly launched range of games you no longer have the option of activating any number of paylines, but instead you are playing every visible payline possible on the slot games screen!

There are a few things that you need to be aware of when playing these All Ways and All Pays slots and that is the stake level settings will call for an obligatory set number of coins to be put into play to activate every possible winning combination.

However thanks to you being able to alter the coin value setting whilst also being able to increase and decrease the coin increments required to set these types of slot games into live play you should quite easily be able to find a slot that suits your budget!

Increasing the Payout Percentages

One aspect of playing some of the new video slot games which every single online slot player needs to be aware of is that many of them have a special bonus or side bet option available. The benefits of placing this additional side bet wager are often quite beneficial.

You may find that when you have activated and placed an additional side or bonus bet then a set of additional bonus games can be awarded to you as you are playing the base game, however many of the additional bonus and side bets will result in the actual slot games long term payout percentage being increased in value.

So please do check the pay tables on any such slot game which offers any form of bonus or side bet, for if by placing that additional wager the payout percentage of the slot is increased in value then you should always be looking to place that wager to get the maximum chances of winning!

More Community Based Slots


Whilst a lot of slot players enjoy the relative peace of playing slot games alone, should you be looking for a more community styled slot playing session when you are able to do just that thanks to the launch of a growing number of multi player slot games that have been launched online.

The main difference between playing slot games alone and playing via one of these new multi player slots is that you are able to chat and talk to the other players sat playing the same slot as you via a chat room box and this will enable you to have a much more social type of slot playing experience online.

However all of the multi player slot games found online also have a very unique playing structure, and as such when you are playing these slot games and the bonus game is triggered on that slot, which could be anything from a pick to win type bonus round, a wheel spinning bonus game feature or a set of free spins, then all players playing the slot at the point in time the bonus game triggers all get to play that bonus round together!

The community based, multi player slots may appeal to anyone who has ever played online bingo and enjoy the camaraderie of the multi player format, and as such if this new way of playing slots appeals to you then do checkout these new video slots for you are sure to find them enjoyable!


It can often be beneficial for online slot players to forget about playing their usual favourite slot games and try the new video slots which are appearing online in large numbers, for they do say a change is as good as a rest and by chopping and changing the slot games you access and play you may stumble on something that really does catch your imagination.

Should you fancy trying any of the new range of video slot games online then always remember that all of the major online casinos will always let you play them at no risk, and as such if you log in via the free to play games option then you can sample as many of these new games as you fancy playing!



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