How to Speed Up Online Slot Games

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disco-spins-slotThere are two main types of slot player, the first type of player are those who like to take their time when playing slot games and will first set about reading through the pay table of each slot they are about to play and will play at a leisurely pace.

However, there are many other slot players who will, as soon as they launch any online slot game will then set about playing of as many spins as they possibly can do in the shortest amount of time.

If you fit into the latter category of slot player and you love nothing more than playing slot games rapidly then there is a way that you can now speed up the number of spins you can play off over any given slot playing session.

That is simply by you clicking onto the options tab button of the slot you are playing and activating the speed play option setting, by doing so you will then find that you can play of a huge number of spins per minute as opposed to only a small number of spins per minute when you do not activate that option setting!

What Does the Quick Spin Option Do?

When you do decide to activate the quick spin option when playing any online slot that has that option available then the rate at which the reels spin and then stop is greatly increased, and that is done by the slot switching off all of the game and reel symbol animations, to allow you to rattle through a huge number of spins in the shortest space of time.

However, only use this option is you do actually want a rapid fire style of playing structure and format of you will often find the slots are less entertaining as they usually are meant to be if you do play via the quick spin option.

Also be aware that some slots may have a different name attached to the quick spin option and as such they could be listed on the slot game option settings menu as fast play or rapid play; however they will all work in the exact same way.

Some mobile slot games may also let you play in a rapid fire way too so you will never have to stick to playing slots just at online casino sites if you do want to play of as many spins on any slot game you do decide to play!

Benefits of Playing Online Slots Rapidly

The obvious benefit of playing slot games quickly is that you will soon know your fate and will very quickly discover whether that session is a winning or losing one! However try and keep your stake levels to sensible amounts when you do choose to play any online or mobile slot via the quick spin option.

For if you play with the stake and coin levels set too high there is a very good chance that you could bust out your bankroll in a matter of minutes or even seconds, which is something no slot player will ever want to so.

There is another benefit of you choosing to use the quick spin options settings and that is when you want to try and achieve the play through requirements attached to any casino bonus offer you have claimed.

By playing any slot game with bonus credits via the quick spin or fast play setting you will soon discover whiter you have turned your bonus credits into real money credits, however you are going to have just as many winning and losing sessions when playing in a quick spin mode as you would when you played those slots normally and at the normal speed!


What you will also find being offered to you at some casino sites are a range of slot games which allow you to play more than one of those individual slots but all from one screen. If you sign up to any of our Microgaming software powered online casino sites then you will find that they offer a range of what are known as multi-spin or mega spin slot games.

When you launch those slot games you can then pick out how many slot screens you want to play off per spin and you will also find that you can alter and adjust the pay lines and also the stake levels much like you can do when playing a single slot game on its own.

Playtech also have a range of slots on which you are going to be playing off several different reel sites of the exact same slot game and those particular multi play slots from Playtech are famed for having some very high payout percentages attached to them, so they will certainly be slot games worth you tracking down and then getting stuck into playing online!