How to Play a Double-Up Gamble Game Optimally

How to Play a Double-Up Gamble Game Optimally

Staff Writer
June 20, 2016

santa-paws-slotIf you enjoy playing gaming machines such as slot machines and video poker machines, then one aspect of these game that you do need to be aware of is that many of them offer something known as a double up gamble game.

As soon as you have spun in our have been dealt out a winning hand on the base game of the slot machines and video poker games you may be offered the chance of trying to increase the value of those winning payouts via a double or nothing type of gamble game.

The most commonly available type of double up gamble game is one on which you are simply tasked with having to correctly guess if the next playing card that will be dealt out on the bonus gamble game screen will be a red one or a black one.

If you make the correct decision then your base game winning payout so doubled in value instantly and you will then be given the option of taking the gamble game again in the hope you increase its value even more, or you will be given the option of collecting that newly boosted and enhanced payout and then if you do you are returned to the base game screen where you can carry on playing the game your launched!

High Risk Gamble Games

The one thing that you should always remember is that if you do gamble any amount of cash via the gamble game and you pick the wrong card then you are going to lose that winning payout, and as such you should always view a double up gamble game as a high risk game and one that could see you losing some high amounts of cash.

It is therefore advisable that you never take the gamble option when you have spun in or have been dealt out a high valued winning payout, and instead choose to only gamble the smaller amounts of cash you will win via the base game.

However, it will of course be up to you and you alone as to whether you do take the gamble game option on any game offering it to you and how much you put at risk, of if you are prepared to take the risks then you may be rewarded with a series of winning outcomes, which can boost the value of any base game winning payout quite noticeably!

New Types of Double-Up Gamble Games

Due to the fact that many players can get very easily bored with the playing card based guessing game that is the one most slot machines and video poker games have as their respective gamble game option, some of the many different casino game designers have been looking at ways of making those gamble games much more appealing o players.

As such you are now going to find a range of different gamble games available to you depending on just which casino site you choose to play at. Some of those gamble games will instead of you having to pick the colour of a playing card will instead have to guess whether an animated coin when tossed Will land heads up or face up to double your base game winning payout.

Some slot games now have a gamble game which is based around a couple of dice, and you will be faced with having to guess whether the up facing number of the dice when rolled will be odds or even for you to double your winning payout. In fact, do have a look around our website as we have lots of different casino game designers reviewed and will enlighten you on how their gamble games work and operate on their games!


One final thing to note about taking the double up gamble game on a wide range of different casino games is that in most cases the outcome of those gamble games are pre-determined, and as such it doesn’t really matter which of the two different colours of a playing card you pick, your fate is sealed when you click on the gamble button.

However, keep in mind that there are some casino game designers who have designed their gamble games to be completely random, and as such they may be the types of game you should be tracking down to play to have the best chances of winning or at the very least be the master of your own destiny when taking the gamble option.

No matter which casino games you choose to play that offer you some form of double up gamble game, always keep in mind that there will be an element of risk attached to that gamble game, so only ever gamble any winning payouts if you can afford to do so and your gaming budget and bankroll can sustain the loss if you do have a losing outcome!



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