How to Overcome Slow Playing Casino Games

How to Overcome Slow Playing Casino Games

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Updated May 18, 2023

why are slots so slow

You may from time to time experience something exasperating when gambling online. And no, it's not the complex, fancy vocabulary that we like to use.

When you log in to an online casino and click on the deal button, there can be some quite long delays. It doesn't matter if you're playing card or table games or you clicked Spin to set slot games into play.

The holdups might cause players to actually quit playing and leave.

Why Are Slots So Slow?

There may be many reasons for slots to be slow-playing. Most of them are of a technical nature. In layman's terms, there's almost nothing you can to do raise the pace of slow slots. If the developer made it this way, you can either deal with it or go away. Your choice.

However, if a slot is not intrinsically slow, you can speed it up. We even wrote an article about how to speed up slow slots. But if you can't be bothered to read it, here's a sum up.

The first option is to go for turbospins, also famous as quick spins, turbomode or turbo mode. Turbospins may drive you into loss of self-control, though. So, if you have a set limit (which you always should have), quick spins can rip you off. Therefore, we do not recommend the ultra-speedy slots mode to everyone.

However, there's a way to alter the way your browser works. If you're at your desktop computer now, just follow these instructions to speed up slow games:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Google Chrome – enter “about:flags.”
  3. Mozilla Firefox – enter “about:config.”
  4. Allow GPU Accelerated Compositing.
  5. Mozilla users have a few extra steps.
  6. In the Filter box, enter “gfx.font.”
  7. Double click and tap true for “gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled.”
  8. Right click and go to New > Integer.
  9. For the preference name, set “mozilla.widget.render-mode.” Set 6 for the value.
  10. Restart.

After taking these steps, the question, “What causes slots to be so slow?” will be a matter of the past.

Nevertheless, there comes a point when you truly miss your favorite casino game and you want to enjoy it. The team is here to clarify why this happens and how to deal with this issue.

What's up with the Delays?

Postponement is quite noticeable when playing slots. Why? The reels, once you click the Spin button will spin, and spin and spin to no end. It will take an absolute age for those columns to finally come to a rest

Furthermore, when playing blackjack, for example, you can encounter a similar issue. Namely, once you click the Deal button after placing a bet, the game may just seem to hang. No cards will get dealt out for quite a while. In turn, this can be extremely frustrating to players. Naturally, they will want to be playing games at their own speed. The last thing they need is slow gameplay that turns the game into a boring and tiresome one.

There are several different reasons why online casino games play very slowly. Below, we investigate what causes them to play in this way and reveal a few ways you can overcome this.

Let's see why slots are so slow and what else we can do about it.

Slow Playing Casino Games When Downloading

When you first sign up to an online casino, you can either instant-play or download software.

In the first case, you are often given the choice of playing via a no download suite of games. Alternatively, you can opt to download the entire range of games onto your computer.

When playing at a download lobby, you'll initially notice the smoothness and ease of use. You download, install, and register as a new player. Then, when you log into the casino for the first time, you can opt to play any game.

However, as you are playing that game, in the background the rest of the games will be downloading. And as some online casino gaming platforms are huge, this can often swallow up a lot of your available bandwidth. As a result, the game you have chosen to play will slow down.

The best way for you to start playing at a fully downloadable casino site is for you to log into for the first time and then leave the casino software open.

Instead of playing games straight away, simply leave the casino to download the entire gaming platform whilst you are doing something else.

This will enable you to then benefit from much quicker playing games. Of course, you'll also have the entire range of games available when you return to your computer. Plus, the casino has fully downloaded! Be aware, though; the amount of time needed to download the entire casinos gaming platform onto your computer will vary depending on just which software the casino site uses.

Close Down Non-Vital Applications

You can sometimes experience long delays from setting a casino game into live play until the game finally plays out. Why? Due to you having lots of other applications open in the background. Be honest – you don't really need them right now. Get back to them later.

This is quite noticeable when you are accessing a mobile casino gaming platform. Many people have lots of different apps open and running all at the same time.

Should you decide to play casino games on a mobile device, always shut down any apps you are not using. To start with, this will free up a lot of space. Moreover, it will also prevent those apps from updating as you're playing the casino game app. This can often then results in the casino games playing much slower than usual.

Slow Playing Slots on Slot Tournaments

Another time when you may experience very slow playing casino games is when you are taking part in an online slot tournament.

Many casinos offer a range of daily slot tournaments. Some are free to enter and some require a small entry fee to enable players to take part in them.

However, if you do enter a slot tournament online and notice that the reels are taking forever to finally comes to a complete stop, then this is often caused by the slot tournament server becoming overwhelmed by the sheer volume of players taking part in the tournament all at the same time.

Many software companies have overcome this problem. Nonetheless, many have not reached this level of impeccability.

So, if you have previously played in a slot tournament and found there is a long lag in you setting a slot into motion by clicking Spin, and the reels then spin for way too long, there is a way to overcome this.

All you need to do is to time your entry later.

Never play in a slot tournament as soon as it goes live. There are often thousands of other players online all doing the same thing, more so in the free slot tournaments!

Wait for a good half an hour or even an hour before you take your turn in a slot tournament. By doing so, you'll save plenty of time. There will often only be a handful of other players taking their turn in the slot tournament at the same time. Therefore, the server will not be as overwhelmed as it was in the early stages of the slot tournament. And, this results in the slot games playing at their usual speed.

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Conclusion – What Causes Slots To Be So Slow?

Sometimes. no matter what you do or try you may always suffer from slow playing casino games.

When you contact the support team, many casinos will tell you that there is nothing wrong with the games. In their book, this may be simply a case that your current available bandwidth is too low for the games to operate correctly.

You are probably best advised, if your broadband and internet connection is working as good as normal, to play at another casino site. It is often the case that the casino server, wherever it is based is having some form of a problem resulting in you receiving slow playing games!



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