How to Master Blackjack Tournaments?

How to Master Blackjack Tournaments?

Staff Writer
January 29, 2016

classic-blackjack-goldTaking part in Blackjack tournaments online is something you can quite easily do as there are several casinos which now offer a range of different casino game tournaments at different times of the day and night.

However, one thing that you will soon discover if you do decide to get involved in an online blackjack tournament is that there are two different types of them available, and when playing in them depending on which ones you choose to enter a different playing strategy will be called for.

With that in mind below is an overview of the two types of online blackjack tournaments that you are going to find being offered to you at different casino sites and we will also enlighten you as to how the best way to play each of those types of tournaments will be.

Keep in mind that we have also reviewed a lot of different casino sites throughout our website, and as such if you are a blackjack player you are going to find those sites not only offering you some generous sign up and ongoing bonuses and promotional offers, but all of you real money gaming action when playing blackjack for real money at any of those casinos will also see you earning a lot of comp points which can be redeemed for playing credits too!

Comp Point Based Blackjack tournaments

If you come across a comp points blackjack tournament on offer at any casino site then the way in which you are going to be able to pick up one of the cash prizes or bonus credits that will be on offer on those tournaments is by you massing a high number of comp points.

However, that will of course mean that you will have to play the blackjack games associated with that tournament for real money and as such you will need to play every single hand optimally to enable you to first get to play off lots of games per session in that tournament and for you to then earn as many comp pints a you can do.

One down side of these type of online blackjack tournaments is that it does tend to be the players who have the largest bankrolls and who can afford to play for the highest stake that usually win the cash prizes of bonus credits attached to them and a such keep that in mind!

Paid to Enter Blackjack Tournaments

One other types of blackjack tournament which you may be interested in taking part in are the multi stage paid to enter or in fact some of the free to enter tournaments. When you take part in these types of tournaments online you will be given a set number of credits when you enter them and then the basic aim of you playing in them is for you to progress through each round.

It will either be the players who have the smallest number of tournament credits left as each stage ends or the players who have bust out that are removed from the tournament as each end finishes, and as such you will need to adopt a slightly different playing strategy to have any chance of winning them.

What a lot of players do tend to do when playing in these types of online blackjack tournaments is to place the maximum permitted bet on each hand they play and whilst that is something of a very high risk strategy it often works for many players with a little bit of luck in playing.

It is at the final table where the cash prizes are then won and that is usually when players will switch back to playing for sensible stake levels and playing with the best strategy in place in the hope the pick up one of the highest valued prizes on offer on those tournaments by being the last man standing or one of the final players to be knocked out of the tournament.


Whist there are always going to be lots of different blackjack game tournament you can play and take part in at many of our top rated casino sites never forget that as a real money player playing those games in a non tournament fashions you are always going to have plenty of winning opportunities.

You will find you can play some of the lowest house edge blackjack games available anywhere online and there are now lots of brand new variants on offer which come with bonus payouts and bonus bets and you will also find a range of progressive jackpot awarding blackjack game on which some very large jackpots can be won when you play them for quite modest stakes amounts.

So hunt around our website and checkout our individual blackjack game guides for more details of where you can find those games on offer and how you can play them all optimally!



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