How to get the Maximum Value from an Online Casinos Comp Club

How to get the Maximum Value from an Online Casinos Comp Club

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February 28, 2014

How to get the Maximum Value from an Online Casinos Comp Club

There are many different ways an online casino is going to try and keep you a loyal and regular player, but with online gaming such a very large and international industry it is quite hard for any such site to compete with the offers and promotions readily available online.

One way a casino online is going to try its hardest to keep you spinning the cyber slot reels or keep you playing card and table and video poker games is via their loyalty schemes and comp clubs, and today we are going to take a look at some of the more rewarding online casino comp clubs to show you what you can expect to find if you are prepared to shop around from site to site!

Be aware though all that glitters online is not always gold, and with that in mind you should always check through any terms and conditions attached to online casino comp and loyalty clubs, for often you will find what appears to be a generous set of comps which you could be awarded with are not as generous once you start to claim and redeem them!

Accumulating Comp Points

It is of course the amount of real money action that you give any one single casino site that will determine just how many comp and loyalty points that you will acquire at that site, and it is often the case that it is the type of casino games you play that will determine how many points are awarded to you.

You can expect to earn the most comp points when playing casino games online that boast a high house edge and a low payout percentage, slot games and keno type games are often the ones on which you earn the most comp points, whilst games such as video poker and blackjack often offer the lowest number of comp points based on those games being very low house edge games.

However from time to time you may find a special promotion on offer where by playing certain games at certain times of the week you may earn double or even treble the usual number of comp points, so keep your eyes peeled for such offers, which are usually live when a casino has a new range of games on offer!

Redeeming Online Casino Comp Points

It is going to be the actual number of comp points that you can exchange and redeem for casino credits that will ultimately determine whether an online casino is offering true value or not from their respective comp club.

So as mentioned above do pay careful attention to the small print in the casinos comp club terms and conditions to find out just how many casino credits you will be awarded with for any number of comp points you redeem, as the devil is always in the detail of that small print!

It is worth pointing out that many online casino sites now offer a multi level comp club, and as such when you play at such sites if you accumulate a large amount of comps during any one week or month you will find you get moved up to the next level of that comp club which could see you earning more comp points and getting a much better redemption rate.

However you will also find that you need to keep playing and accumulating large numbers of comp points each consecutive month for you to remain in the higher levels of any casino sites comp club, so always do the math to see if it is actually beneficial for you to keep your real money gaming action at any one particular online casino site to qualify for enhanced comp points and better redemption rates!

Monthly Comp Club Reload Bonus Offers

Should you quite enjoy getting offered casino deposit match bonuses then another way you can lock in tremendous value via casino comp clubs is to select to play at those sites that offer their players a monthly Reload Deposit Bonus, these are another way of rewarding your loyalty and the value of the match bonus can vary from site to site.

However the most commonly found comp club deposit match reload bonus is a 100% match bonus and that is well worth claiming each month of the year for you get to double your deposited amount giving you twice the amount of cash in your gaming bankroll!

In fact you may find some online casinos offer you a free no deposit chip once a month as long as you have either played at the casino site in the previous month or have managed to acquire a certain number of comp points earned, so shop around for the offers and little extras are out there!

Pooling Your Comp and Loyalty Points

Should the online casino site at which you are considering playing at as a real money player have several casinos under their direct control,  then you may find it is possible to open an account at each casino in that group, and when playing at any of them have your comp points pooled together in one central account.

This can be quite advantageous for when you become a loyal player at several of their casino sites you will find the actual comp points you earn and amass can grow at a much quicker rate than when playing at casinos run from stand alone casino site operators.


Many players look at comp points as a little bonus and will not base their choice of online casino or their betting strategies too much on just how many comp points they will receive. However, it is always nice to log into your comp club account and find a stash of comps waiting to be redeemed!

One word of caution though, many comp clubs will have time limits in regards to when you should redeem any accumulated comp points, and as such we would suggest you regularly log into your online casino comp club account and get those comp points exchanged for playing chips, for you will never want to run the risk of having them expiring and being voided!



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