How to Get Paid Your Winnings Quickly

How to Get Paid Your Winnings Quickly

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Updated December 10, 2021

How to Get Paid Your Winnings Quickly

It is of course very true to say that when you choose to play at any land based casino site as soon as you have won when playing for example video poker games or slot games if you wish to cash out your winnings you simply need to press the collect button and you will either receive your winnings on the spot via a payout ticket or in coins.

If you have won a large amount of cash then you will receive your winnings on the spot but via a hand pay which is brought to you by one of the casino employees. On the other hand if you are playing any casino card and table games then you will receive all of your winnings on the spot and as such you can then choose whether to walk off and cash your chips in or carry on playing in the hope your winning streak continues.

However, when you have chosen to start playing at any online or mobile casino site you will of course not be in a position to be handed your winning instantly via the casino employees, and as such you may be sat there wondering just how long you will have to wait to get paid your winnings if you have never played at an online or mobile casino site before.

Getting Paid from an Online Casino Site

You will find that by visiting the website of any online or mobile casino site there will be a page on that website that is dedicated to introducing you to the banking options available at that site. The web page will enlighten you on which options are available to you for making a deposit and also which options are available to you when you wish to cash out your winnings from that site.

In fact you are also going to find information on just how long any casino site is going to take to send you bank your winnings when you have requested a withdrawal from those sites.

The two important aspects to just how long it is going to take for you to receive your winning is the method you have chosen to be paid by and also just where it is you live in the world, as it can often take much longer for some players to receive their winnings in they live in certain countries.

Options for a Quicker Withdrawal

If you want to get much quicker winning cash outs from an online casino site or for that matter one of the new mobile casino sites then you are going to be best off choosing a web wallet as the way you are sent your funds.

You will find many casinos do tend to pay winning players much quicker when for example those players have chosen to request any cash out via Neteller, Skrill or even Paypal. However, if you opt to get paid your winning back to a bank account linked up to a debit card that you made a withdrawal by if you live in some European countries you could also receive those winnings much quicker thanks to the speedy banking system that many European countries have now adopted.

You are always going to have to wait for days and sometimes even over a week to get paid your winnings if you have requested a cheque or check as your preferred payment option and you will also have to wait for days if you have chosen to get paid your winnings via a bank wire or bank transfer.

Flushing a Withdrawal

Be aware that many online and mobile casinos sites will tend to put your withdrawals into a pending state once you have requested any cash out, and that will mean your winnings are not going to be processed for what could turn out to be several days.

Whilst a withdrawal is in a pending state you will be able to log into your casino account and reverse your winnings and get the credited back to your casino account, but by doing so you will run the risk of losing those winnings back so always try and avoid reversing a withdrawal!

If you have requested a withdrawal and your winnings are then going to have to sit in a pending state for several days, many casinos will let you contact their customer support team and ask them to flush your withdrawal.

When you flush a withdrawal it is removed from its pending state and as such you will not then have the option of reversing those winnings, and as such you will never be tempted to reverse those funds back into your account and lose them all back!


As a player you should forget about playing at any casino site that is going to keep your winning sat in a pending state for any long period of times, in fact many of our casino sites which we have reviewed and showcase to you on this website will always pay you out all of your winnings in a very timely fashion.

With that in mind feel free to have a look around this website and try and claim as many of the new player sign up bonuses we are going to be introducing you to, for those bonuses will hopefully give you lots of additional play time and lots of additional winning chances, and each casino site we have chosen to present o you is always going to pay you all of your winnings rapidly as soon as you have requested a withdrawal!



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