How to Avoid Getting Bonus Banned

How to Avoid Getting Bonus Banned

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August 4, 2014

Avoid Getting Bonus Banned in Casinos

There is one thing that any online casino is after, and that is of course your real money gaming action. Whilst you may have both winning and losing sessions at any casino online, the more you play at any one site the more the house edge of their games are going to give the casino the chance of winning from you your bankroll!

However, there are certainly no shortages of online casinos. As such, it is the survival of the fittest in regards to which casinos will be around in a few years time. Aach casino site needs to get as many players through their cyber doors as they possibly can.

One way that they do this is by giving away to players bonuses, there are always new player and welcome bonuses on offer to players signing up to and playing at any online casino for the first time, however the art of getting a player to remain loyal to any one casino is to offer those players some generous bonuses to get them to make repeated deposits.

Are Bonuses Really Good?

There is of course a downside of giving away bonus after bonus to players, and that is a casino always runs the risk of players winning with the enlarged bankrolls those bonuses give players, and this has led to the online casino environment becoming something of a minefield for players, as bonuses all come with different structures, rules and often page after page of terms and conditions!

There are a growing number of savvy online casino game players who often form teams and go scouring the web in search of bonuses that give them, collectively, a winning edge over a casino, and this has led many casinos to introduce a policy of bonus banning players, who they deem to be too professional or as they are known in the business “advantage players”.

We're going to take a look at the quickest way a player can find themselves getting banned from casino bonuses. Also, look at ways you can avoid being bonus banned!

How to Get Yourself Bonus Banned

Winning when you have taken a bonus can often get you banned from some online casinos! In fact some casinos that utilize one type of gaming platform can often subscribe to a database. Thereby, any one casino using that software will add the names of players who have won when taking a bonus. If you're on the blacklist, no casinos operating under the same company will offer you deals.

You will find that some casinos have a much more liberal policy in regards to offering you bonuses. If you win, they will not hastily ban you from further bonuses. However, what you will find is that if you do have a higher level of success from taking and using bonuses then eventually the casino you are playing and winning at will pull the plug on you in regards to ongoing promotional offers.

Another part of your gaming action that will come under close scrutiny if you do tend to win more times than you lose after taking a bonus is your style of play. If you stick to playing low house edge casino games with a bonus, and then always make a withdrawal the very second you reach the play through requirements of a bonus then it won’t be very long until you find yourself getting bonus banned at that site!

Tips to Avoid Getting Bonus Banned

One of the best ways that you will rarely run the risk of not getting bonuses regularly is for you to show some commitment to playing at any one casino without a bonus.

By making one or more deposits into that casino and playing without a bonus in between you claiming one then the casino will never usually restrict your access to additional bonuses, for by doing so you will be showing a commitment to playing and risking your own money, rather than just playing when some additional extras.

Also if you are playing at any casino site and you win a bonus and you are on a winning streak, then try and play over and above the play through requirements, for stopping playing and cashing out at the point you have made the play through requirements may raise a red flag with that site.

Also do be ready to play at casinos that are not just running on one gaming platform. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online casinos that you can freely play at. And by spreading your net quite widely and playing at different sites, you can still claim bonuses. Even if you do find you have been banned from claiming bonuses at any casinos using one gaming platform.


Bonuses have long been problematic for online casino players. There is a large group of players who will never have any problems claiming bonuses. This is due to them reading through the bonus terms, rules and conditions. However, there are so many t’s and c’s and rules to every bonus so many players fail to read them.  And the worst thing is failing to understand one rule may void all your gaming action. This often sees players losing their winnings along with their deposit!

So if you do want a completely hassle free type of gaming session, consider a different tactic.  It may pay dividends to forget about claiming any type of bonus, and play with your own cash instead. By doing so, you can play the games you want to play, when you want to play them and for the stakes you wish to play them for. Plus you can cash out winnings anytime without having to keep on playing until you fulfill any play through requirements



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