How to Access Casino Game Payout Information

How to Access Casino Game Payout Information

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July 16, 2015

How to Access Casino Game Payout Information

It has often been an impossible task for online casino game players to be able to access all of the information that they will need to know in regards to just how well or just how bad any game has been designed in regards to its payout information.

Obviously when you are playing games such as video poker games or slot games online you are always in a position to check the pay tables of those games to find out just how much you stand to win when playing them based on the stake levels you are playing them for.

Playing casino card and table games will also enable you to view the payout information on those games as there is usually some type of sign displayed on the game to let you know how much you will win if for example you are dealt out a Blackjack hand when playing Blackjack game variants online.

However, the all important payout percentage of slots and video poker games and the expected house edges of games such as card games and table games is often very well hidden from view! But many online casino license issuers now insist that players do have access to this type of payout information.

With that in mind below we are going to let you know which are the best casino games available online based on their respective house edges and their long term expected payout percentages, so read on for details of just which online casino game you should be playing.

Best Playing Casino Card and Table Games

The best paying casino card games are always going to be the games which offer the lowest expected house edge and as such we shall now give you a quick run through of which of the hundreds of different casino card and table games will be worth playing online or via a mobile device.

Blackjack players really should give the Blackjack Switch variant offered at Playtech powered casinos some play time or the Classic Blackjack single hand game variant a try at Microgaming powered casino sites, as those two games have the very lowest hose edges attached to both of them.

If you are more of a roulette playing then any online casino site that have the French Roulette game variant is going to be worth playing at if you want to place even money paying bets such as odd and even or high or low bets, as that variant offers a house edge of just 1.35%!

You will also find Baccarat games do offer some low house edge betting opportunities and Craps games also do have a lot of betting options available on them, however some of the betting options have high house edges and some of them have very low house edges, so do your research before playing any online or mobile Craps game!

Slot and Video Poker Games with High RTP’s

For information as to which video poker games and which slot machine shave the highest payout percentages then we would strongly advise you to take a look at some of the many different slot and video poker game guides which you will find available on our website.

Many of those casino game playing guides have information as to which slot and video poker games have been set o return the very highest payout percentages. If you are a fan of playing video poker games then the 99.92% payout percentage on offer on the Microgaming designed All Aces video poker game is worth playing that game variant for!

If it is slot game you are eager to play then you will not go wrong playing the Couch Potato slot game online for that has a payout percentage of 97.40%, but do also check out some of the multi spin slot games that are on offer at Playtech software powered casino sites as some of those great playing and high paying slot machines have payout percentages of over 99%!


Always remember that you are going to have to spend a little bit of time researching just which are the very best games to play in nay online or mobile casino site you choose to play at. The slot games and the video poker games with the best paying pay tables and the highest payout percentages should be right at the top of your list of games to play.

When it is casino card game or tables games then always be hunting around for those games on which you will be getting the very lowest house edge based on your long term play.

But please do not forget that the only way that you are going to be getting the lowest house edges and/or the highest payout percentages on any casino game you have chosen to play for real money is by you playing hose games optimally and with the best playing strategy.

With that in mind look around our website for it is packed with lots of additional information and individual casino game playing guides that will allow you to put into play the best playing strategy no matter which casino game you are wishing to play today or in the very near future, and by playing those games optimally and strategically and with the best strategy in place the more chance you will have of winning and ending your gaming session in profit!



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