How Stacked Reel Symbols Increase your Winning Chances

How Stacked Reel Symbols Increase your Winning Chances

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August 18, 2014

How Stacked Reel Symbols Increase your Winning Chances

You will find several of the more recent online slot machines that have been launched can come with a range of different stacked symbols attached to their reels. These types of symbols are designed in such a way that on the reel strips sets of matching reel symbols are located one on top of the other.

This means that when you are playing the slot you could get one type of reel symbol covering one or more reels. The beauty of Stacked Reel symbols is that with a little bit of luck it is possible to get all of the reels with the same symbols in place on each reel position, and when that happens and you are playing a large number of pay lines, then a huge winning payout can be awarded to you!

With the advent of symbols such as Expanding Wild symbols it is now possible to find some slot games on which as soon as those types of symbols spin in on all of the reels some enormous winning payouts can be awarded to you!

In this slot playing guide we shall take a look at some slot games that offer Stacked Reel Symbols and will also enlighten you on the actual odds of you spinning in a screen full of matching reel symbols and also introduce you to a range of brand new slot game bonus features which can automatically yet at random award you with a screen full of matching Wild symbols.

What are the Odds of Filling a Slot Screen with Matching Reel Symbols?

One slot game which caught the imagination of online slot players when it first went live a few years back was the CashaPillar slot from Microgaming. This game offers players the option of being able to set into live play a total of 100 pay lines, and there is one main reason why if you do choose to play this slot you should indeed activate and put into play 100 paylines per spin!

This reason is that the game boasts a set of Stacked Wild symbols, and the aim of any player playing this slot is to either get all of those Wild symbols spinning in via the base game or for a winning payout worth three times higher than a base game screen full of Wild symbols get them spinning in via the free spins bonus feature round!

Should you be playing the CashaPillar slot with 100 pay lines in play and you spin in all of the Wild symbols on each reel position you will win a mind boggling jackpot payout worth 2 million coins, however as all winning combinations formed during the bonus free spins feature round are tripled if that set of Wild symbols fills the bonus game screen during the free spins round a jackpot worth an even larger 6 million coins will be awarded to you!

You may be wondering just what the actual odds are of you spinning in all of the Wild symbols attached to each reel so that they fill the screen with Wilds, well it is a huge number and as such you have a one in 4,029,109,968 chance of doing that on every single spin of this slot games five reels you play!

Whilst the odds of spinning in that winning combination are huge, as this game is a network wide game and a slot that does get a lot of attention from players the more times you play it the lower the odds of you spinning in that huge jackpot win will become.

Stacked Reel Symbol Based Bonus Feature Rounds

As the Stacked Reel symbols are proving to be more and more popular with players due to the way they can massively increase winning payouts when they spin in and cover a large amount of the reel positions, there have been a couple of online slot game designers who have chosen to base one or more of their bonus games attached to some slot machines around a set of stacked wild symbols.

The most popular types of this kind of bonus game involve a set of stacked wild symbols that can be randomly awarded to you once you have set a slot games five video reels spinning. Microgaming have taken a shine to these types of bonus games and as such you will find when you are playing slots such as the Immortal Romance, their Thunderstruck II slot game and their Finer Reels of Life slots you can be awarded with a very unique type of bonus game.

These three slots have an identical type of Stacked Wild symbol based bonus game which has a different name on each of those slots which for reference are the Wild Desire, Wild Storm and Wild Celebration features.

When playing any of these slots as soon as you set the reels spinning on any single base game spin up to five of the reels can at random, turn into completely Wild reels and each reel that does turn wild will have a stacked set of Wild symbols appearing on it. Should any player get all five reels with Stacked Wild symbols up on it then that player is going to win a massive jackpot payout, which is often comparable to a low to mid sized progressive slot games jackpot payout!


It should be noted by slot players that whilst it is of course possible to get a set of Stacked Reel symbols spinning in and covering all five reels when playing any slot that has them attached to the reels, it will be a very rare event for them to spin in and cover all five reels!

So do not be too disappointed if you have lots of slot playing sessions and never see an entire screen full of matching reel symbols spinning in, as the odds on doing so are enormous! However when playing slot games which have Stacked Wild symbols you will often find those symbols spinning in and covering one or two reels quite regularly.



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