How often do Progressive Blackjack Games Award their Jackpots?

How often do Progressive Blackjack Games Award their Jackpots?

Staff Writer
November 27, 2017

The amount of time that it will take for a progressive Blackjack game to award its jackpot is something that you can never know in advance or even predict. There are several reasons why there is no real way of knowing when such games will award their respective jackpots and I will explain why below.

The first thing to be aware of is that it will often just be one single combination of playing cards that have been dealt out to a player or to the player and dealer that is going to award a progressive jackpot, and as such the odds of such hands being dealt out are huge, but your chances of winning one of them are of course tiny!

Also, each game of Blackjack you will come across is completely random, which means those jackpot paying hands could be dealt out at any moment, they could be dealt out in quick succession due to the randomness of the games or it could take weeks, months or years for that hand to finally be dealt out!

Plus, players may be required to place a side bet to win a progressive jackpot when playing Blackjack, and if a player doesn’t place that side bet and gets dealt out the jackpot paying hand combination they will not then win the progressive jackpot.

Low Cost Online Blackjack Games

If you are worried that playing Blackjack games online is going to turn out to be too expensive for you then be aware that there are many casino sites that do cater for low rolling Blackjack players and as such when playing at such a site you will also find low value staking options on offer to you.

You will also have the option of playing for free if you still want to master the very fine art of playing Blackjack, and if you fancy trying to win a huge valued jackpot then there will also be plenty of progressive Blackjack games available to you too.

Another way that a very low stake Blackjack player will get plenty of value out of their bankroll is by taking part in some of the many different Blackjack game tournaments that are now available to players online.

By entering some of them you may find that they could be free to enter tournaments so you may only have to pay a small entry fee and then will get to take your chances playing against other players in the hope you win one of the prizes on offer on those types of casino game tournaments.

Playing Blackjack Games for Fun Online

As you can often gain something of an advantage when you play Blackjack perfect and have fully mastered the art of playing, then the more experience you have of playing many different variants the better, as that way you will get a good understanding of the best strategy to adopt when playing.

You can always spend as much time playing for free at most online casino sites, so make sure that when you do next have some spare time if you do fancy toning up your Blackjack playing skills then set about playing for free.

Also be aware that some casino sites now have live Blackjack tables on offer to their Blackjack players however one slight problem you may experience with those Blackjack game variants is that they tend not to offer free play versions and you may find the minimum stake amount is a tad higher than that of the software driven Blackjack games.


Keep in mind that it is not only going to be the occasional Blackjack game that will be giving you the chance of winning one or more than one progressive jackpot, for these days there are going to be progressive jackpots attached and on offer on virtually every single type and category of casino game.

That does of course mean you are always going to be able to find a range of games that you know how to play buy much more importantly do enjoy playing on which with a little bit of luck in playing them you could be awarded with and then walk off with a mega sized progressive jackpot payout.

One thing you should do however before you end any type of progressive jackpot into live play is to look at how the jackpot can be won and awarded to you.

As that way you will know if you are required to have to place any type of side bet or play a game in a certain way to have any chance of winning its progressive jackpot, but never be in too much of a rush to play the very first Blackjack game you do come across as there will be plenty of different variants on offer to you no matter where you choose to play!



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