How Many Times Can I Double Up On a Slot Game Gamble Game?

How Many Times Can I Double Up On a Slot Game Gamble Game?

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Updated September 16, 2022


How Many Times Can I Double Up On a Slot Game Gamble Game

When you play any slot game on which there is a double up gamble game on offer you will first have to spin in a winning combination before you can then click onto the gamble button, and by doing so you can risk the cash award you just spin in on one of many different types of gamble games.

The most commonly available type of gamble game is one which gives you several different options of how you can achieve a winning outcome via that bonus game. The one found attached to most slots is a playing card based guessing game on which you can try and predict the colour of a playing card or the suit of that card before it is revealed to you.

If you guess the colour or suit of the card incorrectly you all lose your spun in base game winning payout, but guessing the suit correctly quadruples that winning payout and guessing the colour correctly doubles that winning payout.

Deepening on which slot game supplier has designed the gamble game awarding slot you are playing, when you do achieve a winning outcome you can then continue to take the gamble game if you wish to, up to the maximum payout amount on offer on that slot game via its gamble game.

What Other Gamble Games are on Offer?

Look out for slots that have been designed and launched by a company called BetSoft Gaming, for they have a large and in fact growing range of slot games on which you are not going to find the standard and boring playing card based gamble games on offer.

Many of their slots will have 3D gamble game on offer one of which for example is a coin tossing based gamble game which does of course have a 50-50 outcome attached to it, so you have a fair chance of winning when playing that gamble game off.

The coin tossing based gamble game will see you having to correctly predict whether a coin tossed will land with its tails or head side facing upwards to double your base game spun in winning payouts value.

You will also find some other gamble games on offer one of which is a dice rolling game where you have to predict is the dice are going to be rolled in with their up facing sides adding up to an odd amount or an even amount to double your base game spun in winning payouts value instantly!

Is it Worth Gambling a Spun in Winning Payout?

One question that you will have to answer yourself in regards to playing slots which do have a gamble game type option attached to them is whether there are going to be any benefits of taking that gamble game or whether the risks of taking it are going to be way too high.

The only obvious benefit of your taking the gamble game option is that you have a chance and a very good chance of doubling or quadrupling the base game winning payout value, depending on which gamble game type you choose to play off.

However, many players will always avoid taking that optional gamble game for it is a separate game to the slot game itself and usually is not as exciting to play off as for example the main bonus game attached to quite a number of different slot games.

But always keep in the back of your mind that when your bankroll is running very low with a series of winning outcomes via the gamble game you could quickly boost the value of your bankroll even when gambling a very small and modest amount of cash via the gamble game option, and as such you may be tempted to make use of it!


It is always up to you whether you do take the gamble game option attached to any slot you are playing, however there is always going to be two different outcomes each time you do decide to click onto the gamble button.

If you have a series of losing outcomes and you are gambling just small valued base game spun in winning payouts that will not have too much of a devastating effect on your bankroll. However, if you do keep on gambling those rarer higher valued winning payouts via the gamble game option then expect your bankroll to quickly be decimated if you do experience a run of losing outcomes on the gamble game!

So take it sparingly will be our advise, and keep in mind that any previous outcome on the gamble game option will have no bearing on whether you are going to have winning or losing one’s when you take the gamble game in the future, as each outcome is random!



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