How Many Bonus and Scatter Symbols Are on Slot Game Reels?

How Many Bonus and Scatter Symbols Are on Slot Game Reels?

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Updated November 18, 2021

How many Bonus and Scatter symbols are on Slot Game Reels

If you love playing slot games online, and you are particularly fond of playing those games on which you can trigger one or even more than one bonus games, and those slot game bonus games are triggered by spinning in a set of bonus symbols or a set of scatter symbols, then you will probably have experienced times when you always seem to get two of those types of symbols spinning in and never seem to get the third one spinning in which allows you to then play off the respective bonus game.

This type of situation is often classed as a “near miss” by slot players, and it can often add another level of excitement to your slot playing, for when you are just one symbol off being able to play off a bonus type feature round or feature games you will often find yourself sitting there willing the one additional symbol to spin in on one of the reels about to stop.

However, sometimes you can have lots of near misses in a short period of time and this can of course be very annoying for slot players, and the more near misses you have the more annoying it can be! With this in mind, today in this slot playing guide we are going to introduce you to a range of online slots and will enlighten you on just how many bonuses and/or scatter symbols can be found on each reel.

Whilst this information will not be in any way beneficial to you, what it will do is to give you a much clear understanding of just how many bonus and scatter symbols are attached to each reel and may explain why some slots tend to trigger their respective bonus game much more often than other slots, or why you always seem to get a lot of near misses when playing certain slot games.

Distribution of Bonus and Scatter Symbols

It can be quite a difficult task finding out just how many reel symbols are found on the reels of many online slot games, however we have been able to find this information out, and for reference you are going to find all of the following slots mentioned below at all online casinos that utilize Microgaming software, and with plenty of them available you will not have to hunt around the web for very long to find a casino sites using their gaming platforms, which include both online and mobile gaming platforms!

Let us start off by letting you know the facts and figures surrounding scatter and bonus symbols on Microgaming’s Bush Telegraph slot game. You will find there is just one scatter symbol on each of this slot games five reels, however in regards to the bonus symbols three are 4 of them on reel one, three of them on reel two and 2 of them on reels three and four and 3 of them on the fifth reel. This means the bonus pick to win game can and does trigger quite often when you line up at least three of those symbols on any activated payline.

The Loaded Slot game is a slot on which you are only going to find scatter symbols and it has no additional bonus game other than free spins, which by the way are triggered when three or more scatter symbols spin into view anywhere on its screen. There are 2 scatter symbols on the first reel and 1 scatter symbols on reels two, three, four and five, so you will often experience lots of near misses when playing this slot due to the 2 scatter symbols in play on reel number one.

The Secret Admirer slot game from Microgaming is quite unusual in as much as to get to play off the bonus game you need to get a scatter symbols appearing on only the first and second reels in any one single base game spin. There are scatters on all of the five reels of this slot with 1 scatter being found on reels one, three, four and five and two scatters in play on reel number two, so if you get a scatter on reel one there may be a good chance of one of the two that are on the second reel may make an appearance.

Another Microgaming slot game which has something on an unusual way of triggering its one and only bonus game is the Harvey’s slot game. You need to spin in on reels two and four both in the same base game spin one of its bonus symbols to be awarded with a random set of free spins on a random multiplier value.

However, just for reference there are only one bonus symbol on both of those two reels. And as such having worked out the chances of you actually triggering the bonus free spins feature round, you should do that on average once every 127 base game spins.


If you are interested in playing a range of online slot games which have a range of different and often quite unique types of bonus games, then we do invite you to have a good look around this website for there are lots of different slot game reviews and slot game playing guides and articles that you are going to find very useful.

One guide that we do know will be of interest to a lot of bonus game awarding slot players is one on which we will enlighten you on how often bonus games are triggered, make sure you check out that particular slot playing guide as it will allow you to locate and then play a range of slots which offer you a much increased chance of trigger their respective bonus games.



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