How Do Zero House Edge Casino Games Work and Play?

How Do Zero House Edge Casino Games Work and Play?

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April 19, 2014

How Do Zero House Edge Casino Games Work and Play

You are probably already fully aware that when playing casino games online each game available has been designed with its own house edge attached to it. The house edge is a theoretical amount of cash that the casino is going to make out of the stakes played on each game over the long term from any casino game they offer.

Some games such as slot machines have a payout percentage of 96% and as such the house edge is 4% so for every 100.00 played on those slot machines the casino operator will make 4.00. European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70% and that means the casino operator will theoretically make 2.70 for every 100.00 wagered on that Roulette game over the long term.

Obviously each casino game boasts its own payout percentage and therefore the house edge on each game will vary, but there have been a number of casino sites online who have started to offer zero house edge games, and these types of games by their very design are designed with a payout percentage of 100%.

If you have come across or heard about zero house edge casino games before and are unsure how they work and operate and what makes the design of these games so unique, then do keep on reading for below you will find an overview of how they work and play.

Roulette Games with No Zero on the Wheel

The way zero house edge Roulette games work is quite easy to understand, it is always the case that standard Roulette games will have one or two zeros on the Roulette wheel however when you play a zero house edge Roulette game you will find no zeros at all attached on the Roulette wheel.

Due to their being no zero in play this does of course mean the payout odds on all of the available betting positions are true odds which negate the house edge and give players a much better chance of winning.

You will not find the payout odds on any of the betting locations on a zero house edge Roulette game lower than on other variants, and as such they do give players a much better chance of winning by taking away the house edge on each wager they place!

High Payouts on Zero House Edge Blackjack Games

When you play the zero house edge Blackjack games you will find one of the payouts or possibly more than one of the payouts that are attached to certain hand combinations are boosted which will negate the house edge attached to that Blackjack game variant.

Take for example the game of European Blackjack, this game when played as a zero house edge game has the payout awarded to players who get dealt out a Blackjack Hand in the suit of Spades massively increased to payout odds of 7 to 1, and as such when playing this Blackjack game variant over the long term, players will be playing a Blackjack game that has no house edge what so ever.

You will also find that there are a few different game play rules which make these Blackjack game variants offering a zero house edge playing format are much more player friendly and as such if you do decide to give these games a try always read through the rules attached to them and double check the actual payouts for being dealt out certain hand combinations so you know just how the zero house edge nature of the game is made available!

Slots with a 100% Payout Percentage

If you are wondering just how a slot machine can be designed in such a way that it returns to players a zero house edge playing structure and format, and therefore has a long term expected payout percentage of 100%, this is down to the fact that the pay table has been enhanced and as such over the long term play a player gives that slot it is going to return to them the same amount in winnings as they played in stakes.

Whilst this concept may be completely alien to many players, having the ability to get a 100% payout percentage many experienced players will be attracted to play these types of slot games, more so if they regularly play slots online.

It should be noted however that as you are up against a random number generator when playing zero house edge slot games online you will experience both winning and losing sessions even though the slot has been designed to return 100%, however by playing the slots offering such a playing structure over the long time you will find your losing and winning sessions balancing out.

Do checkout some of the zero house edge slot games online for yourself, you may find several sites that will let you play them for free!


You may be attracted by the zero house edge nature of some of the casino games that are available at selected online casinos however there are a few things that you will need to seriously consider before playing at such a site that offers zero house edge games.

First and foremost you need to be completely confident that those games are completely random and this is easily checkable, have a look at the casino website to see who licenses and regulates that site along with which company has verified the games are fair and true, if no gaming license or game verification information is available on the casino website then steer clear of that site!

Also do checkout just what fees and charges you are going to be hit with when you request a winning cash out after having played and won playing zero house edge casino games for the charges and fees are often a percentage of your winnings or cash out amount and as such you will want to only play at sites charging no fees or very, very low fees!



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