How Do Fruit Machines Achieve their Pre-Set RTP’s?

How Do Fruit Machines Achieve their Pre-Set RTP’s?

Staff Writer
December 9, 2016

pub-fruityThe way in which Fruit Machines work and operate is completely different to the way that more standard casino slots play and pay, and as such it is worth knowing those differences as by doing so you will then discover how they achieve their preset payout percentages.

When you come across any Fruit Machine online or in fact in any playing environment, it will have been designed to payout to players a certain percentage of their stakes over a set cycle as winning payouts, via either spun in winning payouts or via payouts achieved when any type of bonus games or bonus features have been awarded.

Take for example a Fruit Machine offering a 96% RTP for every 100.00 played off on those machines during any one cycle that machine will pay back 96.00. However, it is the length of each cycle that will determine the payouts achieved during any one single session, and as such the payout percentage a player will achieve at any one time when playing such a game will of course vary in value.

However, as soon as a Fruit Machine is nearing the end of one complete playing cycle, which could be thousands of individual spins, the game will do everything it needs to do to achieve its preset payout percentage!

Forcing a Fruit Machine to Payout

What many experienced Fruit Machine players will do when they fancy playing any number of Fruit Machines is to sit back and watch other players playing those games and make a mental note of just which ones are not paying out.

If another player does have a long losing session on any Fruit Machine then that may be an indication that the game is shortly about to payout, in fact there are ways that a player could be able to force such a game to payout some high valued winning payouts or its jackpot payout.

Due to the way that the First Machines all work and operate it is possible to play them in such a way that they will eventually award their jackpots or lot of high valued winning payouts, and a player will do that by playing a Fruit Machine that hasn’t paid out recently in such a way they play it to lose, by gambling every winning payout spun in via a gamble game or by playing off each bonus and base game so that they have little chance of winning anything as they do so!

Playing a Fruit Machine to Lower It’s RTP

By playing a Fruit Machine to lose what a player will be doing is holding un-matching reel symbols so that they cannot possibly spin in a winning combination and also nudging in un-matching reel symbols when a nudge feature has been awarded.

Also if they are awarded any additional bonus games and bonus features they will play them off with the sole intention of not winning anything!

What that will then do if the machine has not paid out anything of value to a previous player or players is reduce the payout percentage so low in value that the Fruit Machine will, if it is nearer the end of one playing cycle, do whatever it needs to do to get its payout percentage back up to its preset legal value.

It will do that by spinning in very high valued base game winning payouts or could award several jackpot payouts on the trot. By doing so via a series of high valued payouts that Fruit Machine will restore its payout percentage to what it is expected to payout during a full cycle and the player playing that game when it does so will be in profit from that session!


As you have just found out Fruit Machines whilst games of chance are not as random as many other types of online or mobile or even land based casino slot machines, for when they near the end of one playing cycle that could be thousands or even millions of spins the Fruit Machine will take whatever steps are necessary to achieve its preset payout percentage.

You will find there are quite a lot of online casinos available to you that will offer quite a large and diverse range of Fruit Machine and as such if you do fancy playing them you will find plenty of casino sites that offer these types of gaming machines.

Keep in mind also that you do tend to get plenty of entertainment value out of playing Fruit Machines due to the way they award lots of different bonus game and bonus features, in fact there are often dozens of different bonus games and bonus features attached to each Fruit Machine as opposed to one or two of them available to standard online and mobile video slot games!



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