How Are Level Up Video Poker Games Designed?

How Are Level Up Video Poker Games Designed?

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Updated December 20, 2022

How Are Level Up Video Poker Games Designed

Video poker games are without a shadow of a doubt some of the very best types of games you can play in any playing environment and the only reason for me saying that is the payout percentages on those games can be and are huge.

They have of course been around for many years and as such you will come across many different types and variants of video poker and one fairly new version of those games are what are known as Level Up video poker games.

What you have to do when playing them however is playing in a rather high risk type of way for you are initially going to have to play four initial wagers to send the games into live play. Every single one of those four independent wagers could be lost on the very first hand though.

You are going to have to play a base hand once you have placed those four wagers and if that hand wins another hand is then dealt out, if that wins then another hand is dealt out to you and if that wins then one final fourth hand is dealt out to you.

What makes those games interesting to play is that on the second, third and fourth hand a multiplier boosts the payout values by x2, x4 and x8 on each of those hands respectively.

Low Risk Video Poker Game Variants

The only problem with playing those new Level Up video poker game variants is that they are rather high risk ones, for if you keep on losing your initial hand then you will lose four wagers per hand, and there is no guarantees you will reach the fourth hand and then be dealt out a high paying hand combination.

As such keep in mind that you are going to be able to play some much lower risk types of video poker games online and those may just be preferable to you if you do not want to take too many risks with your bankroll!

One game I would therefore urge you to play is the All Aces video poker game, and playing it via the single hand version of that game too, as by doing so you will find it offers a pay table which has been designed in such a way that over the long term the payout percentage is a huge 99.92%!

You are going to be extremely hard pressed to find any other video poker game variant that offers played a payout percentage as high as that, so you will always find when playing it over the long term you are going to get more play time out of your bankroll and more winning hand combinations dealt out to you too!

Playing Multiple Hands Per Game

You will very soon discover that when playing video poker games online or for that matter in any playing environment you are going to b able to play of a huge number of hands in a very short space of time, and as such you can often find your bankroll can grow and fall at different stages n your playing session.

However, if you do have something of a fairly large bankroll and hat to increase your chances of being dealt out one of more Royal Flushes for example then it may be worth your time and effort playing some of the multi hand video poker game variants.

Those games are going to allow you to play up to 100 hands of video poker all in one single game and as such you will then get the maximum amount of fun, excitement and of course plenty of winning opportunities when you do play those games online.

Just keep in mind that playing 100 hands per game can be quite expensive, so always same sure you set the coin values to one you can afford, but also in such a way that you can play maximum coins on each hand that is dealt out to you to take advantage of any enhanced jackpot hand payouts.


As you will always need to know just which of the five initial cards that you have been dealt out when playing any video poker games to hold and which of those five cards you should discard I would advise you to make sure that you learn how to play each variant optimally before you do set about playing them

However, if you feel you are going to find it too hard to learn how to play off every single hand combinations that is dealt out to you simply find a casino that offers an auto hold option setting on their video poker games.

By you turning on that option setting you are then going to find the game will hold the best cads for you when you have been dealt out your very first five initial cards!



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