House Edge Indicators When Playing Blackjack

House Edge Indicators When Playing Blackjack

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March 19, 2014

House Edge Indicators When Playing Blackjack

One of the most played casino card games which you are going to find that is available in many different formats and variations is the game of Blackjack, and whilst all Blackjack games may look the same you are going to find a while plethora of different game playing rules and payouts attached to every single variant offered at any online casino site.

Much like when you are playing online slot games and you are looking for the slots which offer the highest payout percentages, when playing online Blackjack games you will be looking for the Blackjack game variants that boast the lowest house edge, for the lower the house edge the better your chances of winning will become!

Below we are going to give you some pointers in regards to what makes a Blackjack game either a low house edge Blackjack game  or a high one, and remember the lower the house edge on any Blackjack game the more playable that game is!

Decks of Cards in the Shoe

One very important aspect of an online Blackjack game which is going to have a direct effect on the house edge that the game is going to have attached to it is just how many decks of playing cards are in play and available in the shoe.

You will often find it is the single deck Blackjack games that you can access and play online that offers the very lowest house edges, and a good rule of thumb is that the more decks in play in the shoe the worse the house edge from a players point of view become.

You will find the most commonly found number of decks in play in the shoe of online Blackjack games is one, two, four, six and eight, and as such do track down and play those games with a single deck for the house edges on those games will always be lower than the eight deck games!

Blackjack Hand Winning Payouts

There are a set of standard industry payouts which you will be looking for no matter what type of Blackjack game variant you choose to play online, should any Blackjack game that you come across online offer lower payouts for any of the following winning Player hand combinations then there is a very good chance that those Blackjack games will come with a much lower and therefore unappealing house edge.

You will be looking for a Blackjack game that is going to pay you a winning payout of 3 to 2 whenever you have been dealt a winning Blackjack hand. This is the any hand which has any 10 valued cards in it along with any Ace card. Be warned though some Blackjack games found online at certain online casinos award a 6 to 5 payout for being dealt a winning Blackjack hand and that is a poor payout and one that should be avoided.

In extreme cases you may find some online casinos offering an even money winning payout for a Player’s winning Blackjack hand and any casino offering those odds on standard Blackjack games should certainly be avoided!

The winning payout for a non Blackjack hand is even money and the insurance bet when a player has opted to take the bet and place it will payout at odds of 2 to 1, never play any Blackjack game offering lower payouts on those two types of winning hands!

Bonus and/or Side Bet Options

One set of wagers that you are best off avoiding placing on any Blackjack game are the optional or often obligatory side or bonus bet wagers offered on some of the more unique types of Blackjack game variants.

Even when you are playing a standard Blackjack game you will get offered the Insurance wager should the Dealer have an Ace showing in their hand, and the house edge attached to both the Insurance wager and all other bonus or side bet wagers can often be ten or more times greater than the house edge of the base game.

So if you do come across a Blackjack game offering a range of what may appear to be huge paying bonus payouts then those bonus bets will come at a cost and that is an increased and unattractive house edge, so they must never be placed or you will have a much greater chance of ending you session losing or will see your bankroll quickly vanish whenever a set of losing bonus bets have been placed!


You really will need to do a lot of research if you wish to play only the lowest house edge Blackjack games online, for there are simply dozens of different variants on offer and available and the house edges will and do vary greatly depending on which variant you choose to play.

If you enjoy playing at online casinos powered by Playtech software then a good game to play is their Blackjack Switch game which has a house edge of 0.16%, or if you are a customer at an online casino that has Microgaming powered Blackjack games on offer, then do give their single deck Classic Blackjack game some play time for that game has a house edge of an even lower 0.13%!

The way that any online Blackjack player is going to guarantee that they are getting the expected house edge of any type of Blackjack game is by that player putting in play an optimal playing strategy. This will entail that player having to learn how to play each hand that is dealt out to them based on what card they can see the Dealer holding.

You will find you can get hold of what are known as Blackjack strategy cards and these will show every possible way to play any hand combination dealt out to you based on the Dealers up facing card, so do get hold of some of these cards for whatever Blackjack game variants you decide to play online.



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