Has Anyone Ever Won Multiple Progressives Jackpots?

Has Anyone Ever Won Multiple Progressives Jackpots?

Staff Writer
June 24, 2015

Has Anyone Ever Won Multiple Progressives Jackpots

You may be wondering what the odds are of you winning one progressive jackpot when playing online slot games, and the answer to that question is always going to be determined by just which progressives slot games you play, as there are some slots offering lots of regularly won progressive jackpots whilst some slot games rarely award their jackpots!

In fact there have been several players who have won multiple progressive jackpots when playing slot game online, and those players may either be very lucky or simply play the same progressives slots over and over again.

As long as you always play any online slot game with the required stake or paylines in play that activate the progressive jackpot element of the pay table then you will have a chance of winning that jackpot, and the more games you play the better your chances of winning will be!

However, you should never start to chase progressive jackpots for you could spend a small fortune or even a very large fortune trying to win a progressive jackpot and never win one at all, in fact you could then experience the hearty breaking moment where another player plays the same slot as you are and manages to win the progressive jackpot after playing off just a few spins!

Which Progressive Slots Will be Worth Playing?

If you are hoping to win at least one progressive jackpot when you next play slot game online then it should be those slots on which you will find more than one progressive jackpot attached to them that you should be looking to play.

For with more than one jackpot on offer via a series of progressive jackpots then those games by their very nature and design are going to aware the most jackpots to players.

In fact you are going to come across lots of slot games which not only have several different sized progressive jackpots attached to them but the slot games will award those jackpots completely at random.

Those types of slot games are perfect ones to play should you be a low stake player, for it does not matter how many line you choose to send into live play or the number of coins you play or often even the value of the coins you choose to play, you will always have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot when playing those slots, even for very modest stake amounts.

Another tip we can pass onto you in regards to playing progressive slot games is for you to start taking notes of when the progressive jackpots on a range of slot games have previously be won and the amount those slots awarded to their jackpot winners.

Over time you are then going to be able to work out just how much on average each player has won via the progressive jackpot son any one slot and then in future you simply wait for the jackpot to rise above the average figure and then start to play those slots.

Any progressive jackpot slot game is going to be likely to aware its jackpot when it is overdue than it would do when it has just be won by another players, so do look out for slots that have unusually high progressive jackpots attached to them as they are usually the ones that are about to hit and be awarded!

However, due to each progressive slot games always being completely random and often online slots are networked into the mobile gaming platforms, and that does of course mean that there is never going to be any knowing or telling when a slot game is going to pay out it highest valued jackpot payout, and that is what keeps you playing them!

Good luck if you do decide to play some progressive slot games online any time soon, and let’s hope you finally bag a big jackpot payout!


If you want to try out some online progressives slot games then it doesn’t matter which of our feature online casino sites you choose to play at you are going to find plenty of high paying slots game on offer many of which do offer progressive jackpots.

However, always make sure that before you start to play progressives lots that you check the baking pages and the terms and conditions pages of the casino site you have chosen to play at, for sometimes when playing at some casinos you will find weekly or monthly cash out limits in place.

When you play at such a site you will never be able to withdraw over a certain amount of cash per week or per month and that will mean you could wait an absolute age before you get paid out the entire progressive jackpot payout if you win one of those jackpots!

However, if you are playing at any of our Microgaming powered and top rated casino sites and you ever have the luck of winning one of their progressive jackpots, then no matter how large that jackpot is they will pay you out the entire jackpot in one single payment.

So it is of course going to be beneficial for you to play at a Microgaming powered casino or another casino site that does not impose on their players any type of maximum cash out limit, so always check the rules and terms and conditions on each casino and stick to those sites that always pay their winnings quickly, no matter how much those players have won!



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