Golden Bet Lines Feature

Golden Bet Lines Feature

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May 15, 2016

egyptian-heroes-slotThere are some slot games on which you will find that by placing an additional side bet a range of additional bonus features or bonus games can come into play as you are playing those slots, however knowing which slots offer them and how the bonus bets will give you added playing value and excitement will force you to learn how every single slot machine works and operates!

You will however not want to spend days or weeks playing each slot game to find out whether you are going to enjoy playing them, an s such that is where our collection of slot playing guides will come in very handy.

We have hundreds of different guides available from our website which will cover a range of different topics relating to the bonus games and bonus features and even playing structures found on slot games supplied by a range of different companies.

The following slot game is part of a series of guides covering slots supplied and designed by NetEnt and the bonus feature this guide relates to is one known as the Golden Bet Line feature, so read on as you may find it just the type of feature that will liven up your slot playing sessions online!

What is the Golden Bet Lines Feature?

The Golden Bet Line feature is a base game feature on which you have the chance of boosting the value of winning payouts if and when you line up a series of matching reel symbols on one selected payline of the slot offering such a feature.

When you play such a slot you will find that once you click on the spin button, one of the payline attached to that slot game will be highlighted at the Golden Bet Line, and also on screen a multiplier value will be displayed.

What you will then be hoping to do is to spin in a winning combination on the Golden Bet Line and if you do so then the value of that winning combinations payout value is going to be instantly boosted by the value of the multiplier value!

However, one thing to keep in mind is that if you do not activate every single payline on these types of slot games then you may see the Golden Bet Line coming into play on a pay line you haven’t chosen to activate, so try and play with all lines in play so as to never miss out on that base game bonus feature!

Which slots have the Golden Line Bet?

If you do fancy testing out a slot game with the Golden Line Bet Feature then make sure you hunt down and play the Egyptian Heroes slot which is available at sites opting to use the range of NetEnt supplied and designed slot games.

That is one of many slots which come with an Egyptian theme and when playing it you do have the chance of winning big on every single base game spin you play off, and it is not only the Golden Line Bet you will find being offered as a bonus feature on this particular slot.

For when playing it online you could trigger a set of free spins and there is also a very special expanding wild symbol that can be spun in and when one or more of those reel symbols are spun in then you have a very good chance forming lots of additional winning payouts.

One of those winning payouts could of course be in the Golden Bet Line, and if so that winning payout is then going to be boosted in value!


Becoming an online slot player is of course going to see you having access to thousands of differently designed and structured slot games, so  if you do not find the Golden Line Bet feature to your liking then be aware that there are a huge number of different types of features attached to online and also mobile slot games.

We have a complete series of slot playing guides located throughout this website that are going o be enlightening you on every single base game bonus feature, reel symbols and bonus games that you can spin in or trigger when playing every type of slot game online or on your mobile device, so have a read through as many of them as you can as that will make finding a range of slot you like the look off so much easier!

However, also note free play options are available on most slot games when you play them online or on any type of mobile device so you can test any slot game you do like the look and sound of for free to sample how they play and pay but with no risks attached!



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