Football Studio First Person by Evolution – Dream Come True for Lone Riders

Football Studio First Person by Evolution – Dream Come True for Lone Riders

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Updated December 11, 2023

This week, we have the honor of announcing a new game from the supreme Evolution Gaming.

Famous for regularly adding new releases to the hypnotic portfolio, Evolution is blasting 2020 with a litany of new releases. One of them is the personalized variant of classic Football Studio or Top Card.

Ideal for football (soccer) fanatics, Football Studio First Person will bring a customized experience for every player.

Moreover, the RNG-powered hybrid allows a transition to the live version of the game in one Evolution’s casino studios.

What Is Football Studio First Person

Football Studio First Person, also known as Top Card, is a sublime release from Evolution Gaming. Going live in 2020, it is a refurbished version of the 2016 card game Football Studio.

With the new arrival, the mesmerizing card games collection is becoming richer for another cutting-edge member.

RNG-driven, this casino game offers an individualized approach to the football-inspired casino game.

At certain times of the year, specifically around the World Cup, the football matches taking place will become the burning topic in the live chat area. The live casino game then becomes more exciting and players are particularly active.

However, in the First Person option, you can step away from the jostling crowd and lounge on your own. The biggest benefit of Football Studio First Person is the calming factor.

Just like Live, but Better

With all that football stadium noise, whistling and cheering, you might want to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Football Studio First Person takes place in a room much like the one we’ve seen in the original 2016 game. There’s the football pitch as the table layout. A trophy hovers on the interactive backdrop, which also features the current result.

Left and right – everything’s familiar. What’s new is silence.

And you need not wait for anybody to start the game. You decide the pace. There is no croupier as this is not a live dealer game. You kick off by clicking DEAL.

What might happen at one point is that you can get bored being all alone in the stunning studio. If that occurs, you can jump to the live studio at any point.

Use the unique GO LIVE button to travel through Evolution’s digital portal and go straight live in a couple of seconds.

How to Play Football Studio First Person

From a technical point of things, Football Studio can be compared to Dragon Tiger. For comparison purposes, you can try both games out in Evolution’s game arsenal. If you don’t have time for it, let us do the compare & contrast analysis for you.

To start with, know that both Dragon Tiger and Football Studio are extremely easy to play. Straightforward as can be, you have three bets to choose from.

For Home/Away, the house edge is just around 3%.

If you feel like going high-roller, bet on the Draw. Remember, though. That the house advantage, in that case, is a mind-blowing 32%!

Both games begin when the croupier draws two cards out of the shoe. There are three types of bets – two hands and a tie. In Dragon Tiger, the hands are called Dragon and Tiger. In Football Studio, the names of the two hands are thematic – Home & Away. Finally, a tie bet is called a Draw.

The first card is placed in the first position (Home), whereas the follow-up lands on the second hand (Away). Should both cards happen to have the same value, that’s called a Draw.

K is the best-paying royal, whereas Ace has the smallest value.

The bigger value card always wins.

As you can see, there are no aces up Football Studio First Person’s sleeve. No specific strategy is particularly recommended for this game. Just trust your gut feeling.

You can, however, try out card-counting akin to that in blackjack. That way, you can track how many royals have been dealt and what else is yet to come. Nevertheless, we would suggest counting cards to seasoned gamblers only.

First Person vs. Live Football Studio

The Best Football Studio First Person Strategy

You might be wondering what the difference between the two variants could be.

As indicated above, the First Person version is more single player-oriented. In the latter variation, punters enjoy a social, interactive feel to their live gaming.

However, the two games come together thanks to Evolution’s trademark tool called GO LIVE.

When playing a round of Football Studio First Person, you can easily transcend to the live game. Featuring thousands of concurrent participants, the live casino game is accessible through just one button.

Play Football Studio First Person at Pribet!

Click the GO LIVE switch and you’ll go through a virtual portal sending you to Evolution’s live casino studio. In other words, if you ever have enough of individual play, you can switch to live gambling anytime.

Closing Thoughts

If you appreciate your privacy and being alone, consider playing Football Studio First Person. With three simple bets – home, away and draw, there’s not much to think about in advance. Just lay a bet and wait for the random outcome.

With a high RTP of 96.27%, Football Studio First Person will work perfectly with all types of punters.

Furthermore, Evolution made the football-inspired number easily adapted to smaller screens and displays. Therefore, Football Studio is playable on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet versions. And that refers to both RNG and live version of the game.


All things considered, we cannot wait for a wide audience to have a go with this sports live casino game. The original Football Studio has been around since 2016. We believe it is long overdue to launch a custom-made variant perfect for lone riders. Well done, Evolution Gaming!

On top of that, the Latvian live casino specialist succeeded in mixing the two games together. Thus the First Person is but a decision that can be changed whenever the player decides. Mix up single person gaming with the live dealer experience for ultimate fun.

Are you in the mood for some live dealer action while waiting for the new soccer release? Check out our review with the best strategies for Evolution’s Lightning Roulette.



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