Join the Universe of Personalized Live Gaming with Evolution’s First Person Dragon Tiger

Join the Universe of Personalized Live Gaming with Evolution’s First Person Dragon Tiger

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May 22, 2020

How to Win at First Person Dragon Tiger

In 2020, Evolution Gaming commits to expanding the First Person games series.

Therefore, three games from the set came out at the same time:

Today, we’re taking a careful, detailed look at the last member on the list – First Person Dragon Tiger.

To keep things simple, here’s the content of this page:

In this article, we’re covering the entirety of this RNG casino game. From the looks of the game to its betting amounts and side bets – we go deep. To learn how to play Evolution First Person Dragon Tiger, keep reading.

What Is Evolution First Person Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced gambling game originating in Asia. On the other hand, First Person Dragon Tiger is the exclusive design by Evolution Gaming, coming out in 2020.

First Person Dragon Tiger is an RNG-powered, exciting casino game that allows for a personalised gaming experience. Evolution is famous for its live casino games, but aims to please non-live players, too.

First Person Dragon Tiger has the same rules as the live dealer game.

Describing the new RNG release, Evolution’s Chief Product Officer said that it was a “great support game for baccarat”. And that’s due to their similar rules. But more about that later.

Our first impression of First Person Dragon Tiger is that it looks familiar yet intriguing. There’s room for exploration and admiration, so let’s see what the UI and UX offer.

A Look at the User Interface in Evolution Live Dragon Tiger

The key difference between the RNG and live variants is the positioning of the animals.

In the live dealer version, we have protruding cut-outs of the dragon and the tiger situated on each side of the dealer. The dealer places each card next to the inscribed words – Dragon and Tiger.

As there’s no croupier in the First Person variation, the dragon and the tiger are graphics located on the table. Immediately, you’ll notice oriental 2D drawings on each half of the table.

First Person Dragon Tiger Best Tips

This super-fast first-person game offers a clear view of all the relevant gameplay information. Your balance, current bet and the chips can be all found in the bottom part of the screen. Moreover, there’s a statistic board in the lower right-hand corner that helps you track the previous outcomes.

When you switch to the live studio – if you decide to – you’ll notice this difference. To learn how to move from RNG to live, check out the ‘How to Play’ section below.

Pros & Cons of First Person Dragon Tiger

There’s little negative we could notice about Evolution’s new First Person game. To start with, FPDT offers an engrossing experience that no other virtual table game could. Even without the presence of a croupier, it manages to surpass all the competition.

The graphics are super-rich and hyper-realistic almost. You’ll enjoy the red and golden studio with upholstered columns in the background. Decoration-wise, Evolution added subtle details like orchids and wooden elements according to Asian interior design rules.

Although it has multiple advantages, there’s one thing we could find fault with in FPDT.

The medium variance casino game boasts risky RTPs. Namely, the optimal RTP in First Person Dragon Tiger is 96.27%, which is not that bad. However, the bonus Suited Tie Bet comes with an unfavorable 86.02%. Even some video slots are more player-friendly than that.

Be that as it may, the pros easily outweigh the cons. Evolution killed it with First Person Dragon Tiger.

How to Play First Person Dragon Tiger

First Person Dragon Tiger from Evolution is ideal for lovers of table games. Playable on mobile, tablet and desktop, you can take this RNG game anywhere with you.

In First Person Dragon Tiger, you are in control.

No dealer deals the cards; you pick the time to draw and determine the pace. This makes FPDT more customizable in contrast to its live counterpart.

After placing your bet, two cards will be drawn out of the shoe. The shoe contains 8 decks.

One card goes to the Dragon to your left. The second card lands on the left half of the table, aka on the Tiger. The higher card wins.

King has the biggest value, whilst Ace has the lowest denomination. In this variant, the ace instead of being high becomes low.

Speaking of which, you can get back to the live casino studio whenever you feel like it. Like in all First Person games, Evolution offers the ‘GO LIVE' button. Push the button to be taken to Evolution’s live dealer studio. There, you can continue your gaming in a more lifelike environment.

Bet Types in First Person Dragon Tiger

First Person Dragon Tiger Strategy

If you’ve played regular Dragon Tiger, you’ll know how to play this variant. If you’re new to it, worry not, we’ve got your back. This how-to guide will be the key to your puzzle.

There are three main bets:

  • Dragon – betting that the winning card will land on the dragon part
  • Tiger – hoping for the high-value card to stand on the tiger position
  • Tie – believing that the cards on the two positions will have the same value

With First Person Dragon Tiger, Evolution took it up a notch by introducing an additional bet. Its name is Suited Tie Bet. As you might expect from this type of game, it’s the most volatile and brings the biggest risk. At the same time, it’s the most thrilling option in this RNG game. Depending on what type of player you are, you can have your choice.

Suited Tie Bet pays at a whopping 50:1! If you place and win a Suited Tie bet, you’ll get half of your main bet money back plus a payout of 50 to 1.

What’s a Suited Tie?

Suited Tie is an optional bet in First Person Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming. A player who bets on this outcome believes that the drawn cards will be of identical rank and suit. For instance, that would be a pair of sevens of Clubs.

Here are some key facts about RTPs in First Person Dragon Tiger:

  • The main bet (Dragon vs. Tiger) has an RTP of 96.27%.
  • Tie Bet offers a return to player of an 89.64%.
  • The Suited Tie Bet returns up to 86.02%.

And here are the payout odds for all bets in Dragon Tiger:

  • Dragon – 1 to 1
  • Tiger – 1 to 1
  • Tie – 11 to 1
  • Suited Tie – 50 to 1

Card Values in Dragon Tiger

Card values are pivotal in Dragon Tiger. The card that values more is the winner. You want to bet on that card. But you need to know the cards’ worth.

The good news is that there’s nothing new to learn.

Each card holds its own numerical value. A is worth 1, two stands for 2, and so on. The lowest denomination card is Ace. King has the biggest value in Dragon Tiger.

First Person Dragon Tiger Step-by-Step

Dragon Tiger, in general, is one of the easiest casino games to play. To illustrate, here are step-by-step guidelines on how to play the game.

  1. Place you bet. You can bet on Dragon, Tiger or Tie Bet.
  2. Two cards are drawn. One goes to the Dragon whilst the other lands in the Tiger position.
  3. The highest card wins. The winning character (Dragon or Tiger) illuminates the winning card.

Best Dragon Tiger Strategies

The betting range in First Person Dragon Tiger Evolution goes from €1 to €10,000 or equivalent. That gives all players a good selection of bet amounts in each round.

Players develop a strategy depending on a few factors:

  • Bankroll
  • Personal profile
  • Gut feeling

Remember, Dragon Tiger is a game of luck. Therefore, we cannot officially recommend a single tactic that works to beat the game.

But, there might be something we can help you with.

First Person Dragon Tiger comes with the same dealing mechanism as First Person Baccarat. Evolution deals from the same deck in the shoe and lets the cards build up. The provider doesn’t shuffle the cards after each round.

In other words, you could use card-counting as a strategy in Dragon Tiger from Evolution.

Thanks to this approach, Evolution allows participants to track what cards have been dealt and follow trends. That’ll make the decision-making process much easier. You can track the suits only, and we suggest that as there are 8 decks in the shoe. Suit-tracking is a solid strategy for a game of chance such as Dragon Tiger.

It seems like the perfect time to learn how to count cards.

Where to Play First Person Dragon Tiger

Evolution Gaming has already launched the new first-person game. To play it, register with an Evolution-powered online casino. Here are our top picks for Evolution Gaming operators:

Always make sure you’re gambling with a licensed and regulated online casino. only recommends trustworthy operators. Experience with First Person Dragon Tiger

We have great respect for Evolution Gaming as a company and they don’t cease to impress us. With the new RNG-powered First Person Dragon Tiger, Evolution created a link for table game fans and live casino goers. Connecting the two types of games, Evolution enabled players to have a taste of both worlds.

This game of chance is tilty and thrilling. Full of anticipation and loaded with gorgeous graphics, it’s worth checking out. Players play with 8 decks in the shoe, but they can still have a personal count. It’s possible to catch a genuine trend in this hybrid casino game.

We loved it, and we’re sure you will, too.

See what Evolution’s Chief Product Officer and Games Operations Todd Haushalter had to say about the new First Person games.



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