“Our Players’ Requests Are the Most Important Thing”, Gamebeat CEO Evgeny Derevyanko

“Our Players’ Requests Are the Most Important Thing”, Gamebeat CEO Evgeny Derevyanko

Staff Writer
October 4, 2022

Exclusive Gamebeat Interview

Gamebeat is a young studio that has an interesting approach to designing video slots. Without limiting themselves, this studio creates games with atmospheric stories, eye-catching graphics, and immersive sound design.

CasinosOnline had the pleasure of chatting with the Gamebeat CEO, Evgeny Derevyanko about the studio, their games, plans for the future, and more. They are preparing some exciting releases for 2022, read about them in our full interview below.

  • Hello, and welcome to CasinosOnline, a gambling portal specializing in online casino content. Let us start with an introduction, could you tell our readers a few words about yourself?

“We are Gamebeat, a studio for developing spectacular games with an atmospheric storyline that are played by active users around the world. Moreover, we are a community of creative people who do what they really love and are passionate about.”

Buffalo Trail Slot Gamebeat

  • Gamebeat is a pretty young studio. Could you tell us how you started?

“From time to time it is useful to remember how we started our journey in the world of gambling – this helps to reflect on the accumulated experience and integrate it into the future development of the company. Relatively little time has passed since our first release – a little over a year, but during this period we managed to implement a bunch of cool ideas and projects. A year ago, we had only 8 games at our disposal, a couple of game fans and perfectionism — this powerful synergy allowed us to debut a new game quite successfully on March 18, 2021.”

  • As a CEO of Gamebeat are you satisfied with the success you have achieved so far? What are some of the biggest challenges you had to overcome?

“Definitely, we are satisfied with our success, but we always remember that this is not our ceiling and we are ready to develop further. One of the main problems we face is the shortage of staff. We do not need ordinary employees – we are actively looking for superstars, people who are passionate about their work, who love gambling and feel the players. We are also looking for those who will give our team even more expertise.”

  • We are extremely curious about your studio. Could you describe a typical working day at Gamebeat?

“The answer to the question is not so simple, since everything depends on the position of the employee and the stage of development of the game. I'll try to describe the average day of a Gamebeater – in the morning we have regular calls, where we share plans for the day and discuss pressing issues. During the day, everyone does their own tasks — developers write the program code, the marketing team thinks over the brand development strategy, script writers write the game plot, and testers identify the performance of slots. Our separate driver is a live exchange of ideas between team members. Collaborative creativity on a daily basis allows us to come up with cool ideas, gives impetus to the development of skills, providing great creative freedom.”

Fortune Five Double Slot Gamebeat

  • You have mentioned in a recent interview how Gamebeat is very sensitive to employee recruitment. Could you tell us what makes a perfect Gamebeat employee?

“Indeed, we are very sensitive to the selection of like-minded people in the company. If you talk to each member of our team, one detail that unites all the guys will catch your eye – the fire in the eyes. It is important for us that everyone truly enjoys what they do and is full of passion for what they do – in our case, gambling and creating quality slots. And for sure we appreciate the desire for personal growth and regular pumping of our skills.”

  • Now, let’s talk about Gamebeat’s impressive portfolio. Each of your games offers something innovative and unique in order to stand out from all other slots currently in the market. Could you tell us where and how you get your inspiration to develop a perfect slot?

“We are inspired by everything that surrounds us! It is very difficult to identify a specific source, because most often the solution is a synthesis of classic game concepts and current trends. We try to focus on the heritage of classic games, while not forgetting what is relevant in specific markets. And, perhaps the most significant, is the requests of our players. Listening to their wishes, we try to create catchy game content for every taste.”

Buffalo Trail Slot Review

  • When it comes to video slots, it seems that Fortune 5 Double, Buffalo Trail, and Lord Of The Seas are extremely popular with players. What is the secret to their success in your opinion?

“Players appreciate the variety of games in our portfolio and give preference to almost every one of them, however, there are indeed recognized leaders — the top 3 are Fortune 5 Double, Buffalo Trail and Lord Of The Seas. These games are completely different in atmosphere and plot, but there is a link that unites them and captivates fans – this is a good balance of mathematics, mechanics and themes.”

  • Gamebeat is preparing for a couple of releases this year, namely, Sea Secret Hold & Win, and Odin’s Tree. Can you tell us something about these two titles?


“August 2022 was quite rich in new releases from our studio – we have released two slots! Sea Secret and Odin's Tree are some of our top favorites and here's why you should check out these games:

Sea Secret features stunning cinematic visuals – charismatic characters and animation make you want to admire non-stop. And the game also has interesting mathematics – quite generous and at the same time leaving you in a pleasant tension.

Odin's Tree is an equally exciting slot, fans of Norse mythology will be especially delighted with the game. The abundance of bonus games and other chips will allow the player to become the owner of good winnings.”

Sea Secret Slot Gamebeat

  • As we have mentioned, Gamebeat managed to achieve a huge success in short time. What is next for Gamebeat when it comes to future plans?

“We are planning a very busy end of this year – soon we will launch our new engine, introduce new mechanics into games, launch casual games, work with the blockchain and, most importantly, release two long-awaited and coolest releases before the end of the year! Details very soon, so stay tuned 😊”

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Is there a message you would like to share with our readers?

“We are constantly looking for new employees and publish posts about it on our social networks. If you love gambling and consider yourself a professional in your work, check out our vacancies and prepare your resume, we will be glad to see you in our team!

Thanks for the interesting interview!”



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