Differences between Standard Poker Games and Casino Poker Games

Differences between Standard Poker Games and Casino Poker Games

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Updated October 31, 2023

Differences between Standard Poker Games and Casino Poker Games

Due to all of the larger and better known online gaming platform suppliers keeping their suite of games fresh and fully up to date with every possible type and category of casino game you are going to find in the gaming suites of all of our featured online casino sites a range of Casino Poker games.

Now when a traditional casino game player sees the word Poker in any casino game description they often think that those games have to be played in a multi player type way whereby you will be sat around a cyber poker table pitting your wits against players from many different countries of the world.

However, nothing could be further than the truth for all of the Casino Poker games you are going to find at our featured online casinos are single player games, and that means it will be just you and the dealer playing a heads up type of card game which is structured in a similar way to many different Poker game variants.

So today we are going to introduce you to a range of Casino Poker games which you may enjoy playing, each game comes with a completely different playing style, but ultimately the game will somehow revolve around a Poker game playing structure, either by the way the different rounds of that game has been designed or simply in regards to the payouts awarded to you when you get dealt a Poker type of winning hand.

Texas Poker Based Casino Poker Games

One Casino Poker game you will find readily available is the Gold Series Texas Hold’em Poker game which is found in the gaming suite of Microgaming powered sites, now this game is based around the community game of Texas Hold’em Poker however you are only tasked with beating the Dealers hand and not beating any number of fellow players’ hands.

You are first required to place an Ante type bet and will be dealt out two initial Pocket Cards much like you do when playing Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, and if you decide to play on with those two cards the game will then progresses through the usual rounds including the Flop, River and Turn card stages of the game.

You can place a wager on each of those three additional playing rounds where additional cards are then added to the community cards, and finally when you reach the Showdown stage of the game your hand will be compared to the Dealers hand and whichever hand is the strongest and highest ranked Texas Hold’em hand will win.

The payouts on the game are based on the value of your hand along with whether you have opted to place a special side bet bonus wager which has its own set of stand alone winning payouts that are attached to it.

Casino Poker Games Using Three Card Playing Formats

There is one Casino Poker game that you are going to be able to access and play at any casino sites irrespective of which casino software platform that site is operating on, and this is a game that goes by the name of Three or Tri Card Poker.

This game is by far and away the most played single player Casino Poker game you are going to come across online and its popularity is probably down to several factors, one of which is that unlike the standard Poker based games this game is played with just three cards being dealt to the player and dealer, and the fact that it is two games in one.

You are given the choice before setting any game or Three or Tri Card Poker into play whether you want to play the Pairs Plus bet on its own, or the standard Poker based game on its own or you can also opt to play both games together yet individually!

The Pairs Plus game is a game on which your three cards have to be one of several hands listed on the Pairs Plus pay table to be awarded a winning payout which is based on the amount of cash you staked on that hand, and the minimum payout you can win is attached to any hand containing at least a pair of matching card.

The standard game will involve both your hand and the dealers 3 card hand being compared at the final stage of the game and whichever hand in deemed to be the highest valued 3 card poker hand as per the attached pay table will win the hand and if it is the player who wins he or she gets paid out the associated payout for that winning hand, if the Dealer has qualified.


There are around a couple of dozen different Casino Poker games that you are able to play online, however it is worth noting and remembering that each and every one of these games comes with its own unique playing structures and associated payouts.

In fact some of the very recently launched online Casino Poker games now boast a progressive jackpot, however when playing such games you are often required to play a bonus type of side bet wager to activate the progressive jackpot element of the game, so always read the rules of any Casino Poker based game to ensure you know fully how to play it!

The one main thing to remember about playing any type of Casino Poker game online is that it will boast its own unique house edge, and the house edge can vary on both the base game and any additional bonus bet you choose to place.

So when playing these types of games make sure you familiarize yourself with the house edges and payout percentages for what can often appear like a generous and fair playing Casino Poker game can in fact come with a very unappealing set of payouts, house edges and payout percentages once you compare them to other casino games!



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