Dance Floor Wild Symbols

Dance Floor Wild Symbols

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May 21, 2016

disco-spins-slotOne aspect to you playing slot games online is that when you sign up to certain casino sites you are going to come across slots offering lots of brand new bonus features, and as a first time online slot player you are going to have to go on a very sharp learning curve, in regards to learning how those bonus features work and operate.

However, help is always at hand for on our website we have put together one of the largest and most comprehensive set of slot game playing guides that will enlighten you as to how all bonus games and bonus features work and operate, so by spending as much time as you can do looking through our slot playing guides you will soon master the art of playing any type of online slot game!

This guide is dedicated to a very unique bonus feature which you will find on just one slot game found in the NetEnt gaming software platform, and that feature is known as Dance Floor Wilds, read on for it may just be a bonus feature that tickles your fancy!

What are Dance Floor Wilds

The slot game on which you will find Dance Floor Wild symbols are going to have quite a number of different wild symbols in play on the reels and each of those wild symbols will be a different colour.

What will happen when you play of any one single spin on those slot games is that the background of each of the in view reel position on the screen will randomly display a different colour once you click onto the spin button and the aim is for you to spin in one of the reel symbols which are that colour, as those symbols will then turn into wild symbols when they land on those reel positions with the matching colour.

In the case of the slot game we will be introducing to you before it is only going to be the character reel symbols that can be turned into additional wild symbols when they spin in on a reel position that has the same coloured background as those Character reel symbols. But the more of them that do spin in and turn into wild symbols the more chance so winning you will then have!

Slots with Dance Floor Wild Symbols

Even though there are thousands upon thousands of different video slot games and other type of slot game available online you are only going to find one slot game currently that has a set of what are known as Dance Floor Wilds symbols in play on their reels.

That slot game is the Disco Spins slot game which is available via the instant play gaming platforms offered by any casino site that has the suite of NetEnt slot games on offer. That slot game is a much sought after slot for you can play it for a range of different staking options or even test it out at any online casino site that has it available as a free to play slot game.

Make sure you do put that game to the test, and for reference if you make use of any of the casino bonus offers that all of our NetEnt software powered online or mobile casinos site have available you will be able to use those bonus credits you are awarded with when playing the Disco Spins slot game, so you will get plenty of additional spins when using those bonus credits, which may just be winning spins if you are lucky!


We are sure you will have some fun and entertaining and hopefully some winning slot playing session when you do play a slot offering Dance Floor Wild symbols, but please keep in mind that there are a huge number of slots on which all manner of additional wild symbols are attached.

In fact, we have started to see a large number of brand new slot game seeing launched at many of our top rated and showcased online and mobile casino sites which have some form of wild symbol related bonus game which can be triggered.

With that in mind please do continue to have a good look round this website and read through some of our many different slot playing guides which are dedicated to wild symbols and also wild symbols related bonus games and bonus features.

There will be so many different slot game available to you know matter at which casino site you choose to sign up to it will always be best for you to know how each slot game plays and pays before you sign up and start to play at any online casino site, and our slot guides, reviews and articles will let you know what every single slot has to offer you!



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