Everything about Evolution’s Hit Money Wheel Game Crazy Time – Tips & Tricks

Everything about Evolution’s Hit Money Wheel Game Crazy Time – Tips & Tricks

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May 21, 2020

Crazy Time Evolution Gaming Strategy

Are you after a stunning game that’s enjoyable to both watch and play? Evolution is launching a fascinating new game show title called Crazy Time. Crazy Time Evolution is an interactive live game containing four bonus games – Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time.


Based on the spectacular success of the last year's Monopoly Live, Evolution followed the same path with Crazy Time.

Figuring out that players loved the bonus round in the 2019 game show release, the live casino master implemented in Crazy Time not one, but 4 exciting bonus games.

Coming out on the 1st day of July, Crazy Time represents the pinnacle of entertainment. Fun, thrilling and colorful – Crazy Time from Evolution is an all-in-one casino game.

Here’s the whole nine yards about it.

What Is Crazy Time by Evolution

Every time you log in to play Crazy Time in a licensed casino, know that something genuinely amazing will happen.

Sticking with the Monopoly contrasting, we can tell that Crazy Time is more volatile than its Hasbro family member. In other words, it’ll keep you on your toes for the whole duration of the game. Moreover, Crazy Time from Evolution has an optimal RTP of 96.08%. So you’ll need quite a bit of luck to benefit from this gemstone.

Whenever you join the game, a joyful host or hostess will welcome you to the show. The brightly tinted, rainbow-like studio is open for business 24/7. Looking like a chamber from Wonderland, the space features multi-nuanced walls with golden strings all over.

From this Beetlejuice-esque ambiance, it’ll be hard to return to your everyday routine.

Then, you hostess appears in her kaleidoscopic costume.

With her bubbly attitude, she will bounce around the studio helping you through the labyrinth. Yes, Crazy Time is a maze whose final destination is the big Red Door. Stay until the end of the article to see what’s behind the crimson gate.

How to Play Evolution's Crazy Time

The game begins with the original money wheel with 54 wedges or segments.

In every round, there is a multiplier. The Top Slot, located above the wheel, delivers a multiplier to the basket at the bottom of the screen. The multipliers can go from 7x up to 20x and even more.

Already crowned the highlight of the year, Crazy Time offers bonus rounds on every 6th spin.

The hostess will spin it for you and wait for the arrowhead to stop on a wheel wedge. Its position determines the continuation of the game. It can land on a number (1, 2, 5 or 10) or a bonus game.

The Crazy Time Evolution release date is the 1st day of July 2020, which gives you a bit more than a month to think of strategies.

For more tips on how to improve your wheel of fortune skills, check out our article right here. Implementing the right strategy from the get-go can be a decisive facet later in your gameplay.

Crazy Time Step-by-Step

Coin Flip Evolution

To simplify this hybrid casino game, here are some simple guidelines.

  1. Place your bets. To participate in any bonus game, you need to place a bet on the original wheel.
  2. The Top slot renders a random multiplier. The slot’s selection combines with the segment upon which the main wheel stops.
  3. Aim for the match. If a multiplier from the Top Slot and bet spot align, that’s called a match. In that case, the random multiplier is added to the bet spot.
  4. What you win is what you get. If the arrowhead stops at a number, you will be paid according to the payout table. The same goes if you hit a multiplier.
  5. Let the frenzy begin. If the money wheel stops at a bonus round wedge, the said game will commence. Moreover, if there are multipliers involved, they’ll be multiplied at the start of the bonus round.

How to Operate User Interface

As always with Evolution's games, you'll see the game title in the upper left corner. Right below it, there's the chat facility that you can use at any point during the game. On the opposite side, there are settings that concern sound and music, which you can also manually control.

The bottom part of the screen is reserved for gameplay info such as your balance, bonus bet amount and multipliers. If you want to go back to the main menu, click the Lobby button with the Evolution logo in the lower right-hand corner.

Where to Play Crazy Time

We believe we’ve got your attention so far. If you’re at least slightly intrigued by the hidden treasures of this phenomenal number, you’ll want to test it out.

However, as we’ve said, the game is not available for the public yet, but it will be very soon. When it’s officially launched, it’ll be on offer by all Evolution licensees. So, make sure to register with a solid online casino powered by Evolution today.

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Bonus Rounds in Crazy Time

The whole nature of Crazy Time is in one word – crazy. But this madness is layered, if we may. Crazy Time features four impressive bonus rounds, making it the most fun casino game ever made.

This is the quality quartet of Crazy Time bonus rounds:

  1. Pachinko
  2. Cash Hunt
  3. Coin Flip
  4. Crazy Time


The Japanese gambling sensation Pachinko has made its way to Evolution’s heart. To pay homage to the ultra-immersive cabinet from Asia, the Latvian live dealer behemoth featured it in Crazy Time.

In Crazy Time Pachinko, you can get unlimited doubles. And we mean unlimited.

Akin to the original Asian mechanism, Pachinko in Crazy Time contains physical pegs that intrude the puck’s movements. The host will drop the blazing white puck from the top of the Pachinko wall.

From that point on, you just sit and watch. You will win the multiplier where the puck lands.

Pachinko Evolution

The shining puck can end up in one of the 16 landing zones. Each of the zones will be worth of a random multiplier or a DOUBLE. We’ll tell you more about DOUBLEs later.

Making its way down, the squishy ball can reward you with up to a 10,000x multiplier.

But there’s more. From time to time, a randomized Rescue Drop can occur when the puck arrives at a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier. In such a case, every multiplier estimated under the won multiplier will be boosted. Ultimately, the host/hostess drops the puck down again.

Cash Hunt

It's time for the big treat.

The Cash Hunt bonus game offers 108 multipliers hidden behind symbols like stars, joker hats, bunnies and cupcakes. To make things more colorful, Evolution featured money wheels, gift boxes, birds and cacti. When the bonus round begins, you get to see all the 108 multipliers. Quickly enough, the said symbols cover the multiplier values so you can't see them anymore.

In Cash Hunt, the hostess pulls the lever to scramble up all the prizes on the board. All you get to look at now is a board loaded with brightly colored symbols. And exactly this is where your hands-on experience begins.

Evolution will grant you with a canon and you get to take a shot. Drag around the sniper-like scope with your mouse and aim for your desired prize. Once you do, the tile you gunned will reveal the multiplier you got, as well as all other veiled multipliers. Again, this is completely randomized. Every time you play the game is different. And every player will get a different outcome.

Where to Play Crazy Time Evolution Gaming

Coin Flip

Then appears a coin with a red side and a blue side. Each side has a bespoke random multiplier.

Red or blue – let the coin decide, as Evolution put it.

This game runs on a completely random protocol, just like its real-life counterpart. All you can do is watch and wait. You win either way.

If the coin lands with the red side up, you get the red multiplier. Alternatively, if the blue side shines through, you’ll profit from the blue multiplier. Both multiplier values are randomly generated.

Similar to Pachinko, Coin Flip can surprise you with a Rescue Flip. If the assigned multipliers are low, the coin will flip again.

In the dream-case scenario, you'll enter the Coin Flip round with a 50x multiplier already. Then, you can receive a 100x multiplier, making it a total of 5,000x your stake!

However, in Cash Hunt, you can commence the round with a 50x and win an extra 500x. What comes after? You guessed it – 25,000x. And that's not even the maximum potential exposure of Crazy Time by Evolution. Wait until the final round.

Crazy Time

The final bonus round in this live casino release is called like the game itself – Crazy Time. Do you remember the Red Door we mentioned earlier? Crazy Time is what’s behind it.

How to Play Crazy Time

The insane feature is an overwhelming ride through a world of its own. Set in a dream-like surrounding, the Crazy Time bonus round is stacked with fantastical characters.

The ruby door opens to a massive money wheel with 64 segments.

Railways and stairways to heaven flock around this mesmerizing construction. Have a look around and you’ll notice octopuses, flamingos, candy canes and various animals. Hot air balloons? Check.

Each of the 64 wedges boasts a crazy multiplier. What’s more, some wedges will have an extra DOUBLE or TRIPLE value. These are the segments to look out for. The more DOUBLEs and TRIPLEs you collect, the bigger your final profit will be.

Then, you choose one of the three flappers (green, blue or yellow). Just click on your desired flapper and watch the host press the big red button. Keep your fingers crossed and your flapper might meet the TRIPLE segment.

If you explore further, you’ll find that there’s a sun-drenched, golden beach in the lower section of your screen. A lot like an alternate reality, the Crazy Time round holds the biggest winning potential. Multipliers are swarming in this game, trust us.

Ultimately, you can win the maximum of 20,000x in this round.

Hypothetically, the maximum potential in Crazy Time can exceed 150,000x. Just keep collecting those doubles and triples and you’ll be on your way to ultimate success.

This is how you make the most money in the entire game. The Crazy Time bonus round is also the only round that's not physical, but virtual.

Bustle & Cash – All in One Casino Game

How to Win at Crazy Time Evolution Gaming

We could not conclude the article without dedicating a section to its visual appeal.

From the first second, the player is sucked into the Crazy Time universe. And that’s no wonder. Just look at these staggering, vivid colors!

Each of the hosts – male or female – wears intense clothing with shades of green, red and gold. Complementing the brilliant, fantasy-like environment, the dealers will make your experience feel like an actual dream.

Moreover, physical ornaments featuring rains of coins and graphics showing fantasy castles paint a dreamland of its kind. Mixing pastels, fluorescent colors and everything in-between, Crazy Time blurs the fine line between reality and fiction.

Furthermore, the visual factor in Crazy Time from Evolution allows for utter enjoyment. Both astonishing and rewarding, the game show is unparalleled in every sense of the word.

What We Think about Crazy Time from Evolution

Creating such a spacious studio with multiple rooms took a lot of money. That’s why Crazy Time is perhaps the most expensive casino game in the world. But that’s Evolution, and we love them for it.

Our takeaway from playing Crazy Time is that it’s our favorite right now. If you need a rest from video slots and traditional table games, have a go with this gemstone. It’s coming out on the 1st of July 2020 – the perfect timing to welcome summer this dull year.

People will inevitably compare Crazy Time to Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live, but our readers will know better. Crazy Time is all that’s been created in iGaming so far in one game, plus so much more.



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