Craps Terms & Definitions

Craps Terms & Definitions

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June 17, 2020

Craps Glossary

Craps is one of the most popular online casino games with a low house edge and immense potential. However, the table and numerous rules sometimes confuse the punters.

Hence, we compiled a lengthy glossary of the most important terms that you could encounter at a craps table. Just look through, read up, and you will become a pro at craps slang in no time. Without further ado, here are the most common terms and definition for craps.



A die that has the value of 1.

Against the Dice

Betting on the Don’t Pass Line.

Any Craps

The Any Craps bet is a single roll bet where you bet on the chance of rolling 2, 3, or 12 in total. This is a one-roll bet, so there is no possibility to roll again. If you hit it on the first roll, you win. If neither 2,3, nor 12 appear, you lose. This is a risky bet because the chances of landing one of the three desired outcomes are slim.

Any Seven

The only bet that is riskier than Any Craps is the Any Seven bet. Essentially, with Any Seven, you place a wager that you will roll a seven. The number seven is significant in craps, so rolling it would be a big deal. Any Seven payouts are 4 to 1.


Arm is a player with high proficiency in throwing dice. This punter can even influence the odds of specific outcomes due to his skills.


Back Line

An alternative term used for the Don’t Pass Line.

Bank Craps

Craps is not the full name of the game. Instead, the official name for this game is bank craps, but craps is more popular and widespread.

Bar 12

When a player rolls 12 and creates a push on the Pass and Don’t Pass Line bets.

Behind the Line

This term describes the action of betting on the odds of the placed bets. The craps table does not have a highlighted area for this type of bets, so the players have to put chips directly behind the chips for the Pass/Don’t Pass bet.

Betting Right

Betting right means you are betting on the pass line.

Betting Wrong

This one is the opposite of the previous one. Betting wrong is used to describe someone who is betting on the don’t pass line. In some casinos, players call betting on the Don’t Pass Line a bet that’s Against the Dice.

Big 8

Betting on a roll of 8 before 7 is the Big 8. The house edge for this bet is 9.1%, and it pays even money. Big 8 is the same as the Place 8 bet, but the latter has a 1.5% house edge and pays 7 to 6.

Big 6

Betting on a roll of 6 before 7 is the Big 6. Just like Big 8 and Place 8 bets, the Big 6 has a Place 6 counterpart. However, the Place bet has the 1.5% house edge and 7 to 6 payout.

Big Red

Betting on a roll of seven is popularly called Big Red.


Another name for dice. A prevalent term.


The container where the crew keeps the dice.


Like Roulette, Blackjack, and similar table games, craps has dealers. However, there is the boxman too, and his job is to oversee and monitor the dealers and the players. Essentially, their main job is to supervise the gambling activity at the table.


Capped Dice

Damaged dice. In other words, if the dice have any sort of damage or scratch, they are capped.

Center Field

A roll of 9 has an unofficial name center field.

Cold Table

If most of the players at the table are losing, the table is cold. This is the opposite to hot tables.

Color Up

When punters decide to switch low chips for high chips.

Come Bet

Come bets are the same as the Pass/Don’t Pass bets, except they are valid only after the come-out rolls.

Come Out Roll

The first roll for a shooter is his come-out roll. The point of this throw is to either strike a 7 or achieve a point.

Corner Red

Corner Red is a place on the table where you can find the Big 6 and Big 8 bets.

Crap Out

Throwing any crap number on the come-out roll will result in crap out.

Crap Numbers

2, 3, and 12 are crap numbers.


The casino staff that works at the craps table is the crew.


Dead Table

A craps table without players.

Dice in the Middle

When the stickman places the dice in the middle of the table, he indicates that the players can place their bets.

Don’t Come bet

Just like Come bets, the Don’t Come bet is the equivalent of the Don’t Pass bet after the come-out roll.

Double Odds

Placing a Behind the Line bet or taking the odds by betting on your original bet.


Take Me Down (or simply Down) is how players inform the dealers that they intend to withdraw their bets and quit the table.

Down Behind

If a Don’t Come bet fails, the crew will inform the player that he has lost.


Easy Way

When shooters land 4, 6, 8 or 10 without pairs.



In craps slang, fever is the name for a roll of 5.

Front Line

A front-line bet is another way to call the Pass Line bet.



Garden is an alternative name for field bets.


A player who is generous with tips (tokes) in the casino.



Rolling 4, 6, 8 or 10 as a double (i.e. both dice have the same value)


A one-roll bet that the next roll would bring an outcome of either 2 or 12.


This is the same bet as Hi-Lo, except players can roll 11 and win.

Hit a Brick

During a roll, the dice sometimes crashes into a stack of chips. Hence, the dice do not roll to the end of the table.

Hard Number

When you roll a pair, the sum of the two values is the hard number. For example, a hard 4 is the outcome of a couple of 2s, a hard 10 is a combination of two 5s, etc.

Hard Bet

Betting on the chance that the shooter will roll a pair with outcomes of hard 4,6,8, or 10. In other words, a hard bet means the bettor aims for a 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, or 5-5.

Hot Table

If most players are winning, the table is colloquially known as a hot table.


Inside Bet

An inside bet is a bet on any of the inside numbers.

Inside Numbers

5, 6, 8 and 9 are inside numbers.


Insurance bets are multiple bets that serve to secure the original wager. Players typically use them to recover lost assets in previous rounds.



Juice or vig (short for vigorish) is the commission which the casino takes on some special bets.


Line Bet

Pass/ Don’t Pass Line bet is the full name for the Line bet.

Little Joe

Little Joe is an alternative, slang term for a hard 4. In other words, should a player roll two 2s, the hard 4 becomes Little Joe.



Dealers use marker pucks to signalize whether a point is ‘on’ or ‘off’, i.e. active, or not.



If a shooter rolls a seven (or eleven) on the come-out roll, he is said to be a natural.


Outside Numbers

4,5, 9, and 10 are outside numbers.


Parlay a Bet

After a win, players may take the winnings and place it on the next bet.

Place Bets

Bets on any of the place numbers.

Place Numbers

4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 are the place numbers.


During the come-out roll, the player might roll one of the place numbers. If this happens, the value of the number becomes the point. In all subsequent rolls, the shooter intends to roll the point before a seven appears.

Press a Bet

When pressing a bet, players add more funds to the original bet. Commonly, punters just double the previous bet.

Puppy Paws

Jargon for the roll outcome of 10.



There is a special place at the table where all players can keep their chips for the game. Another name is the Rack.

Right Bettor

A player that bets on the Pass Line is the right bettor.


Seven Out

While chasing the points, players are aiming to score the point before rolling a seven. When a 7 appears before the point number, the player sevens out. The seven out marks the end of the round for this player.


The player that is rolling the dice.

Skinny McKinney/Dugan

Saying the word ‘seven’ out loud is bad luck at a craps table. Hence, players have found ways to say the word when referencing the number by using slang terms. The most popular version is the Skinny McKinney. But in some cases, you might even hear Skinny Dugan.

Snake Eyes

A roll of two Aces, i.e. a roll of two in total. Each die has a value of one.

Square Pair

A roll of a pair of fours, i.e. a hard eight.


Next to the dealers and the boxman, the table staff includes a stickman as well. His job is to pass the dice to the players and announce the results of the rolls.


Take Odds

This is the official name of the Behind the Line bet. It has no house edge, and the players can retrieve it anytime.

Three-Way Craps

A bet on any craps where players bet on all three optional outcomes – 2, 3, and 12.


Players often tip the dealers. The toke is an alternative name for a tip.


A bet that the player places and splits with the dealers.


Winner on Dark Side

This is a slang term for a roll of three.

Working Bets

Active bets on the table.

Wrong Bettor

A player that bets on the Don’t Pass line. Essentially, he bets that the player won’t hit the point number before rolling a seven, i.e. betting against the shooter.



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