Comparing Local Progressive Games with Network Wide Games

Comparing Local Progressive Games with Network Wide Games

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Updated July 13, 2022

Standalone Progressive Slots Versus Progressive Network Games

All progressive jackpot paying games whether they are slot games, video poker games or card or table games will have one of two different types of progressive jackpots attached to them. You will find games offering something known as a local progressive jackpot or a network wide progressive jackpot.

The way these two different progressive jackpot structures work and operate is quite different, and as part of our ongoing series of guides in this one we take a look at what makes local and network wide progressive jackpots so different, and will let you know the pros and cons of playing each type of game offering one these two jackpots!

Local Progressive Games

Let us start off by letting you know all there is to know about Local Progressive Jackpots. These jackpots are exclusive to the one casino site at which you are playing at. There can actually be two subsections of local progressive jackpot games and we shall now explain the differences between the two.

The largest range of local progressive jackpot slots games can be found at Real Time Gaming powered sites. When playing at any casino powered by this state of the art gaming platform you will come across the first type of local jackpot slot.

This slot is the Bank on It slot, and when playing this slot you will find as you play the game a small progressive type jackpot will be growing in value each time you play it. This jackpot is exclusive to you and that one slot game, and as such the only player who is going to win the cash displayed on this slots jackpot meter will be you!

You will also find a range of what are known as Real Series slot games when you are logged into any casino using Real Time Gaming software. These slots are quite large in number and can offer one or two local progressive jackpots.

When you are playing these slots games which include the Beaver Builder Slot and the Aztec Millions slot a proportion of your stake and all other players stakes playing these slots are used to feed the progressive jackpot pools.

These jackpots can be won by any player playing at the casino offering these games, but unlike the network wide progressive slots listed below the jackpots on offer are exclusive to each casino, and as such if you play at several Real Time Gaming powered sites you will find the jackpots attached to these types of games all differ in size.

The main attraction of these types of slot games is the jackpots are paid out completely at random, and any player has the chance to win one of them. So if you enjoy playing slots online but for tiny stake levels then these slots should appeal to you as their respective local progressive jackpots can be won irrespective of how high or low the stake levels you play them for!

Network Wide Progressive Games

The very largest progressive jackpots won online are always awarded on what are known as network wide slot games. These slots are interlinked at lots of different casino sites which all utilize the same gaming platform and the same software suppliers range of games.

The largest ever jackpot won online to date was on the NetEnt software powered Mega Fortune slot, this is a popular slot with players, for whilst the jackpot is not won regularly the size of the jackpot when it is finally won is often in excess of ten million Euros!

You will find not shortages of network wide progressive slot games on offer. In fact it is not just slot games which have these very large jackpots on offer. If you play for example at a Microgaming software powered casino site you are going to be able to play Video Poker games, Roulette games and even Card Games all of which boast an ever rising progressive jackpot.

Another software supplier that has a very large and diverse range of network wide progressive jackpots is Playtech. These have some fairly standard progressive slots offering large jackpots and have also released some rather unusual slots which players can win a share of the progressive jackpot based on their level of play previously made in the run up to a jackpot being awarded!

The one aspect of playing any casino game online that offers a network wide progressive jackpot that you should be aware of is that every player playing these games will have a chance of winning the jackpot irrespective of the casino at which they are playing.

Plus if you play at any of the newly launched mobile casino sites, then you will also have the exact same chance of winning a progressive jackpot when playing the games offered at those mobile casino sites as you would when playing them at an online casino.


You are going to have the chance of winning big when playing any type of progressive games online. However, it is often the case that the network wide games will offer by far and away the largest jackpots. Having said that though the amount of time between jackpots being won on network wide progressive games can be quite large!

As such if you do wish to play a range of progressive games but would much prefer to play games which award their jackpot payout much more regularly, but do not offer truly life changing jackpots, then there is a lot to be liked above local progressive games.

Remember that whilst the jackpots can be won at any minute, when playing progressive slot games for example you will find the base game winning payouts can be quite large in their own right, and many progressive jackpot slots also come with a range of bonus games and bonus features, so you could win big without ever winning a progressive jackpot when playing those slots online!



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