Most Common Slot Playing Mistakes

Most Common Slot Playing Mistakes

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January 13, 2014

Avoid These Mistakes When Playing Online Slots

If you have ever been playing an online slot and accidentally hit the Max Bet button when you were playing, and that one spins cost you the lion’s share of your slot playing budget as no winning combination then spun in, fear not you are not alone!

There are many different mistakes online slot players can and regularly make when playing any type of online slot games, and in this article we are going to take a look at some of them, in the hope that you can learn from others mistakes and ensure you never make any yourself!

Not Activating All Paylines

There are many reasons why you may not put into live play all of the available paylines on any slot game, the most common reason is that you may be playing on a reduced bankroll and as such putting into play every single available payline may be too expensive.

It is as if the slot games is teaching you a lesson sometimes when you play this way, for often you will see a large paying or jackpot paying combination spinning in on un-activated paylines, and as such if you are about to play a multiple payline slot always play maximum lines.

Most slots will let you adjust the coin stake value settings and number of coins player per payline per spin and as such set the game to play on the minimum coin value settings when playing any slot game and always put into play maximum payline spins, for by doing so that gut wrenching feeling of seeing a huge paying combination spinning in on a payline you haven’t put into play is never going to happen to you!

Over Using the Gamble Feature

Sadly, when a slot game has a Gamble type feature which allows you to try and double or quadruple or increase by any amount any winning combinations value that has just been spun in, many players cannot help but taking this option, and it can be a bankroll destroyer if you do not keep a level head when coming across such slots.

The basic structure of most slots will ensure that plenty of low value winning combinations will be awarded to you when playing them and this gives you plenty of play time and of course the chance of spinning in a large paying combination or triggering a bonus type feature.

Should you constantly put into play and take the Gamble option on any slot, whilst it is true to say you could have some very lucky streaks on them and massively increase your casino account balance, the opposite is just as likely to happen, and that could mean your online slot playing session ends way before it ought too! So be conservative in regards to how many times you take any slot game Gamble option, and possibly avoid taking it to never run the risk of busting out too quickly!

Progressive Slot Game Playing Mistakes

The one type of slot game that you will never want to make any mistakes when you are playing them online are the progressive slots, always read the pay table and any help files attached to a progressive slot game before you start playing it.

There are many different types of progressive slot games online and as such you need to be 100% confident that every spin you set into motion has the chance of you winning the progressive jackpot.

Many slot players have missed out on a life changing jackpot when playing a progressive slot game as they haven’t played them at the correct stake level, haven’t put into play maximum bet spins or have used a casino bonus on a slot game and have had their jackpots voided, so always make sure you know how a progressive slot game awards its progressive jackpot and follow the rules to the letter to avoid that once in a life time jackpot win!

Utilizing Hidden Features

When you are playing certain slot games, namely the online Fruit Machines, many of them have been designed with what are known as hidden features, these are available to be used by a player however you may be blissfully unaware of how to set them in play and use them!

Take for example the Nudge Peak feature found on many three reel, single payline Fruit Machines, this is a hidden feature that allows you to move each reel downwards to peak at what reel symbols are out of view whenever the Nudge feature has been awarded to you.

At the top of all three reels on Microgaming powered slot games for example there is a little triangle type symbol, and by clicking on those symbols once a Nudge feature has been awarded to you then you can instantly see what reel symbols are out of view and this could help you then nudge in a winning combination!

So if you do intend playing Fruit Machines online then always try and accumulate as much information on all of the hidden features that any of these types of slot games has on offer, before you sit down to play them!

True Skill Bonus Games

One final slot playing mistake a player can make is to not fully master the art of playing off a true skill bonus feature that some online slot games have on offer. A true skill bonus game feature is one that will see you playing a skill based type of round such as a stop to win bonus feature as opposed to a playing a predetermined bonus game such as a set of free spins.

Should you come across a slot game offering a true skill bonus round then make sure you give that slot as much play time via the free to play version of the slot, as that way you will soon get used to playing that bonus game which should, once you master it, enable you to get the maximum cash award when it is triggered!


As you can see from the above there are plenty of mistakes that can be made when playing slot games, so the next time you sit down to play always take your time, and never be in a rush to hit the start button!



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