Combining Auto Play with the Tabbed Browser

Combining Auto Play with the Tabbed Browser

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July 20, 2014

Auto Play Casinos and Tabbed Browser

When you are playing at a Microgaming Casino that is using the fully downloadable gaming platform, you are going to find a full range of additional features and game settings that are not available on their other gaming platforms, such as the mobile and instant play platforms.

One of these features is the Tabbed Browser facility, and this is quite an ingenious feature for it will allow you to not only open up more than one game at a time and actually play them all at the same time, but you can drag the open game windows around your computer screen so they will all be visible to you.

How Auto Play and the Tabbed Browser Work

Now you may be wondering if you do decide to open up and play more than one game at a time, will you have to manually click the spin buttons or deal buttons on each game in turn, and if so that will sure eventually irritate you and slow down your casino game playing experience.

Well fortunately the downloadable gambling platform on offer from Microgaming will also let you activate another feature which is an ideal one to use in conjunction with the Tabbed browser and this is the Auto Play feature.

So if you do decide to open up for example three or four different slot games at a time, you can first drag them across your computer screen and place them where you can clearly see them all, and then choose to set each game to play automatically via the Auto Play settings.

This will enable you to sit back and watch every single open game playing away automatically, and of course this will free you up to do anything else you may wish to do as those slots are playing off!

It is of course not just slot games which you can play via the Tabbed Browser, as Microgaming’s fully downloadable gambling platform has almost 900 casino games of every possible description and also a growing range of variety and novelty type games you are free to pick and choose and mix and match just which games you open up and play simultaneously!

If you wish to give the Tabbed Browser a try but at no risk then you are of course able to do so, for each of the Microgaming powered casinos listed throughout our website will let you access their range of games via a free play log in, and that will allow you to sample this Tabbed Browser at first hand without having to make a deposit!

The Auto Play feature does of course give you full control of the stake levels at which you can play each game for, so you will not be forced to play for a set stake on any and all games you have open. Plus there are also a wide range of other option settings available and one of these is the Quick Spin feature.

When you set the Auto Play option to play with the Quick Spin option turned on then the games will play at a very fast pace of knots, allowing you to play a huge number of spins on those slots in a very short period of time!

Advantages of the Auto Play Facility

Whilst you may be the type of player who enjoys being interactive with the games you are playing and would prefer to play them all off manually by clicking or tapping on the relevant game play buttons, there is one major advantage of using the Auto Play feature in addition to it saving you from having to tap or click each button required to control the game you are playing!

If you choose to play any of the video poker games for example with the auto play setting turned on, then the auto play feature has been programmed to play perfect base game strategy. This will mean that by setting any video poker game to play itself and automatically you are never going to see any strategy and game playing errors being made.

Many video poker players can often make the odd mistake in regards to which cards that they hold after the initial deal and which cards they discard. But using the auto play option no playing errors can nor will be made.

So if you come across any video poker game you like the look of based mainly on that game having a very high long term expected payout percentage, then by setting the auto play option to play off every single hand for you then you will, over the long term benefit from those very high payout percentages and will never suffer from any game playing errors that can lower the long term RTP’s!


Whether you end up utilizing the Tabbed Browser feature offered by Microgaming powered casinos will of course be up to you, for playing more than one game at a time may not be suitable to every player’s strategy!

However if you are playing at any online casino and you have a bonus in your account then playing several high paying games which come with the lowest house edges and the highest payout percentages when using the Tabbed browser in conjunction with the Auto Play feature may be beneficial, and it should enable you to correctly determine when you have reached any bonuses play through requirements.

But please do be aware that not all online casinos will let you use the Auto Play facility when you have a bonus in your account, so be aware of that fact and also double check  by reading through the terms and conditions of any bonus you are thinking of taking and claiming.



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