Classic Slot Game Playing Strategies

Classic Slot Game Playing Strategies

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Updated November 25, 2022

Classic Slot Game Playing Strategies

Slot playing hints and tips related guides and articles are some of the most sought after guides and articles on our website, and as such we cordially invite you to have a good look around our website if you are seeking out hints and tips for playing any type of slot game online as there will be plenty of them on offer in our various different sections of this website.

If you are a type of slot player who is much more interested in playing the older classic slots then below you will find a range of slot playing hints and tips that you may be interested to learn of and may be eager to put into play when you next play those types of slot games online.

If you have never heard of the term classic slots then those are simply slot machines which offer three reels and there will only be one single payline attached to those slots, however when playing a classic slot you can often play more than on coin on that one single pay line, read on to find out what the best ways are to play classic slots to increase your chances of winning!

Benefits of Max Lines and Max Coin Spins

There can be some major advantage of you choosing to play classic slots with every single payline offered on such slot in play or by playing every single coin offered on the staking options, as many such slots boast enhanced jackpots to players who play max line and/or max coin spins.

Take for example progressive three reel slots, when playing those types of slot games you will usually find that the only chance you will have of winning the progressive jackpots available on such a slot is when you play max bet spins playing for fewer than the maximum coins or lines will see you only ever having the chance of winning a set number of coins instead of the progressive jackpot.

Also when playing max coin and/or max bet spin some classic slots will be offering an enhanced jackpot payout if and when you do line you the jackpot paying winning combination, so one tip we would always advise you to make note of and use when playing such slots is to always configure the coin value settings in such a way you can afford to pay max bet spins!

Looking for High RTP Classic Slots

With there being hundreds of different classic slot games available online then it will pay dividends for you to carefully pick out just which slot games to play, for one thing that you do need to be fully aware of is that every single classic slot will have its own unique long term expected payout percentage.

Some classic slots will have very low valued payout percentages and those slots are going to be the ones you should never play and always avoid playing, but the slots which come with the highest payout percentages should be right at the top of your list of slots to play.

Finding out just what each classic slot games long term expected payout percentage is will be easier than you think for that information is often found on the website of any casino site you choose to play it.

If you cannot find the payout percentages information on the website of any casino site then look at the pay table or help files attached to any classic slot you come across as that is often where many slot game designers will put that all important piece of information!


As you can see there are going to be lots of not only different classic slot games available to you but also no shortages of casino sites available online that have those types of very easy to play slot games on offer.

If you come across a classic slot that has a bonus game on offer as a handful of those slot games do boast some form of additional bonus feature round, then you may be obliged to have to play them in a certain way to have any chance what so ever of triggering that bonus game.

The usual requirement when playing a bonus game awarding classic slot for you to have the chance of triggering its bonus game is by you playing maximum coin spins, and to discover if that is something you will need to do to have a chance of triggering a bonus game you should take a look over the pay table.

One final thing to be aware of is that classic slot games that do have a bonus game will have a fairly easy to play off bonus game such as a pick to win styled feature or a wheel spinning type of bonus game, so they will not be very complicated feature rounds!



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