Choosing the Best Withdrawal Option

Choosing the Best Withdrawal Option

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August 20, 2016

thunderfist-slotThe number of different banking options available on the banking interfaces offered by all casino sites is going to vary, for some casino sites will only have a limited number of methods you can choose from to make a deposit or a withdrawal and some casinos will have dozens of different options.

One thing however that you should always be looking out for when you are selecting a casino site at which to play at is a casino offering you a wide range of withdrawal options as well as deposit options, for by doing so you will then be able to select one to use that will see you getting paid out your winnings in a timely fashion and in cost effective way too.

In this guide we are going to be giving you an insight into which are the best casino withdrawal options to use, however keep in mind that it may be dependent on just where you live in the world as to just how many different withdrawal options will be made available to you.

Never be in a rush to sign up to the first online casino site you come across as the variety and range or withdrawal options available at any casino site you become a member of is important if you want hassle free and fast winning payouts!

Benefits of Using a Web Wallet as a Withdrawal Option

The way that web and e-wallets have been designed is such that as soon as any individual or company sends a payment to someone else or one of their customers then that payment is instantly removed from their web wallet account and is placed into the receivers web wallet account instantly and in real time.

Therefore if you want to benefit from rapid winning payouts when you are playing real money casino game online you should opt to make use of a web wallet as your preferred withdrawal option.

There are in fact lots of different companies that offer a web wallet to their customers and some of the most popular ones utilized by online gamblers include Neteller, Paypal and also Skrill, however always keep in mind that there may be some fees and charges associated with using some web and e-wallets, so always pick one with either the lowest fees and charges or no additional fees and charges!

Withdrawing Winnings Directly to Your Bank Account

You could also choose to have your online casino winnings sent directly to your bank account however there are a few different aspects to using that withdrawal option that you do need to be aware of before you choose to make use of it!

Some casinos will have bank accounts located in the same country as you and as such thanks to the speedy payment banking system that many countries have now adopted when you have requested a winning payout to be sent to your bank account the very second he casino site processes your winnings and sends them back to your back account they will show up in that bank account instantly.

However, if you play at any casino site that is going to pay you your winnings to your bank account by a standard bank wire then there may be several days delay in you receiving your winnings, and also there can often be some fees and charges associated with using an international bank wire withdrawal option that are going reduce the value of your cash out, so do keep those additional fees and charges in mind as ideally you will never want to have to pay any of them when making a withdrawal!


Finding out that you are going to have to actually pay a range of additional fees and charges when you have played real money casino games at any casino site and then you have gone on to have a winnings session and have made a withdrawal request can often leave you feeling a little cheated.

It is therefore very important that when you are putting together a shortlist of different casino sites to sign up to and to play at as a real money payer you pay careful attention to jut what payout and withdrawal options are available to you at each casino site and find out what fees and charges if any are going to be added or deducted from your withdrawals!

As there are so many different online casino sites all vying for your business you should only ever play at those casino sites that not only pay you out your winnings quickly but also those casino sites that will allow you to make as many fee and charge free withdrawals as you like, for by doing so more of your winnings will be yours to keep!



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